Best real estate agents in Milford MI

Milford Michigan and Milford Township Michigan are great places to live. Whether you want a home on some acreage or whether you want to live close to Downtown Milford there is a home that fits you and your family. It pays to have a great real estate agent in your corner. You will want the best real estate agent you can hire. Here are some of the characteristics that you want in a top Milford MI real estate agent. Hire the best real estate agent in Milford Michigan.

  • A full time real estate agent
  • An experienced agent with years of experience
  • An agent that knows how to negotiate so you keep more money in your pocket after you close
  • A real estate agent that communicates well with you
  • A Milford real estate agent that is low key….that doesn’t pressure you to do something you don’t want to do
  • A realtor that knows Milford and the community

I’m one of Milford Michigan top agents. I have been a full time real estate agent for over 16 years and total in the business 21 years. I have the experience closing hundreds and hundreds of loans over the years. I have save my client’s thousands of dollars by negotiating well. I don’t pressure my client’s to buy a house or when selling there is never any pressure to accept any offer. What I do is provide you with the real estate information so you can make a smart financial decision when making your next move. Remember we offer some of the best low commissions in Southeast Michigan. Why pay another real estate agent a higher commission to sell your home. Wouldn’t you rather have thousands of dollars in your pocket instead of the real estate agent’s pocket.

Another factor to hire me is that I know Milford and the community well. I can talk about all the benefits of living in Milford.

Here are some of my past reviews

As a first time home buyer, I really appreciated having an experienced and helpful agent to guide me through the process from what to look for when purchasing a home, managing setting up the first offer, connecting with all the other professionals needed in the process (both the mortgage broker and home inspector he recommended was thorough and helpful), to setting up/coordinating the closing. I would definitively recommend him to friends or family.


Russ helped us to find our Lakefront Home. He is very knowledgeable and always has your best interest in mind. We looked for almost 1 year viewing over 40 homes. Russ never pressured us or tried to “sell” us a home, he is a very patient real estate agent. What I also appreciated was the fact that he responded usually within a couple of hours by phone or text and tries to set up a showing as soon as possible, which is the key in a seller’s market. Having an agent with many years of experience and knowing the local market is key in the negotiation process. Having Russ on your side makes this foreign process (for first time home buyers) a very smooth and and enjoyable experience. We definitely recommend Russ, if you plan to buy a home in SE Michigan! I also highly recommend visiting one of his internet homepages to do some research on the local lakes. Lots and lots of information that you couldn’t get anywhere else.


Russ provided me with good market data related to recent market sales. He walked through my Dad’s condo and provided me his verbal assessment of the condo after considering its condition and comparable sales. I would consult Russ again in a similar situation or to sell my own home.


Russ was incredibly helpful and very responsive. He scheduled showings, got comparables when we were interested in making an offer and made sure that everything went smoothly. Even though I know we weren’t his only client, he made us feel that way and was very knowledgeable about the areas that we were looking at homes in, which was very helpful. Russ even went out of his way to look at a foreclosure that we were interested in looking at beforehand and saved us the trip.


Great Realtor. Russ Ravary is an amazing realtor. He went above and beyond to the the sale done. He was prompt, always reachable by phone and email and very responsive. It was a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him


Russ was my third realtor, trying to sell a house I owned in Michigan. I live in Pennsylvania. The house was part of an estate. I owned it for three years. The first two realtors were terrible, compared to Russ. The first couple years I owned it was a real headache for me.

Do you want less stress?

So if you want one of the best Milford MI real estate agents helping you on your next move give me a call or text at 248-310-6239 or email me at

Get your home sold for top dollar

My 21 years of real estate experience helps you. I have the knowledge and experience to handle any problems that may arise. My negotiation skills will keep more money in your pocket. Your home is your biggest investment. I want you to get a good return on your investment and be happy years from now! I sell about 30 – 60 homes a year. I out sell the average agent 5 to 1. I am also one of the nations top internet marketers and what that means for you is that your home is going to be on more places on the internet, attracting more buyers. What that means you to the buyer or seller is that I work hard to find or sell your home. That’s one sale a week…Can I get your home sold next week? Or can we help you find the home of your dreams? Top 5% of Metro Detroit realtor – Hour Magazine 5 star ratings from Zillow and Trulia reviewers Real Estate One Commerce. Top individual agent at the Commerce Real Estate One office for 5 years.

