Sylvan Lake, Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake is connected to Otter Lake. If you did not know it you would think it was all one lake. It is like Maceday Lake and Lotus Lake. They are connected and they could be construed as one and the same lake. Sylvan Lake lies in four different communities.

The children on the lake go to one of these schools depending on where they live on the lake. Pontiac Schools which are not very good at all, Waterford Schools, and West Bloomfield Schools (which is the best school system of the three).

Sylvan Lake Sylvan Lake lies just west of Telegraph Road. You can see the lake from Telegraph Road.

Homes on Sylvan Lake Sylvan Lake Michigan

The real estate on Sylvan Lake has many different home styles from Ranches, Colonials and Contemporary homes.  Recent Sylvan Lake homes for sale range from $199,000 to over 1.5 million dollars.  Some of the early lake cottages that still stand were built in the early 1920’s and some homes on Sylvan Lake have been built as late as 2008.  The homes range from:

  • 2  – 5+ bedrooms
  • no basements to walkouts
  • no garages to 3 car garages
  • 1 1/2  to 4 bathrooms
  • 1025 – over 6000 square foot

Sylvan Lake real estate offers any Michigan home buyer lots of variety.  There is a Sylvan Waterfront home that will fit any lifestyle and price range. The residents children attend Waterford, Pontiac or West Bloomfield Schools.

Sylvan Lake homes for sale MI

Sylvan Lake Sylvan Lake MI info

  • All Sports Lake                  Yes
  • Size                                     532 Acres (includes Otter Lake)  458 acres without Otter
  • Maximum Depth                 71 feet
  • Public Beach                      Yes only for Sylvan Lake residents
  • Public Access                     Yes only for Sylvan Lake residents
  • Wake Restrictions               None
  • Water Restrictions                None
  • Water source                       Cass Lake to Otter Lake and then to Sylvan
  • Cities the lake lies in                        Waterford, Keego Harbor, Sylvan Lake, Pontiac
  • School district for the lake               Waterford, West Bloomfield, Pontiac
  • Streets around the lake are               paved
  • City water                                         Municipal, community
  • City sewer                                         Sewer sanitary
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   no
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                   yes

Since 1912 The Oakland County Boat Club has been on Sylvan Lake. The Oakland County Boat Club is a private, not-for-profit, social club and marina located in Sylvan Lake.  Fireworks have been a tradition in Sylvan Lake for at least 70 years. The fireworks are currently sponsored by the Oakland County Boat Club.

Sylvan Lake Sylvan Lake MI

Some dreams are meant to come true.  Let’s try to make your dream of living on a lake real.   Are you with me?  Take the steps to make your dream come true. The lake lifestyle is amazing and once have a home on a lake you will be saying why didn’t you do this years before.  It is something about the tranquility of water that makes it so special.  You will have magical days of watching lake sunsets and watching the wildlife on the lake.   Days of enjoyment on the lake with family and friends.  It is special to see the mist rise off the lake on the cool fall days.  There are so many great Oakland County lakes to choose from.  And if you cannot find an Oakland County lake to fit you then there is Livingston County, Washtenaw County, and Genessee County were there are many other alternatives.   So many different lakes within an hours of Detroit.  There are Oakland County lakefront homes of every size, shape, and age.  It boils down to what you want in a home and what you are going to do on the lake Search Oakland County lake homes by map.  Zoom in on the lake or area to find your next lake house. 

We have great lake areas around metro Detroit  and in Southeastern Michigan that most people do not even realize that are there.  I have gathered information about lakefront homes on Sylvan Lake in Keego Harbor Michigan.  If you have questions about any lake or about seeing lake homes give me a call on my cell at (248) 310-6239.


Sylvan Lake in Sylvan Lake has a Beach and Park and boat ramp that is for residents only.  With Michigan’s summer temperature being between the 70 – 90 degrees most of the time Sylvan Lake is a great place to go.

Between January & October 26, 2012 here’s what sold on the lake.

Sylvan Lake Location

Sylvan Lake homes may be in Keego Harbor, the City of Sylvan Lake, or Waterford Township.  Sylvan Lake is in Oakland County MI.  Located West of Telegraph, South of Voorheis and W. Huron, North of Orchard Lake Rd, and East of South Cass Lake Rd.   

So what county should you buy a lake home in?  You should not base your decision on buying a lake home in on a county.  It should be about convenience.  If you are thinking about commuting to work which lakes, which counties will work best for you?  You do not want to be driving an hour and a half back and forth to work when you could have been driving only 45 minutes.

Another factor in many of my client’s decisions is not only drive time to work, but also how far away are their kids.  How far do the kids have to drive to get to the lake home, or Lake Cottage?  I have had clients that have kids in Lansing and one in Mt Clemens.  So they want the lake cottage to be somewhere in between.  They may have one child in Ann Arbor and one in Farmington Hills.  The clients may be retired so they have no drive time.  It is more about convenience to the kids.

All of your metro Detroit Counties have lake or ponds.  But most of them are in Oakland and Livingston County all have lakes.  All lakes are different.  So besides drive time it may boil down to the lake and the lake home you can find.  If you are not restricted by drive time then you have a wide open choice of four counties and hundreds of lakes.

So there is no best county to buy a lake home in.  There is no best city to buy a cottage in.  It is all about your criteria, your wants.  If you have no travel restrictions or times you will have many choices.  Feel free to email me what you are looking for in a lake home so I can set up a specialized lake home search that can be emailed to you.  My email is

Michigan Lakes Sylvan Lake Oakland County

Sylvan Lake MI Fishing

  • Northern Pike
  • Blue Gill
  • Crappie
  • Walleye
  • Rock Bass
  • SmallMouth Bass
  • Largemouth Bass

More information about Sylvan Lake Public access and Sylvan Lake Beach Park

The City of Sylvan Lake must now pay property taxes on  park property because the parks are for residents only. They are not open to the general public. There are two Beach Areas in the City known, informally, as the “big” and “little” beach. The little beach is located on Lakeview and the big beach is on Ferndale at the park area. You must swim at your own risk as the city of Sylvan Lake does not employ a lifeguard at either swim area. Because the beach and park areas are for residents only, you must have a park tag which may be purchased at City Hall for $20.00

The City has about 165 Boat Dock Spaces around the lake. However, there is a lengthy waiting list, possibly up to 25 years. When you become a Sylvan Lake property owner or resident you may sign up to be added to the list. Once you obtain a space it is yours for as long as you are a resident, but you must renew it every year. You need not renew your spot on the waiting list every year. The City maintains a boat ramp next to the Oakland County Boat Club on Ferndale. You must purchase a key for $20.00 to unlock the chain at the ramp.. The charge for a boat dock space is $365.00 per year. If you are sharing your space with another resident that resident must pay an extra $365.00 fee.

