Waterford’s best all sports lakes – Williams & Watkins Lakes


I’m not going to say any lake is the best all sports lake in Waterford as that is only going to get me in trouble with other lake residents.  So here are 2 very nice private all sports lakes in Waterford Township.  Waterford is just north of West Bloomfield and South of Clarkston.  I-75 and Telegraph Road is just a short distance away.  My goal as a lake realtor is to help you understand a little about the lake you are going to buy on.  If you want a quieter lake then it would make sense to have you look at a waterfront home on Cass Lake which has a large amount of boating traffic.  It would be the same way if a real estate took you to Bogie Lake in Oakland County if you were an avid water skier.  You see Bogie Lake is a electric motor only lake.  So you would have just wasted time going to see the house.  Is your goal to buy a waterfront home on an all sports lake in Waterford Michigan?   Today I have for you 2 videos on a couple of nice lakes in Waterford.    The videos are about the lakes and Lakefront Homes on Watkins Lake in Waterford and the second one about Williams Lake waterfront properties in Waterford.
Here is a list of some more good all sports lakes in Waterford.  There are quite a few to chose from.  Which is Waterford’s best all sports lakes is something I will leave up to you to decide.
  • Cass Lake
  • Elizabeth Lake
  • Lake Oakland
  • Woodhull Lake
  • Pleasant Lake
  • Maceday Lake
  • Lotus Lake
  • Loon Lake
  • Schoolhouse Lake
  • Sylvan Lake
Let’s talk a little about Watkins Lake.  It is a private all sports lake that is about 238 acres in size.  Lake home buyers in Oakland County sometime prefer private all sports lakes because they feel there is less boat traffic and they don’t have to deal with people that don’t live on the lake.   Some home buyers feel that a person that lives on the lake will take care of the lake better and be more respectful of the lake and the residents.  Watkins Lake has a deep spot on the lake that is 38 foot in depth.  All the homes are on city water and sewer.  So you don’t have to worry about septic tanks or wells here.  Most of the roads on the lake are paved.  The homes on the lake are a mixed bag with some being smaller cottages to newer homes over 3000 square feet.    You are not going to find mega mansions on the lake that are over 5000 square feet.  It is a relatively quiet lake because of the lake being private.  They have a weed harvester that controls the lake weeds.
The second lake we are going to talk about is Williams Lake in Waterford.  It too is a private all sports lakes Waterford Michigan.   The lake is about 155 acres in size with the deepest spot being about 45 feet deep.  The lakefront homes on the lake are on city water and sewer.  Most of the roads around the lake are paved.  Yes you will still find small 800 square foot cottages on the lake, but you will also find homes that have been built in the last 10 years.  These newer colonials, and ranches have the latest technology and amenities in them.  Many of them have brick or stone exteriors with walkout basements.  These newer homes range in size from 2500 to over 4000 square feet.  There is even a 5400 square foot home on the lake.  What I have been told about the lake is that there is a strong association that puts on many events for the lake residents.  They have the fireworks, sailboat races, and more!  I would recommend this lake too to any buyer looking in Oakland County.
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