Me with my first grandchild Oliver….He’s 6 now!

Call me if you want one of the best real estate agents in Milford Michigan. I’ll work hard to make your next move easier. Whether you are looking to get top dollar when selling your home or looking for a no pressure real estate agent give me a call I know Milford well and I get homes to the closing table. Call or text me today at

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Is Commerce safe – Commerce Township MI

If you are moving to Michigan and considering Commerce Twp as a place to live you may be wondering if Commerce is safe. Will you and your family be safe in Commerce Township if you move there?

My answer to that is a resounding YES

Commerce Twp is a very safe to live in!

Commerce Township is safer than the majority of cities, towns, and villages in America (84%) and also has a lower crime rate than 87% of the communities in Michigan according to FBI statistics.

Commerce Township is in the 93rd percentile for safety, meaning 7% of cities are safer and 93% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Commerce Township’s proper boundaries only. See the table on nearby places below for nearby cities.

One website says Commerce Township violent crime rate is 64.78% LOWER than the national average. It also says property crime is 83.48% LOWER than national average. Overall rate of crime in Commerce Township is 11.17 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Commerce Township generally consider the west part of the city to be the safest.

Commerce Township crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 5 years with violent crime increasing and property crime decreasing. Based on this trend, the crime rate in Commerce Township for 2021 is expected to be lower than in 2019.

The western part of the city seems to have a little more random crime than the rest of the city in the last year. See the section on interpreting the crime map, however, because comparing rates for crime or any other crime is not as intuitive as it may seem.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Commerce Township Substation has a Web Page.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office provides police services for the residents of Commerce Township. There are currently 34 Deputies assigned to the Commerce Township Substation. This number includes 1 Lieutenant, 3 Sergeants, 3 Investigators, 1 Desk Officer, 3 Liaison Officers to Walled Lake Schools, 23 Deputies assigned to Patrol Duties.

The Substation is located as 2401 Glengary Road and co-exists with Commerce Township Fire Station #4. Substation business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Below is a standard block that I use for the safe cities in Metro Detroit

In Commerce Twp MI you are not going to find or this is unlikely to happen

  • No crack house or meth homes
  • No gangs running the streets or open drug sales on the corners
  • Unlikely to get carjacked
  • Unlikely to get mugged
  • You are not going needles or other drug paraphernalia lying on the street

What you can expect in Commerce Michigan

  • You are going to be able to walk down the street with your kids and pets without fear of getting raped, mugged
  • It’s unlikely that your home is going to be broken into while you go to work (yes there are occasional burglaries but it is random crime
  • Occassional vandalism for local kids

Commerce Township is a very safe city and is a great place to live. I recommend Commerce MI to live in. If you need a good full time realtor that has 20 years of experience and knows how to negotiate a good price for you call or text me at 248-310-6239

Or snowblower, or gift card, or smoker

Check out some of the best lakes in Commerce MI

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West Bloomfield Lakes & homes

Have you been thinking about buying a lakefront home on a West Bloomfield lake. There are many beautiful lakes in West Bloomfield. In fact there are about 24 lakes that cover 1858.7 acres. About 12% of the township is water!  West Bloomfield Township is sometimes referred to as the “lake township of Oakland County”. 

West Bloomfield Lake

Yes, there is a lake in West Bloomfield that is called West Bloomfield Lake. It is more of a large pond than a lake. It sits in the middle of a nice subdivision. It is more of a lake to paddle around on. It’s not an all sports lake so you can’t put a motor boat on it. Even if you could it’s not big enough to do so.

If you are thinking of selling you will be happy to know that I have one of the lowest commission rates for selling your home. You get a full time, 20 year experienced realtor that knows how to market your home and get it sold for top dollar.