To ensure that Sylvan Lakes Boat Ramp is being used only by authorized boat owners, you will be required to place a sticker on each watercraft you intend to launch at the ramp. The purchase of your boat ramp key will entitle you to one (1) sticker for one (1) watercraft. The stickers are non-transferable. Each watercraft launched at the boat ramp will require it’s own sticker. Additional stickers will be available for $10 to boats registered to Sylvan Lake residents.

Proof of PL & PD insurance for the dock space and all water craft that will be placed in the dock space. You are also required to name the City of Sylvan Lake as additionally insured on your homeowners insurance policy.

Sylvan Lake History

Sylvan Lakes history as a place to go in the summer months started back in 1893.  Four men, Merrill B. Mills, Mansfield Shelley, George Barbour, and J. Blair Simpson decided to establish a resort at Sylvan Lake. The center of the resort, a hotel, was erected on the present site of the community Center for $25,000. The resort included a golf course, riding stable, bathing beach, bowling alley, and billiards. The grounds were lighted by electricity in connection with the interurban railway. The interurban railway from Detroit made it easy for more people to enjoy Sylvan Lake and the resort.

Oakland County Lakes MI

The city of Sylvan Lake population is 1753 and the median household income is $68,750.  The kids that live in homes on Sylvan Lake either go to

  • Pontiac Schools
  • Waterford Schools
  • Private Schools
  • West Bloomfield Schools
  Get the latest Sylvan Lake foreclosuresSylvan Lake homes emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly so you don’t miss out on the best deals   Join my Sylvan Lake VIP Club   

I you know anymore information about Sylvan Lake feel free to email me at  

I hope this helps anybody that is thinking of buying Michigan Waterfront property in Oakland County or Sylvan Lake.  Enjoy the summer. 

Russ Ravary your Oakland County Lakefront home Realtor

Sylvan Lake homes sold in 2016

Russ Ravary – Metro Detroit real estate agent

Real Estate One

 (248) 310-6239

8430 Richardson Rd. Commerce MI 48382

Call me if you are looking to buy or sell on Sylvan Lake in Oakland County. If you want a full time 21 year experienced realtor that knows how to negotiate give me a call. 248-310-6239

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Top Oakland County realtors

If you are buying or selling a home in Oakland County you are probably wondering what makes a top real estate agent in Oakland County Michigan? There are probably thinking of different things. Let’s see if you think the items I list below are on your list of what makes a good real estate agent in Oakland County. One of the first items people think about is amount of sales.  Sure selling a lot of homes is important but there are caveats to that being one of the reasons to pick a real estate agent.  Sure selling and helping buyers buy lots of homes is important, but the numbers get convoluted when there are teams and buyers agents.  There are teams out there that have 20 to 50 agents out there.  Sometimes even more.  So when you divide up the number of sales by the number of people working for the team the numbers usually are not as impressive.  Absolutely you want to hire a person that get the deals closed.  Numbers are somewhat important.

Check out some of the items that you should consider before you sign up and work with any realtor. You do not want to make a mistake that will cost you thousands or have you being remorseful after your real estate transaction is done. You want to hire the best realtor so you do not have the stress. You want the real estate transaction to go smoothly and easily.  

  • Is the real estate agent full time…..A full time real estate agent will be more focused on the job and you.  If they are part time with another job, or even a stay at home mother you may not get the attention you need.  If they cannot leave work to show you a house or come to a closing or a home inspection then you are not getting full service. You want an agent that will be responsive to you and to the other agents.  If they cannot answer a phone during work hours your negotiations on your home deal may stall or fall apart.  You do not want that.
  • Is the the Waterford realtor experienced…..Experience is really important when you have issues.  It is easier to solve a problem when you have already dealt with it before.  Or if you have made a mistake with dealing with the problem before.  After all we all do learn a little when we make a mistake.  So an experienced agent will be better at handling the problems.  Also an experienced real estate agent will know how to write an inspection addendum or any addendum that is needed to a purchase contract.  This could really hurt you and cost you thousands of dollars.

        For example I recently represented a seller.  A buyers agent wrote an addendum requesting certain repairs.            Unfortunately the buyer’s agent did not write a good addendum spelling out what the buyers really wanted and a specific time line.  They are now upset because they learned a fireplace they asked to be cleaned out needed $8000 worth of repairs.  They should have had a professional home inspection.  The buyers agent should have written in the addendum a time line for the work to be done and that the buyers wished to have longer time to re-inspect the chimney after it was cleaned.  The sellers did exactly what the agent requested on the addendum but it really was not what the buyer was expecting the seller to do.  The buyers thought one thing but it was not what the buyers agent wrote.  A common fault of inexperienced agents.   

  • Does the real estate agent respond well?  If you call a prospective agent and it takes a day to get back to you then it may be the same way throughout the whole real estate deal.  Unfortunately in real estate time is of the essence.  Sellers do not wait a day if they have other offers.  If you have to wait a day to put in an offer or get a response from your agent you may be losing out.  Hire a good realtor that does respond. 

As one of Metro Detroit and Oakland County’s top realtors I have 21 years of experience.  I am full time agent that is responsive.  Call or text me if you are looking for a good realtor.  248-310-6239  I work and have two great home buyer programs….Michigan home town heroes program and my home buyer bonus program.  Or if you are selling I have some of the lowest real estate commissions out there.

Read some of my testimonials below and then call me

Russ was great to work with. Very friendly and knowledgeable of the local and surrounding housing market. -Dave R.
Russ was an amazing realtor. He has helped us buy a new home and sell our old when we needed to upsize our home because our family was growing. He was always available when we wanted to see homes. But the Russ’s biggest assets were the ability to get the price we wanted when we were selling and to be able to answer all my questions and calm my fears when I was worried. I would highly recommend Russ to anyone. -Heather F.
Russ was Great in helping to sell our house in Farmington Hills, also help us buy our Condo in South Lyon. Very quick on returning our phone calls.  If we had questions, he knew the answers! We would highly recommend him to be your Real Estate agent! Very smooth transaction for both homes sales at the same time. All done in a 60 day period! -Linda W. 
The service provided to us by our realtor Russ Ravary was simply outstanding.  Not only did Russ help us find our dream home for a great price, but he also sold our house for top dollar in less than three days!  The professionalism, flexibility, & overall quality of service provided by Russ far exceeded every expectation we had.  If you want a realtor that truly cares about the customer, operates with integrity, & will work diligently to ensure all of your needs are meant then we strongly recommend you contact Russ.  After closing he even gave us a kayak to use on our new lake!  Thank you for making our dream come true! -J.W.
Found the perfect home in Highland but needed to sell our house in Livonia to get it.. Russ came through with both the purchasing of my new house and the selling of my Livonia house!!! His knowledge of both areas was a tremendous advantage in our transactions!!  Time to enjoy lake living now!!! -David A.
Russ is a true professional with the experience and expertise needed to sell my home. Would work with him anytime I needed to buy or sell a home. His insight is how to present the home for sale proved to be spot on. -Brad D.


 If you need a really good realtor in your corner to help you get a good deal and help you solve any issues that arise give Russ a call.  


Here are some links to top real estate agents in Oakland County MI

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Amazing Detroit suburb home buyer program

Have you heard about this great home buyer bonus program that is available only to SE Michigan home buyers. It is a great home buyer program that you will not want to miss.  It a big extra gift I give to you my home buyers when you are buying a home. It does not matter where you buy in Metro Detroit. It does not matter whether the home is on a lake or not.  This is just an extra bonus I give all my home buyers.  It is one of the top home buyer programs in Michigan.  When you buy and close on a home with Russ as your real estate agent I will buy you a gift up to $500 in value.  It does not matter the price of the home, whether it is on the lake or off, big or small, new or old you get the gift after you close on the house.

You can get a:

* Lawnmower                                  *Kayak                                   *Smoker

*Snowblower                                   *Paddleboard                       *Roomba

*Barbeque Grill                              *Gift cards to any store or restaurant you want

The only restrictions are:

  1. Russ has to be your buyers agent when you close on your home
  2. No checks…..only gifts
  3. No available if you participate in another program… cannot be part of the amazing Michigan Hometown Heros program and get the gift

This gift comes from my heart… is my way of giving back and helping you when you get a new home.  No strings attached.   It is one of the best home buyer programs in the Detroit suburbs.  No other realtor that I know of gives gifts of this size.

So why if you going to buy a home why would you pass up a $500 gift (up to).  It’s an home buyer bonus that you do not want to miss and you do not have to do anything to get it.  You were already going to buy a home, when you hire Russ you get an extra gift.  You would not pass up $500 on the ground.  This is the same thing.  So call Russ and get your great gift.  248-310-6239

Get a great bonus when you buy a home with Russ Ravary

Not only do you get a great gift you get an excellent realtor too.  A full time 22 year experienced real estate agent that really knows how to negotiate and knows how to get your deal to the closing table.  Call Russ today at 248-310-6239 …….you will be glad you did.

Hire a good negotiator that will save you money!!!!

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4 biggest lakes on Hamburg Chain of Lakes MI

Here are the four largest lakes on the Huron River Chain of Lakes. These four lakes are public all sports lakes. Only one of them would you most likely not doing any water sports on because it is shallow, and has sand bars to navigate around. Here are the four lakes on the chain we will be talking about. I have put the in order of size below.

Big Portage Lake Hamburg Chain of Lakes

Portage Lake homes

Big Portage is a public all sports lake that is about 664 acres in size.  The DNR boat launch is located off McGregor Road on the east side of the lake.  It has about 21 parking spots for the public.  There is no public beach, no water ski course on the lake.   There are no wake restrictions that I know of The deepest point on the lake is about 84 feet deep though they say the average depth is only five feet deep.  There are some shallow sandbar areas on the lake. 

The lake is mainly fed by the Huron River though there are two streams that come into the lake from the north.  They are Honey Creek and Portage Creek.  There are canals on the lake but I do not know of any islands on the lake.  The school district for the lake is either Dexter schools, Pinckney school system depending on where they live on the lake.  The streets around the lake are either paved, gravel. 

Portage Lake is the biggest lake on the Hamburg chain of lakes .  The chain of Lakes is called several names including the Huron River chain of lakes or the Portage Chain of Lakes.  It is a public lake, you can get on the lake via a State of Michigan DNR Boat Launch that is located off McGregor Road on the east side of the road.  Lake level was erratic prior to 1960.  Spring flooding on Portage Lake was frequent. Often lakefront residents would row or paddle right up to their cottages at lake level; septic systems didn’t respond well either. After several dry years in the early 60s, lake levels were extremely low, and by 1963, boats and docks were suddenly left high and dry. This was the impetus that led to constructing the dam. 

The eight main lakes on the chain can be accessed by most boats, with only Ore Lake accessible only by small boat. Some areas on the chain and river cannot be accessed by pontoon due to low under-road clearances or narrow passages. The lakes in the chain include Little Portage LakeBig Portage LakeBase Line LakeWhitewood LakeZukey LakeTamarack LakeGallagher LakeStrawberry Lake and Ore Lake

Strawberry Lake Hamburg Chain of Lakes

Strawberry Lake in Hamburg is a public all sports lake that is about 257 acres in size.  It is a kettle lake that was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.  It is about 50 feet deep in the deepest spot.  There is no public access on the lake itself but the Huron River chain of lakes is all public because there is a DNR Launch off McGregor Road on Big Portage Lake.

There are no wake restrictions or laws on when you can go fast on the lake.  Though some of the river channels between the lakes are no wake.  The lake is fed by springs and the Huron River that flows through it.  The children that live on the lake go to Pinckney School System.  The streets around the lake are both paved and gravel. 

There is no public beach on the lake, there are no canals, (thus no canal front homes) and I do not believe that there is a state approved ski course on the lake.

Base Line Lake Hamburg Chain of Lakes

Baseline Lake on the chain of lakes is a public all sports lake that is 254 acres in size.  It is a public lake like all the lakes on the Huron River chain of lakes because there is a DNR public launch on Portage Lake.  If you can get on Portage Lake you can boat to Base Line Lake.  There are no wake restrictions on the lake.  There are some no wake zones on the river between the lakes.

There is no public beach, no marina on the lake, and no state approved water ski course on the lake that I know of.  Depending on where you live on the lake your children will go to Dexter or Pinckney.  The streets around the lake are either paved or gravel.

Base Line Lake is part of the Hamburg chain of Lakes or as some people call it the Portage Chain of Lakes.  It is the last lake right before Portage Lake.  There is one sunken island on the lake where it gets about 5′ deep.  Baseline Lake is a big round lake.  There are a couple of deep holes on Base Line Lake of 64′ and 54′.  University of Michigan has a sail club on the lake at 8010 Strawberry Lake Rd for students. 

The lake is fed by the Huron River from the north (Whitewood Lake is to the north).  What is great about the chain of lakes it that it is a boater’s paradise no matter what you do with a boat.  For a pontoon person you could take a whole day exploring the shoreline and looking at all the home with your guests.  For water skiers, jet skiers, and wakeboarders there is Portage Lake, Baseline Lake, or Strawberry Lake with lots of room and lots of width to enjoy those activities.

Fisherman have lots of drop off’s, and weed beds to fish on the many different lakes on the whole Portage chain of lakes.  Kids on the lake either go to Pinckney or Dexter schools depending on where they live on the lake. 