Middle Straits Lake homes

Middle Straits Lake is fed by Upper Straits Lake and then feeds down to Lower Strait Lake. Middle Straits Lake is more a long narrow lake. It’s not super narrow. It’s wide enough not to swim across. It is a nice lake to live on and it is not too far from M-5 which can make your drive easier. You can get to I-696 pretty easy from M-5. Middle Straits Lake is just a little north of Richardson Rd.

You will find all sorts of styles, sizes, and ages of homes on Middle Straits Lake. However it is my opinion that you should never limit yourself to one lake as you may cut out too many other lake homes that may fit your families wants and needs. Here is some indepth info about the lake and a video too!

  • All sports lake                              Yes
  • Semi – Private                               Yes
  • Size                                               172 acres
  • Maximum Depth                           51 feet
  • Public Access                                Yes
  • Public Beach                                  No
  • Wake restrictions                           Unknown
  • Lake Restrictions                           Unknown
  • Water Source                                  Upper Straits Lake             
  • Cities the lake lies in                      Commerce, West Bloomfield
  • School district for the lake             Walled lake
  • Streets around the lake are              Paved
  • City water                                       Well, municipal
  • City sewer                                       Sewer sanitary, septic
  • Canals on Lake                                yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                 no
  • Water-ski course                              n/a
  • Condominiums                                no

Upper Straits Lake homes

If you are unaware of this Upper Straits Lake is what I consider a high end lake. What I mean by a high end lake is that it is a highly desirable lake. Upper Straits Lake homes demand a higher price per square foot than other lakes in the area. Even a small house or a tear down is going to cost a good amount. Some of the reasons why West Bloomfield Lake homes on Upper Straits Lake are in demand is because:

  • Closeness & ease of drive to work. M-5, Orchard Lake Rd, and Telegraph are all relatively close to the lakes
  • Good schools
  • Low crime and a safe city
  • The community of West Bloomfield is highly desirable whether the home is on the lake or off.

Upper Straits Lake info

  • All sports lake           Yes
  • Private Lake              Yes
  • Size                           323 Acres
  • Max Depth                96 ft
  • Public Access            No
  • Public beach              No
  • Wake restrictions      Unknown
  • Lake Association       Yes (see below) 
  • Water source             Spring fed and water runoff  
  • Cities the lake lies in                        West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, 
  • School district for the lake               West Bloomfield, Walled Lake
  • Streets around the lake are               Gravel, paved
  • City water                                         municipal,  well
  • City sewer                                         Sewer sanitary, septic
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   yes
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                 no

Walnut Lake Homes

Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield is another high end lake in West Bloomfield. You will find many luxury lake estates on the lake. You will find some of the lake estates sit on lots/land that are over an acre. You can find luxury lake estates that range from a million to over $6,000,000. You will find many high wage earners like CEO’s, business owners, doctors, and lawyers living on the lake.

So you know up front there are wake restrictions on the lake. From 6:30 pm to 10 am in the morning you cannot make a wake or tow people behind the boat. The lake is quiet during the evening and early morning hours.

  • Cities the lake lies in                        West Bloomfield
  • School district for the lake               Birmingham Bloomfield hills
  • Streets around the lake are               Paved
  • City water                                         Municipal 
  • City sewer                                         Sewer sanitary
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   yes
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                   no
  • All sports lake                      Yes
  • Private                                 Yes
  • Size                                      232 acres
  • Maximum Depth                  101 ft 
  • Public Access                       No
  • Public Beach                        Association beachs
  • Wake restrictions                 Unknown but there are some 
  • Water Source                      Unknown

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What is Milford MI like-Moving to Milford MI

If you have a Milford relocation or an Oakland County move in your future you may be wondering what Milford is like. Milford & Milford Township are usually referred to as one and the same even though they are really two seperate communities. So I am also going to refer to them as one community.

Milford is a community in Western Oakland County. To get to downtown Detroit it would probably take about an hour. So if you want to go to lots of sporting events, and go downtown alot I would say you probably want to live closer. However if you don’t mind the drive time then Milford would be a good place to call home. Milford is just north of I-96 and about a ten minute drive to US-23. It is also about 20 minutes to I-275. So you do have relatively easy access to Metro Detroit’s freeway system.