Zukey Lake Hamburg Chain of Lakes

Zukey Lake is a public all sports lake that is about 155 acres in size.  The deepest part of the lake is 35 feet deep.  Most of the lake is very shallow.  You will see some very long docks because the shoreline is shallow.  There is no water ski course on the lake. The lakes water source is the Huron River that flows from Ore Lake to the north.  The children on the lake go to Pinckney Schools.

The streets around the lake are paved. All the waterfront homes are on sewers which helps the water quality of the lake.  You do not have sewage leaking into the lake from old or faulty septic systems.  There are canals off the lake.  There is no public beach on the lake though there are a few neighborhood association out lots on the lake.

There is no public access on the lake but you can get on the Huron River Chain of Lakes at the opposite end of the Chain.  There is a DNR boat launch off McGregor Road on Big Portage Lake.   There are no wake restrictions on the lake.  Because the lake is shallow and has sandbars it is a hang out area for boaters.

I hope this article on the four largest lakes on the Hamburg Chain of Lakes. There is another lake on the chain that is bigger than Zukey Lake but you cannot get to the lake by pontoon or speed boat. I excluded Ore Lake for that reason. I am a local lake realtor that knows most of the Livingston County lakes. I can help you find a good lake home, plus you get a great realtor that is full time, has 22 years of experience and is a good negotiator. I will make your next move easier. Give me a call or text today at 248-310-6239………….You will be glad you did.

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6 Home Selling tips

 Home selling advice

Here are 6 home selling videos. Sometimes home sellers do not see what I see with buyers. I know what turns off buyers. I have seen home owners prepare their home to sell and get top dollar and I have other sellers that did not want to do anything. They got less than they could of but it was their choice. Sometimes it does not pay to do much because there is way too much to do. Hopefully this article and these videos should give you an idea of what to do or what not to do when selling your home. My goal is to help you get the most money for your home.  Sometimes it is the little things that do not cost a lot of money to help make your sell for more.  I can tell you what you should do or what you should not do. Sometimes you will never get the return on your money on improvements. Sometimes my clients do not have the time or the money. It boils down to what you want to do and whether you have the time to implement the suggestions.

If you going to sell your home let me explain a few things that may not occur to you.

Selling a home is like all sales.  The goal is to get the product, your home in front of as many buyers as possible.  Just because you have a better mouse trap or a better salsa does not mean that you are going to make millions.  It’s about getting the mouse trap or salsa and the information about the products out to the potential buyers.  Nobody is going to beat down your door to buy your mouse trap or salsa if you do not promote it.  Even then your mouse trap or salsa may not appeal to all the buyers.  Some buyers may turn up their noses at your product.

Like all sales the more buyers you put your product in front of….. the bigger the likelihood that it will sell. It does not matter whether it is salsa, a mousetrap, or your home.  How that applies to selling your home is that you want your home to appeal to the biggest pool of buyers as possible.  You want your home in the best shape and best showing condition to get more buyers interested.  The more buyers the better the likelihood of selling your home for more money and faster.

Here are six videos on home selling tips.  These tips work whether you are selling a lakefront home or a home off the lake.

Lighting when showing your home

Add more lamps and fixtures as needed.

If your existing lights still aren’t getting the job done, you may need to call for some reinforcements.

  • Bedside lamps, desk lamps and under-cabinet lighting can all add to your overall light profile while also highlighting attractive details, like your backsplash or countertops.
  • Vanity lighting in the bathrooms should be bright and consistent, with no drastic shadows and glare. Adding sconces beside the mirrors may help you achieve this.
  • Attractive table lamps may offer visual interest, as well as much-needed light in a living room, den or game room. No surfaces for lamps? Consider floor lamps.

Before showing it to potential buyers, make sure you’ve optimized your home’s lighting. While often overlooked, a home’s lighting can make a big impact on a buyer’s first impression of a home. And, as anyone who’s sold a home can tell you, first impressions are everything when it comes to getting the right buyer in the door. A home that is well-lit appears warm, inviting and spacious.

Home selling painting tips

Painting your home is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to add value to your home and get buyers interested. The right color can completely transform the look of a room—it can make the space feel brighter and even make it seem much larger than it really is.

When painting your home before listing it, color is a very important consideration. It’s best to stick with neutrals or softer colors that function as neutrals. If you go with something too bright or bold, it can put people off. It can be hard for people to visualize something different, so they may decide not to put in an offer based on the feeling they get from the colors on the walls. It can also make potential buyers feel like they need to put a lot more work into the home before they can move in, even if it really doesn’t much work at all. So keep it simple when it comes to selecting a paint color.

14 curb appeal tips

1. Paint Your Front Door

2. Paint the Exterior

3. Install New Door Hardware

4. Update Your House Numbers

5. Pressure Wash Everything

6. Take Care of Your Lawn

7. Trim Trees and Bushes

8. Plant Seasonal Flowers

9. Add Flower Boxes

10. Install Landscape Lighting

11. Update Porch Fixtures

12. Upgrade Your Mailbox

13. Edge the Pathways

14. Add Outdoor Furniture


1. Clean your kitchen

2. Be hyper-aware of odors.

3. Consider fresh paint

4. Keep windows clean and clear.

5. Clear the counters.

6. Bring in fresh flowers or greenery.

7. Organize the pantry.

8. Stack your nicest cookbooks.

9. Set fancy hand and dish soap on a tray.

10. Make the faucet shine.

11. Accessorize the stovetop.

12. Add new tea towels.

13. Set out fresh fruit.


How to get your deck ready for buyers

I have some of the lowest commission rates for home sellers in Metro Detroit.  You get a good full time, 22 year experienced realtor that knows how to negotiate with low commissions.  You will save thousands of dollars when you hire me.

If you want to save money and keep more of your homes profits in your bank account give me a call or text or email. 248-310-6239. I can save you thousands on the sale of your home.

Let’s get your home sold for top dollar!

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Oakland County MI lake homes

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How is the crime in West Bloomfield Michigan

West Bloomfield Crime Statistics

Safety for your family should be on of the top of your list of concerns when relocating to Southeast Michigan. You do not want to buy in a communities that has drive by shootings, carjackings or drug dealers openly dealing drugs. I would think you want a community that is safe for your family. You do not want to have to worry whether your car will still be there each morning. Or whether your home will be broken into when you go to work. That is not the type of city I want you to live in.

West Bloomfield

West Bloomfield is not like that at all. West Bloomfield has low crime statistics. West Bloomfield is a safe town. A safe place to live. Let’s talk about how safe West Bloomfield is.  According to neighborhood scout West Bloomfield is safer than 79% of U.S. Cities.  According to the same website the chance of being a victim of violent crime 1 in 1,491 in West Bloomfield.  It is 1 in 229 chance in Michigan.  West Bloomfield is very safe. There is really no crime to speak of.

If you look at city data the 2019 crime rate in West Bloomfield Township, MI is 46, which is 5.8 times smaller than the U.S. average. It was higher than in 18.2% U.S. cities. The 2019 West Bloomfield Township crime rate rose by 7% compared to 2018. In the last 5 years West Bloomfield Township has seen decline of violent crime and decline of property crime.  According to Fox 2 news list of the 50 safest cities in Michigan West Bloomfield is the 29th safest city in Michigan. 

Crime grade gives the township an A+ grade.  The A+ grade means the rate of crime is much lower than the average US city. West Bloomfield is in the 93rd percentile for safety, meaning 7% of cities are safer and 93% of cities are more dangerous.

Here are crime statistics for West Bloomfield Michigan

Violent Crimes Calculated annually per 100,000 residents

  • Assault                 36.3              national  282.7
  • Murder                   0                 national  6.1
  • Rape                    15.1              national  40.7
  • Robbery                 9.1              national  135.5 

Property Crimes Calculated annually per 100,000 residents

  • Burglary                      63.6              national  500.1
  • Theft                         417.8              national  2,042.8
  • Motor Vehicle Theft      39.4               national 284

West Bloomfield Township is full of lakes and is sometimes call “lake township of Oakland County”, being heavily dotted with small, medium, and large lakes. Cass Lake, the largest lake in the county, lies partly in West Bloomfield, and Pine Lake, which has a private country club on its shore, lies completely within West Bloomfield.  Whether you want to live on a lake or live off a lake I can help….give me a call at 248-310-6239.

Here is a list of West Bloomfield lakes in Oakland County and other pertinent information about the lakes.

Bloomfield Lake          Private          5.6 acres

Brookfield Lake           Private      4 to 5 acres 

Cass Lake                  Public         1,280 acres         123 ft. depth          all sports lake   ­

Cross Lake                 Private           7.3 acres

Darb Lake                  Private         16.5 acres

Flanders Lake             Private           9.6 acres

Fox Lake                    Private           6.2 acres

Green Lake                 Private          166 acres          65 ft. depth          electric motor

Hammond Lake           Private            85 acres

Lake Marion                Private              6 acres

Middle Straits Lake      Private           171 acres         55 ft. depth          all sports lake

Mirror Lake                 Private             11 acres         25 ft. depth

Moon Lake                  Private            3.7 acres

Morris Lake                 Private             15 acres

Pine Lake                    Private           395 acres         90 ft. depth          all sports lake 

Pleasant Lake              Private            

Rockwell Lake              Private            2.7 acres

Scotch Lake                 Private            9.3 acres         40 ft. depth

Simpson Lake              Private           13.2 acres

Union Lake                  Public             465 acres        102 ft. depth         all sports lake

Upper Straits Lake       Private            323 acres          96 ft. depth         all sports lake

Walnut Lake                Private            232 acres        101 ft. depth         all sports lake

West Bloomfield Lake   Private             12 acres

Woodpecker Lake         Private              16 acres  

West Bloomfield is located in south central Oakland County about 10 miles to the northwest from the Detroit city limits and has borders with: Bloomfield Township to its east, Farmington Hills to its south, Commerce Township to its west, and four communities to its north: Waterford Township, Orchard Lake Village, Keego Harbor, and Sylvan Lake.

West Bloomfield has a large Jewish population.  West Bloomfield also has a large Chaldean population.  The Median Household Income is $104,368. Education Levels

  • Master’s degree or higher                          31%        national  12%
  • Bachelor’s degree                                     30%         national  20%
  • Some college or associate’s degree            21%         national  29%
  • High school diploma or equivalent              13%         national  27%
  • Less than high school diploma                     5%         national  12%

The township has had most of its population growth from the 1960s through the early 2000s, many residents moving northwest from the inner ring Detroit suburbs. West Bloomfield is known to have a very diverse population, both racially, ethnically, and religiously.

West Bloomfield is a very ethnically-diverse town. The people who call West Bloomfield home describe themselves as belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic

The primary school district serving the township is the West Bloomfield School District, which was recognized as one of the top public school districts in the country. A total of seven school districts serve various portions of West Bloomfield (West Bloomfield, Farmington, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Walled Lake, Pontiac and Waterford). I hope this helps you if you are considering moving to West Bloomfield Michigan.

West Bloomfield is very safe.  It is a community that you will not have to worry about your families safety.  If you are looking to buy a home in West Bloomfield give me a call.  I will help make your West Bloomfield move less stressful.  Call me or text me today 248-310-6239

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What are Safe Cities in Wayne County MI?

What are some of the safest cities in Wayne County Michigan? If you watch the nation’s news on TV and you are from out of state you probably have heard that Detroit has a high murder rate. Yes, crime in the City of Detroit is a problem, but what you have to realize is that 90% of metro Detroit’s cities are very safe. The major crime that you see on TV is mainly in the City of Detroit. It also sometimes affects the first row of towns around the City of Detroit. I call that overflow crime. Once you get past that first row of towns crime rates drop dramatically in the cities farther away from Detroit. In lower income areas crime is sometimes a problem. Most of Metro Detroit’s suburbs do not have a large population of lower income people like the city of Detroit does. Most of Metro Detroit suburbs are very safe.

Wayne County includes all of the City of Detroit  and also includes the western and southern suburbs of Detroit.  Urban sprawl has now made Monroe and Washtenaw Counties with western and southern cities of Detroit too.  Add in schools and you will ask what are the safest communities in Wayne County MI with good schools? Moving to any state for a job can be stressful and moving to Michigan is no different.  You may not know what the Metro Detroit area is like or what the safest cities near  downtown Detroit are.  The two major concerns for most Michigan relocation clients are ” is the community safe” and “how are the schools?” 

When you and your family are trying to decide which cities surrounding Detroit to live in you may want to know the safest communities that lie west of downtown Detroit.  You may be going to work at Ford Motor Company or you may work at metro Airport.  You may work downtown and want an easy drive down I-96.  Your spouse may work in the opposite direction in Brighton or Ann Arbor and you may want to split the driving time for both of you.  So living west of downtown Detroit may be your best choice rather than living in the northern counties.

Another safe Wayne County Community

When I say the four safe cities near Detroit in the western suburb of Detroit, I mean cities that have low crime rates, and that are desirable cities to live in.  Usually when you buy a home in a community that has low crime and good schools the housing prices are stable or rising.  That means when it is time for you to sell your home in the future you should be able to get more for the home. 

Plymouth Ice Festival

Here are four of the safe cites in the western suburbs of Metro Detroit.

  • Canton Township MI
  • City of Livonia Michigan
  • City of Plymouth Mi & Plymouth Township MI
  • City of Northville Michigan & Northville Township MI

All of these communities are centrally located along the I-275 corridor and I-96 is not too far.  I-275 runs north south about 20 minutes west of Detroit.  I-96 runs east west into downtown Detroit.  When it runs into I-275 the expressway changes names to M-14 and runs west to Ann Arbor.  These two expressways making getting around Detroit area and to the airport easy.  That is what makes these the better communities in SE Michigan.