Downtown Milford

So what is Milford Michigan really like? One of the best things about Milford is that it has a very, very lively (active) downtown. People come from all over the area to visit the downtown area. It is full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutique type stores. It’s not a big downtown. Only about three or four blocks long. You will see people strolling through the downtown at all times of the day and every day. It’s that kind of active downtown. Some of the restaurants have outdoor seating in the summer which makes the town even more fun.

The city and the DDA keeps the downtown active. They usually have a shopping night for the ladies. They also have a great festival called Milford memories during August. They also have music in the park and the bands are usually very good. Sometimes you have to put your chairs and blankets down early in the day to save your spot. Downtown Milford is a great place to come and enjoy whether you live in the community or not.

How safe is Milford MI? Milford is a very safe community. You won’t find crack houses or meth houses, nor will you find gangs roaming the street. You are very unlikely to get car jacked or mugged in the city. Sure there is crime but no more than any other “safe city” in the US. There is no criminal element in the area that runs the city or a street. I would say you are only going to have “random” crime from people that most likely live in the city. You have to remember that Milford is not close to any low income or high crime area. You are 30 minutes from any city that is questionable and has higher crime rates.

Let’s talk about what I mean by “random crime”. Random crime is domestic disputes, vandalism, or an occasional home break in. (Again no home invasions here in Milford MI) Yes I am sure there are past murders in the city but they are most likely from domestic issues and from people that they know or live nearby. Milford is about as safe as city as you can get.

The next thing many people who are moving to Milford is how good are the schools? The kids that live in Milford would go to Huron Valley Schools or a private school (if you so chose). I would say that Milford schools are good. They have good teachers and when your kids graduate they will have a good education under their belt. They are not just passing kids to get them out of one grade. Kids that graduate from Huron Valley Schools are more like to go onto college than not. So if you buy a home in Milford MI you are insuring that your children will get a good education.

Lastly let’s talk about your relocation to Milford and what can you expect in a home or condo in Milford MI. Because of Milford’s downtown and because of the lots homes sit on….Milford is a highly desirable community. People like to live close to downtown Milford so they can walk downtown. If you are looking a home on a larger lot or a home on an acre or more Milford homes may be a choice for you. You are not going to find homes with large lots or acreage right close to downtown but all over Milford Township you will find larger lots. Some people who want out buildings, animals, or a pole barn look to buy in Milford.

So would I recommend moving to Milford? Absolutely if schools and safety is important to you. It is a great community to live and raise your family. If you have a Milford relocation or moving to the metro Detroit area give me a call at 248-310-6239. I can help you find the home that fits your family. I am a low pressure type of realtor. I don’t care how long it takes to find you a home or how many homes we look at. It’s all about getting you what you want in a home. So give me a call today to get started at 248.310.6239 or email me at

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How to show your home

Preparing your home to sell is so important. This segment of Russ Ravary’s home selling tips is all about showing your home. It is so important for you to have your home “show ready.” If you do not have your home ready to show then you will lose some of the buyers and you do not want to do that. Sometimes the simplest things change turn off a buyer. The more you do the better your house will show. If your home shows well you are more likely to get an offer and get your home sold.

This is the time we have been working for.  You probably have read many articles on how to sell your South eastern Michigan home. You may have spent long hours of getting your home ready to sell.  Our goal is to stage your home and get it into the best showing condition can be.  The first and most important home showing tip is:

  1. You and your family must be out of the house when potential home buyers come to see your house.  There is nothing you can tell or show potential buyers that will overcome the negative of you being there.  I can tell you horror stories of home sellers flicking light switches on and off showing a simple thing like dimmer switches.  BUYERS HATE WHEN SELLERS ARE HOME.  Buyers like to look and talk about your house when you are not there.  Go to the neighbors, walk around the block. If you are there, the buyer will not talk freely and the agent will not know their true thoughts. Usually a seller says things that a buyer does not want to hear.  I remember an old lady telling us that the hideous metallic gold wallpaper on the wall had been there for years and would stay on forever. If by chance you do run into the buyer, do not volunteer information about the home. Many times what you consider an advantage to you is a disadvantage to the buyer.  