These four good communities in Wayne County have good schools.  Schools that will prepare your children for life and get them into good colleges.  Schools that have good programs including STEM programs.  These communities residents are a mix of blue collar workers and white collar workers.  I would say Plymouth and Northville are more desirable to many home buyers.  These two communities are a little more white collar.

What is great is that these communities is that they are safe too.  These 4 communities are very safe.  When you move to any one of these communities you are not going to have any drive by shootings.  There are no gangs or mafias running the streets or neighborhoods.  There are no drug dealers openly selling and doing drugs on the street.  You are not going to find hypodermic needles lying on the streets or parks.

There are no burnt out or abandoned homes in these communities.   No junk or abandoned cars on the streets or vacant lots.  Just neatly manicured homes.  Pride of ownership shows in these cities.  Community ordinances on what can be stored outside maintain a nice community.  A place you will be proud and happy to live in.

How safe is Canton Michigan

Canton was settled much earlier but subdivisions started popping up in the 1960′s and 1970′s.  During the building boom of the 1990′s and 2000′s they started building bigger homes.  You will find smaller 1200 square foot ranches up to colonials over 2500 square feet.  You will find As of the 2020 the township had a population of 98,659.] Canton Township is Michigan’s second most-populated township, and the ninth most populated community overall. The township is ranked as the 96th highest-income place in the United States with a population of 50,000 or more and is also consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the state and nation. In 2015, the township was ranked as the 29th safest city in the United States.

How safe is Livonia Michigan  

Livonia is what I would call a starter communities.  It has hundreds of 900- 1500 square foot ranches.  Easily affordable for many first time home buyers. The population was 95,535in 2020, which ranked it as Michigan’s ninth most-populated municipality. Livonia is located about 2 miles west of the city limits of Detroit, separated only by Redford. Originally organized as Livonia Township in 1835, it incorporated as a city in 1950.  >In addition to its schools, colleges, churches, parks, recreation center, libraries and the St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia also has commercial and industrial sectors.

How safe is Northville Michigan

Northville is one of Metro Detroit’s prestigous communities.  Sure you will find small ranches but you will also find many homes ranging from $700,000 to over a million dollars.  The population was 5,970 in 2010.  Northville is located about 11 miles  west of the city of Detroit and 17 miles northeast of Ann Arbor. Part of the city is in Oakland County and is surrounded by the city of Novi, while the other part is in Wayne County and is surrounded by Northville Township.  Henry Ford purchased a factory in Northville and moved machinery from plants in the area to the factory in 1919. Known as the Northville Valve Plant, the plant was rebuilt in 1936, and enlarged in 1956. The plant provided valves for every Ford car built.  

Moivng to downtown Plymouth

How safe is Plymouth Michigan

Plymouth is another town that home buyers love.  Part of the reason is the downtown area.  It is a lively downtown area that so many people come to over the year.  The population was 9,132 in 2010.  Plymouth is located about 10 miles west of the city of Detroit.  The City of Plymouth has a variety of shops and restaurants surrounding Kellogg Park, the de facto center of town. The Inn at St. John’s, a hotel conference center and golf resort, is located in Plymouth. The city offers more than fifty recreation programs for all age groups, an NHL-size ice arena and twelve parks. It also organizes major community events such as the popular Fall Festival, Ice Sculpture Spectacular and the Art in the Park, and access to the Plymouth-Canton school district, with a unique complex composed of three high schools located on one 305-acre  campus and is now one of the highest populated high school campuses in the country with close to 6500 students and over 800 faculty members  

Best real estate agents in Wayne County MIThese are just four of the safest communities west of Detroit.  You and your family will love living here in any one of these cities.  If you are looking for a great community around the Detroit area give me a call.  I will provide you with the information to make a smart decision.  Michigan is a great place to live.  Remember we have great lake communities near Detroit

I work with all the relocation companies to make your move easier.  If you are not working with a relocation company that is fine too.  Give me a call or text today to get started.  My cell is 248-310-6239.  Hire one of metro Detroit’s best real estate agents

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Private Lakes in Hartland Township Michigan

There are no big public lakes in Hartland Twp. There ae about 6 or 7 lakes clustered around the M-59 US-23 interchange. There is Long Lake, Handy Lake, Maxfield Lake, and Round Lake south of M-59 and east if 23. You can walk from one lake to the other they are so close. On the West side of US 23 is Bitten Lake, Wallace Lake, and Blaine Lake. Wallace Lake and Bitten Lake connect to each other.

None of the lakes in Harland have public DNR launch ramps. All of the lakes in Hartland Twp are private and most are under 150 acres in size. Long Lake is only a 146 acres in size. The next closest big all sports lakes are Woodland Lake in Brighton and Lake Chemung in Howell.

Bitten lake is a private non all sports lake. Many of the homes are what I call subdivision homes. There really are not any of the old lake cottages on the lake. It is an electric motor only lake lake.  It is a small lake that is only about 30 acres in size.  No public beach, no marina, no restaurant on the lake. Bitten Lake is spring fed and fed by Long & Maxfield Lake.

Blaine Lake looks like it was dropped in the middle of a field. The land around the lake very open. It is a private non all sports lake that is about 46 acres in size.  It is a small round lake and most of the houses on the lake are the smaller older cottages.  Some are being for year round homes now.  It is west of old US-23. The homes are on well and septic systems.

Bullard Lake is a small private non all sports lake that is 47 acres in size.  The deepest spot on the lake is about eight to ten feet deep.  You can’t have more than an 8-10 horse power motor on the lake.  I would call it more of a leisurely lake.   You won’t have loud jet skis here.   The children that live on the lake go to Hartland Schools.  Most of the roads are paved roads.

Dunham Lake. I love the serenity of Dunham Lake. It is one of Livingston County’s most unique lakes.  It is unique that most of the lake is surrounded by a green belt that is owned by the association.  Only on the north end of the lake do the home owners own the property on the lake.  One the south, west, and east sides the association owns the lake frontage.  They have a green belt. 

Dunham Lake is private non all sports lake.  They do not even allow electric motors on the lake.  It is only a hand powered / paddle lake.  You will only see kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats on the lake. It is one the most rustic lakes in Southeast Michigan.  Because of the green belt around the lake you really do not see any of the homes when you are down by the lake.  It almost seems like you are up north it is so peaceful.  The large mature trees in the green belt hide the houses.  If you are looking for a pristine, clean lake and do not care about seeing the lake from your house then Dunham Lake may be for you.  You just take a short walk through the trees to get to the lake.  

Long Lake is Hartland’s largest all sports lake.  It is a private lake.  On the west side of the lake you will find subdivision style homes.  What I mean by that is you will find brick ranches and colonials built during the years of1970’s to 1990’s.

On the north end and on the east side of the lake you will find older homes.  Most like many of the Oakland County lakes that had small cottages built before the 1960’s.  They have been turned into year round homes.  Some have been added onto and remodeled.  On the east side of the lake you will find some homes sit on lots that are bigger.  You will find space and privacy between some of the homes.  Some of the homes sit on lots that are long and deep.  You cannot even see the lake from the road from in front of these homes on the east side of the lake.

Maxfield Lake is a private all sports lake that is about 90 acres in size.  I do not know how deep the lake is.  Maxfield Lake is close to Long Lake, Round Lake, and Handy Lake.  You are not going to find big luxury estate style homes on the lake.  Most of the homes are under 2000 square feet.  Though there are a few that are about 3000 square feet.  Many of them were built between the 1930’s – 1960’s.  But many of them have been updated and remodeled.  Of course there are homes that were between 2011 and the 1960’s.  In fact one was built in the 2000’s. 

Round Lake is a private all sports lake. On the east side of the lake there are small, older homes with lakefront lots between 35 and 70 feet. Some of the lots are as small as 50′ and some of the lake homes were built as early as 1940.  The south side of the lake has nice, brick colonials and ranch homes with lakefront lots between 70 and 115 feet. The roads around the lake are paved.

Tyrone Lake is a private all sports lake that is 102 acres in size.  If you are looking to be in a more rural area then Tyrone Lake may be for you.  I hear the fishing is good on the lake.  The deepest spot on the lake is 25 feet deep.

Wallace Lake connects to Bitten Lake via a weedy canal.  Wallace Lake is a private non all sports lake that is about 20 to 30 acres in size.  It is an electric motor only lake.  The lake lies between old 23 and the new US 23

Whalen Lake is a private non all sports lake that is about 50 acres in size.  The homes are on well and septic.  Whalen Lake is a small private natural lake with gravel roads and woods around it. There is a Salem National Ev. Lutheran Church camp ground (22 acres) on the lake providing that up north feeling. High-speed boating and water skiing prohibited on the lake.  (Also towing anybody behind the boat on a tube, wakeboard, and kneeboard is prohibited).

There are only 14 lakes in Hartland Township that I know of.  Lake Walden is in a campground; Long Lake is Hartland’s largest lake at 146 acres.  Tyrone Lake is the second largest lake at 102 acres.  Dunham Lake is the third largest lake in Hartland at 100 acres.  The rest of the lake are small.

Call the best lake realtor around that looks out for his clients. Whether you are looking for a lake house in Hartland or a waterfront home in Orchard Lake Michigan give me a call. You deserve the best agent working for you and looking out for your best interests. Call or text me at 248-310-6239

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Best Lakes in West Bloomfield MI

Here is a list of the 4 best private lakes in West Bloomfield MI. Two of the lakes lies in two communities. The western part of Middle Straits Lake lies in Commerce Township. The bigger portion lies in West Bloomfield Township. Upper Straits Lake lies in both Orchard Lake and in West Bloomfield.

If you have been searching the listings on West Bloomfield Lake homes you may wonder why West Bloomfield lake homes command the higher prices that they sell at?  It boils down not only to the quality and the size of the lakes but also because of the city itself and where it is located. If you are not familar with West Bloomfield in Oakland County you may not know that the community itself is what I would call a prestigious city in Metro Detroit.  Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Franklin, Beverly Hills, and Bloomfield Township do not have any big all sports lakes in those communities. What I mean by that is that many home buyers want to live in West Bloomfield MI because of the cities characteristics and benefits that the township offers.  Some of the features of the township are:

  • Excellent top ranked school system
  • Centrally located in Oakland County with easy highway access
  • Low crime
  • Good city services
  • Wide variety of mid level homes to luxury estates

In real estate one of the keys is to our business is where is the property located at. We say location, location, location. West Bloomfield has many main artery roads that run north and south and make it easy to get to expressways. Orchard Lake Road, Telegraph Road, and the M-5 connector are very close to some of these lakes. It makes the lake residents ride to work easier.

Middle Straits Lake      Private           171 acres          55 ft. depth          all sports lake

If you are looking for a nice all sports lake in West Bloomfield then you should check out Middle Straits Lake in W Bloomfield.  It is a public lake because you can get onto the lake with a boat at West Bloomfield’s Bloomer Park boat launch.  The good part for lake home owners on the lake is that there is not a lot of parking for cars and trailers.  It’s not an easy process to put a boat on the lake sometimes.  So Middle Straits Lake is a public 171 acre all sports lake that has a depth of 53 feet.  I believe it is a glacial formed lake from the depth of it.  It is part of the Huron River watershed.  Water from Upper Straits Lake flows into Middle Straits Lake and then into Lower Straits Lake.

Lake homes on Middle Straits Lakes are desirable because they are closer to I-96 & M-5 than many other lakes.  The further you go north the harder the commute.  That is because many of the roads in the lakes area are 2 lane roads.  So they become quite congested at rush hour in the morning and at night.  So anybody that works in Downtown Detroit or any distance from West Bloomfield or Commerce wants a lake home that is easy to get to.  Middle Straits Lake houses fit that bill.  A little shorter commute for a lake home buyer. 

Pine Lake                     Private           395 acres         90 ft. depth          all sports lake 

All sports lake Pine Lake is 395 acres in size and is about 90 feet deep in the deepest spot.  It was a glacial formed lake.  With 11 miles of shoreline, Pine Lake is considered a mid-sized Michigan lake.  Like so many of Oakland County Lake is was a big treat and fun to take a “vacation” out to an Oakland County Lake.  Pine Lake was no different than many of the others in the area.  It could take hours to get from Detroit because of the dirt roads.  A heavy rain sometimes made a muddy mess and made travelers trip even harder.   In 1905 when the north boundary of Detroit was not too many blocks beyond Vernor Highway, driving a car to the wilds of Pine Lake in West Bloomfield was a major adventure. The beautiful bluff overlooking the lake became a favorite overnight camp site for practically every Detroiter who owned a car.

Want no weekend yard work? You can just play on the lake all weekend!  Find a condo on the lake!

Pine Lake is located East of Orchard Lake Rd and North of Long Lake Rd.  There is a marina on the lake that has ski lesson and wakeboard lessons.  It is a great place to start learning if you have never done it before.  On two sections of the lake the lake houses are not directly on the lake.  Many lake homes on Orchard Lake Road and Pine Lake Road sit across the road.  So you have to cross busy Orchard Lake Road to get to the water.  Pine Lake Road is much slower and easier to cross.  On both streets there is usually a small strip of land by the water for the home owners to use.

Upper Straits Lake       Private            323 acres           96 ft. depth         all sports lake

It is still a lake where there is no uniformity to homes.  You may have a 1500 square foot brick ranch home next to a 3000 square foot colonial.  There will be all types and styles of homes next to you.  It’s not going to be like a subdivision in Northville or Rochester.  Oakland County Lakes are not like subdivisions.  They are a mixed bag of homes. Each home has it’s own character.