Here are some other Oakland County home showing tips

– Sprinkle a few drops of vanilla extract on a warm stove burner, or on a lamp bulb before turning it on, or a few drops of vanilla in a small pan of water and put in a warm oven.  Buy a vanilla, cinnamon, or chocolate chip scented candle and light them before a showing. 

– Do not over do on the scents.  Refrain from the use of potpourri, many people are allergic to the odors.  Do not use more than one scent.  Do not use multiple scent dispensers. Refrain from the odd scented sprays

– All lights on, drapes wide open

– The temperature should be comfortable.  Use the air conditioning or heat as necessary .  A hot house during the summer or a freezing house in the winter will rush the prospective buyer out of your house.  A metro Detroit home buyer should be able to walk around your house without a coat on without shivering or sweating.

– Take your animals with you.  An annoying barking dog or a loose cat may turn off people with allergies or that do not like pets.  I have had people walk out of houses and never see them because of loose pets or loud animals.  People get scared of some dogs and cats.

 Again, during the showing and/or especially during the weekends, your home should be as clean and neat as possible.

We have marketed your home well, you have prepared your home to sell, and now you have your home show ready.  So now we will get offers if you listened and priced your home well.  Give me a call on my cell phone (248)310-6239 if you have any questions about the home selling process.

I have helped so many Metro Detroit home sellers get top dollar for their home. The selllers that take the time to get their home show ready usually get the best prices possible. So give me a call at (248)310-6239 to learn what you should or should not do to get your home ready. Yes, there are many things that you should not waste your time and money on. Knowing what buyers want to see will help you sell.

Remember we offer great low commission rates. Why give any listing agent too much money when you can get the same great service for much less.. You can also email me at

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What is Livonia MI like?

If you are thinking about moving to Livonia here is some information from somebody that has lived in the city. I lived at 6 Mile Rd and Farmington Rd for 23 years. Livonia in one sentence is a safe community with good schools and good city services.

If you relocate to Livonia you will be glad to know that you can walk down the street almost anytime of the day or night and not be worried about being mugged, raped, or murdered. There are no gangs running a neighborhood, or hookers standing on the street corner. You can safely walk down the street with your kids and dogs. The City of Livonia has about 152 police officers so they have plenty of officers to combat crime.

You are not going to get carjacked at a gas station, or see homeless people on the streets. You are going to see well kept homes. No vacant homes, or boarded up homes. No crack houses or Meth houses in Livonia. It’s just not that type of town. It’s not even close to a “rough” or “bad” city. Livonia is a safe city and I would recommend it to anybody that is moving from out of state to Metro Detroit.

Court House in Livonia

I would call Livonia a family town. A good place to live whether you are single, or living with a partner, or together with kids. You are going to find streets of ranch homes in the 900 to 1400 square foot range. You are also going to find lots of colonials ranging from 1500 square foot to 2500 square foot. There will be many subdivisions scattered throughout the city that have a wide range of styles. There will be ranches, colonials, and split level homes.

Yes you can say some of the subdivisions and streets look homogeneous with similar brick homes with two car garages. You will find mature trees in most of the subdivisions. Some of the streets even give you an up north feel because of all the trees. There is not going to be stuff littered around the yard or junky old cars sitting in the yard.

There are good city ordinances to keep the neighborhoods looking good and a city ordinance officer to make sure they are followed. You are getting your money’s worth because the city services you pay taxes for are good. The photos below of some of the styles of homes in Livonia.

Most of the subdivisions and homes will have paved sidewalks. All of the homes are on city water and sewer.

A split level home

What is nice is that Livonia has many parks and recreations areas for the city’s residents. You won’t be lacking places to walk, exercise, or play.  The City of Livonia has more than 1,389 acres of land, which includes three 18-hole courses, one archery range, one community recreation center and 60 park sites. There are 36 developed sites and 24 undeveloped sites. The community recreation center sits at the old Bently High School site. Here are some of the great recreation areas.

  • One skateboard park
  • Two ice arenas (three sheets of ice leased to a private operator)
  • Three fitness clusters
  • Three golf courses
  • Three outdoor swimming pools
  • Seven inline skating courts
  • 10 sand volleyball courts
  • 11 designated nature preserve areas some with trails
  • 11 picnic shelters
  • 22 neighborhood parks with play structures
  • 25 soccer fields
  • 32 tennis courts
  • 43 ball diamonds
  • Archery range
  • State-of-the-art community center

Soccer fields

Livonia has good schools with many of the students going onto college. If your children go to Livonia schools or Clarenceville schools they will have a good basis for the life after high school. You are not going to have drugs or drug dealing openly in the schools. I’m not going to say there are not kids doing drugs or drinking alcohol that go to Livonia schools. What I will say the schools are a safe place for your children.

They have many honor society students because of hard work the teachers do. The school system is not strapped for cash. So there are many sports and school programs that your child can participate in. Many parents are involved with the schools which helps with overall success of the schools and students. They have had national blue ribbon school awards.

The only thing I think Livonia is missing is a centralized downtown. There are several shopping malls or large strip malls where almost everything you need is available. Livonia has many big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Menards, Target (to name a few) to shop at. There is even a small mall in Livonia called Laurel Park Place. There are also several big malls within a 20 minute drive.

Whatever you need you will find Livonia is like your own current town

The best part of Livonia is that it is centrally located in Metro Detroit. Whether you are working in Southfield, Ann Arbor, Novi, or downtown Detroit you can get there in about 20 minutes. There a two major expressways that go through the City of Livonia. From I-275 and I-696 you can get just about anywhere in the metro area.

The city has all you need……… pharmacies, gas stations, doctors, banks, bars, and restaurants. You usually don’t have to leave the city to get what you need. Bottom line is that Livonia is probably like the city you are moving from. So if you have a job transfer to Detroit check out Livonia. You will be glad you did. Give me a call as I am a SE Michigan relocation specialist. I work with all the major relocations companies so give me a call or text today at 248-310-6239

Russ Ravary

“helping make your next move easier”

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Russ Ravary’s home buyer bonus

Do you really want a bottle of wine from your realtor? Or would you like a gift of up to $500. Russ Ravary’s home buyer bonus is one of the best in South East Michigan. I give all my buyers clients a gift up to $500 when they buy and close on a home with me.

You get excellent service from a full time realtor who has ranked in the nations top 1% for many years. What are some of my other qualifications you ask. I am a low pressure realtor. I don’t care if it takes a year to find you a house (I don’t want you to wait that long), but if market conditions and lack of inventory delays your home purchase I don’t care. What I promise you is that I will not rush you nor will I tell you that you need to buy one of the six homes I showed you. It doesn’t matter how many it takes you to buy your next home.

I am a strong negotiator and I will work hard for you to make your next move easier and less stressful. So why leave money on the street? Here is what you can get. So you get a great realtor and a great gift too!!!

It’s your choice. Any gift under $500. Some of your options could be

  • kayak
  • barbeque grill
  • smoker
  • lawn mower
  • snow blower
  • gift cards
  • furniture

You name it and it’s under $500 I will buy it. So call or text me today to get move information on this great deal at 248.310.6239

It’s the absolute best home buyer bonus gift in Metro Detroit!

So call 248-310-6239 today!

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Home buyer tips – looking at homes

Here is the latest installment of Russ Ravary’s home buyer tips. As a realtor I feel that one of my goals is to help protect you and your money. What I mean by that in this case is… keep you from wasting money on home inspections when you do not need to.

Many times you can see obvious items that need repair or replacement. As a realtor I see many things in a house that may be potential issues, but it is not my job to say no to a house. My job is to show you a house, provide you with information, and then let you the home buyer make a decision whether to put in an offer. I have seen many homes over the years that I love but the buyers hated.


Not what I like. So what I am trying to explain is that I may see things like old windows, or a bad roof that is very obvious. If I see something that is obvious and in plain sight I like to point it out to my buyers. It’s all about you and what you can afford or what you can handle fixing. Old windows can be fixed so if you can afford to fix the windows after you buy the home then old windows are no big deal for you. It’s about being provided the basic information to make a sound decision. If you do not know the estimated replacement costs of a repair then it is hard to make a smart decision.

Sometimes the home buyer will miss obvious signs that I have seen before and know what they mean. For example water stains on wood in the basement means there has been water in the basement. If there are white residual stains on the floor it means there has been water. Flaking paint, warping wood, floor tiles loose or peeling all are signs of possible water intrusion. A home buyer may not recognize those signs, but if I see them I share my observations. After all basement water problems sometimes can cost a lot of money to fix.

Basement water damage signs

It is the same way with a roof. Sometimes the roof is totally bad and everybody knows it is. But other times the Metro Detroit home buyers may not realize the issues. Curling shingles, buckling shingles, or dips in the roof may all be missed. Again if I see this I feel it is my duty to tell you that the roof may need to be replaced in a few years.

Siding coming off the house

Now I just tell my buyer clients these issues so they are aware before they put in an offer. There is no sense in you putting in an offer and wasting money on a home inspection when the problem was obvious. Why pay for an inspection and then back out because you can’t afford the repair. If you know about the issue before you put in an offer. No wasting money on home inspections and getting dejected over losing a home to home inspection issues.


Now I am not a home inspector. Nor do I know exact costs. Only rough estimates of what it costs. A home inspector should be your person to get answers and a good inspection. My observations are just that. An free opinion of what you may encounter and what the signs are saying. You, the home buyer must hire the home inspector and getting cost estimates so you can make a sound decision.

So when you are looking Southeastern Michigan homes look at these major items.

  • Roof
  • Exterior
  • Windows
  • Foundation
  • Furnace
  • Kitchen

These are all big items. High cost items that will cost over $2000 to repair. Sometimes into the tens of thousands of dollars to replace or repair. So be a smart home buyer. Listen to your realtor, keep your eyes open, ask questions, hire a good home inspector, and get quotes on what it will cost. Doing the right things will help make your home buying process go smoother.

Call Russ today 248.310.6239

Remember that we offer a great home buyer bonus too. We also participate in Michigan Hometown heroes that is an amazing home buyer program for first responders, veterans, medical professionals, and educators. This includes all the staff that support these people.

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers

So call me today at 248.310.6239 to get a realtor that will look out for you. One that will negotiate hard for you to get the best price possible for you.

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Russ Ravary’s home seller’s tips kitchens

Today let’s talk about outdated kitchens. Whether your kitchen has not been updated in many years or whether you inherited a home with a very old kitchen this is one of the most important parts of your home when you sell your home. Most home buyers head for the kitchen right away. I would say that for most Metro Detroit home buyers that the kitchen is one of the primary rooms that they look at.

I will start with this. It is rare to get your money out of a full kitchen remodel. Full kitchen remodels are so expensive. You are not going to get the full amount (ROI) back. Many kitchens cost over $30,000 to over a $100,000 to redo. You most likely are going to through money away if you do a full kitchen remodel. As your realtor with over 20 years of experience I have seen people that did do a kitchen remodel feel bad after they realize they can’t get the money back.

Nice starter home in Ferndale with an updated kitchen

Sure if you are going to live in the house for a few years or more and going to enjoy the kitchen for a while or it is going to make your wife happy then I would do it. Again it is all about the cost. You just have to remember that you are most likely not going to get all of your money back. As your realtor I do not want you to spend money that you are not going to get back. There is no sense to waste time and money when you sell.

As I tell all my clients….. you have to think like a landlord now. You are only going to be in the house until you sell it.

Make it nice but do it as inexpensively as possible

Updated, move in ready homes sell. Let’s get top dollar for your home.

So what type of updating can you do if the kitchen is worn or dated. Let’s talk about countertops first. Granite, and quartz are the “in” countertops. You will get you money back on this update in most cases. It will also help you sell the house as most ladies want beautiful countertops. So I would highly recommend updating the countertops if your old one is worn, is tile, or is formica. Just don’t go with the most expensive granite. Go to one of the lower priced ones. Get granite is my suggestion.

What to do if you have an old kitchen.

The next part to concentrate on is the cabinets. The question I have is can you touch up the worn spots on the cabinets by restaining or revarnishing them? If you can do that and make them look better then I would do that. If that will not work many people now paint the cabinets. They do it with White paint, cream colored paint, or gray paint. You just do not want to use an ugly or puke colored brown or green. Try to mimic cabinet colors that are already out there. Don’t go with blues, or any off color because home buyers will be turned off.

The second thing to do is update the pulls, or the handles. Go with a modern handle. Stainless steel or a brushed nickel are two good choices. Stay away from flowers or other nic nacky type of kitchen hardware. New hardware and a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets makes a world of difference.

See how beautiful this newer kitchen is

Let’s talk about the flooring. If there is old linoleum, carpet or damaged wood floor. If there is then it pays to redo the floor. Again go inexpensive. If you can find nice neutral colored, and inexpensive peel and stick tile I would update the flooring. Peel and stick tile is usually the easiest and cheapest way to update the floor.

Lastly take down any wall paper and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. This brings you the biggest bang for your buck. This is a must if you are updating the kitchen to sell. A quick coat of paint will bring you a good return on your investment. Remember these tips work on lake houses or any house.

This is how you get more for your home

Bottom line is the more you update the quicker the house will sell and it will sell for more than if you didn’t. However time and money may be an issue. You may not want to tackle all the work. It boils down to what you are willing to do. As your realtor I just don’t want you to waste time and money doing things that will not bring you a return. I want you to ge the most for your home without going over board updating the house. It may not even pay to update the kitchen if the house has many other issues. I can tell you whether the house is worth updating when you have me over to look at it.

Remember I offer some of the lowest commission rates in Metro Detroit. Why over pay some team or another realtor when you can get great marketing for your home, and the same great service for much less. Too many home sellers over pay on commission and they sometimes over pay on the transaction fees real estate companies charge you.

It’s all about you keeping more money in your pocket

I hope you enjoy my latest installment of home selling tips on old kitchens.

Russ Ravary your metro Detroit realtor making your next move easier, and less stressful

Call me at 248-310-6239

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Moving to Farmington MI?

Do you have a relocation to Farmington in your future? Farmington is a small community on the south end of Oakland County. It is bordered by Farmington Hills except for a small area on the south that borders Livonia MI. It is a small community that is only about 2.7 miles in size. There is a little over 10,000 people that live in the city.

If you are looking to buy a home in Farmington MI then you will be pleased to hear that there is not a lot of violent crime in the city. There are no gangs running around. You are not likely to get carjacked or mugged in the city. It is a normal city with low crime rates. I would call it random crime. You can walk around the city with your kids or dog without fear of getting attacked. Farmington has been on Money Magazine’s list of top cities to live in the past.

So let’s talk about the schools next. Farmington is part of Farmington school system. It is a good school system with many high school graduates going onto college. Farmington is a mix of blue collar and white collar workers. Farmington Michigan is a racially, culturally, religously diverse community. I would call it an open, welcoming community.

If you chose to move to Farmington you will be pleased that you can get to many parts of SE Michigan easily. I-275 is to the west and I-696 is just a short ride to the north. Metro Detroit has a great road system and Farmington has several major roads that will get you about anywhere.

Downtown Farmington

Farmington has a central downtown with stores, restaurants, and offices for people to enjoy. There are no major big box stores right in the city but there are many nearby shopping areas so you won’t be lacking for shopping. Metro Detroit has 12 Oaks Mall and Laurel Park Mall within a 15 minute ride.

Farmington is a great place to live. With good schools, good demographics, and a low crime rate your home purchase should increase in value over the years. The downtown area is only a couple blocks long. But they have many events thereh

Lastly let’s talk about the styles of homes in Farmington. You find historic Victorian homes from the late 1800’s to newly built homes in the city. You will find ranches, colonials, split levels and more around the downtown area. I can’t say enough about Farmington and all it has to offer. So if you are looking to buy in the Farmington area or in any community in Oakland or Wayne County give me a call. I know the areas well and can help you find the home that fits your family. I care about my clients and I work hard to get you the information you need to make a smart decision. Call or text me anytime Russ Ravary your metro Detroit realtor…..making your next move easier!!!!

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