Another beautiful view of the lake

Upper Straits Lake in Oakland County is a private all sports lake.  It is about 323 acres in size.  It is a glacial formed lake with the deepest spot of 98 feet.  Some of the lake lies in West Bloomfield, and some in Orchard Lake Village.  Most of the roads around the lake are paved though some are gravel.   The children on the school go to either Walled Lake schools, or West Bloomfield schools.  A large portion of Upper Straits Lake lies in Orchard Lake Village.  So the lake lies in both communities.

Let’s go boating

The lake is about 1.7 miles in length, and the perimeter is 6.24 miles.  It is the headwaters for the Huron River System.  It is spring fed and fed from run off.  Private associations control 4 boat ramps.  There is one slalom ski course.  There is no central lake associations.  There are several large subdivisions with associations that cover their little area of the lake.  It is one of the big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield.  It is also one of the large private lakes in West Bloomfield.  That is why so many people love Upper Straits Lake.

Walnut Lake                Private            232 acres        101 ft. depth         all sports lake

For a waterfront home on one of Michigan’s most exclusive lakes, there is Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  There are some very large waterfront properties on the lake with a high value, and there are also some that are a bit smaller, but all the waterfront homes are considered high-end.  Walnut Lake is a private, all-sports lake with safety regulations.  It is 232 acres and has a maximum depth of 101 feet.  There is no public access to Walnut Lake, but there are several association beaches.  Walnut Lake is the perfect place for high-end waterfront living, in West Bloomfield, Michigan.


Depending on where you live on the lake the school district is either going to be Birmingham school district or Bloomfield Hills school district.    You are not going to find homes in the under $200,000 range on Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield.  You will find even the small homes are going to be sold for 300 – $600,000 just for the lot on the lake.  There are lake laws on when you can operate a boat at high speed.  The lake hours are 10 to 6:30 at night.  After those house it is a no wake period.

Here is a glimpse of waterfront homes on Walnut Lake in West Bloomfield Township Michigan

  • Lake frontage                  40′ to over 250′
  • Lot size                           varies
  • Home square footage       1000 to over 10,000 square foot
  • Average size of homes     Most of the homes are over 3000 square feet
  • age of homes                  1920’s – now 

If you would like to know more about other private lakes in Oakland County and need a good realtor give me a call or text. I work hard for my clients getting them the best lake home possible. Russ Ravary 248-310-6239

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers
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4 safe cities in Oakland County

Most Michigan relocation buyers ask the question “Is this city safe? ” Everybody wants a city where they do not have to fear gangs or criminals. Relocation buyers want safe cities. They want cities that have low crime. All of these cities in Oakland County are good cities, with good schools, and low crime. That is the trifecta for the buyer coming in from out of state.

Let’s talk about 4 of the safest cities in Oakland County. There are many safe cities in Oakland County but I am going to just concentrate on these four communities.

As your Metro Detroit relocation specialist I do not want you to buy in a high crime city. I will not stop you from buying in a higher crime city, but I am going to give you the information on the crime and crime statistics. It is always your decision where to buy your next home. As I tell my clients….”I am not the one living there, if you are happy with the house and the city….then I am happy for you” Ultimately the home buying decision is up to you.

Is Commerce MI safe

There are two school districts for the homes in Commerce Township. If you are looking at Commerce MI real estate be sure to ask your realtor which school district the house is in.  We can set up a specific email search for you if you only want a certain school system.  The first being Walled Lake Consolidated Schools (where the administrative building is located off of Ladd Road. Recently Walled Lake Central was named as one of the top five percent schools in the nation.

The Township of Commerce is also known as the Charter Township of Commerce. It is located approximately 40 miles southeast of Detroit in western Oakland County. Commerce Township borders West Bloomfield, White Lake, Milford, Walled Lake, the Village of Wolverine Lake, Novi, Highland, Lyon Township and Wixom.  

Because there are so many lakes in Commerce many of the roads are curvy and only two lanes.  To get to downtown Detroit it would take close to or over an hour to get home in the township.  The new M-5 expressway has made getting to Commerce much easier.  M-5 will connect you to I-275 and I-96 expressways.

Is Highland MI safe

The children in the township will be going to Huron Valley Schools.  It is a good school system with teachers that strive to make sure the children are prepared for college.  The community also has continuing education classes too.  Highland Township is what I would call on the outskirts of Metro Detroit.  It would be a long drive to get to the airport or downtown Detroit if you had to do it often.  If you are considering relocating to Highland then you may be working in Brighton, Pontiac, or in the northwestern part of Metro Detroit. 

Highland Township Fire Department serve selflessly to protect the public and property in our community.  I would call Highland Township a very low crime community.  There is no city police department.  Highland Township contracts with the Oakland County Sheriff to provide patrol services. This provides us Community Oriented Policing, Crime Investigation services, School Liaison Deputies, D.A.R.E. Deputies, Traffic and Weigh-master Deputies.  The Fire Department provides first response for fire and medical emergencies in Highland Township, and mutual aid for neighboring communities.   It is a small city with a laid back atmosphere.   If you would like a  Highland relocation guide email me at  

If you are worried about being in a semi-rural community with nothing around, DON’T WORRY.  The downtown Milford area has many great small shops, bakeriers and restaurants.  You will find grocery stores, hardware stores, and many other stores within a f5 to 15 minute drive.  There are big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, JC Penney, Marshals, and Kohl within a 10 to 20 minute drive.  You could go west on M-59 to Hartland, or east to White Lake, or go through Milford to the shopping area at I-696 and Milford Rd.  For major malls you can go to Novi 12 Oaks or the Howell outlet malls.  There is plenty of place to shop nearby.

Is Milford MI safe

The children in the township will be going to Huron Valley Schools.  It is a good school system with teachers that strive to make sure the children are prepared for college.  The community also has continuing education classes too.  Highland Township is what I would call on the outskirts of Metro Detroit.  It would be a long drive to get to the airport or downtown Detroit if you had to do it often.  If you are considering relocating to Highland then you may be working in Brighton, Pontiac, or in the northwestern part of Metro Detroit. 

Highland Township Fire Department serve selflessly to protect the public and property in our community.  I would call Highland Township a very low crime community.  There is no city police department.  Highland Township contracts with the Oakland County Sheriff to provide patrol services. This provides us Community Oriented Policing, Crime Investigation services, School Liaison Deputies, D.A.R.E. Deputies, Traffic and Weigh-master Deputies.  The Fire Department provides first response for fire and medical emergencies in Highland Township, and mutual aid for neighboring communities.   It is a small city with a laid back atmosphere.   If you would like a  Highland relocation guide email me at  

If you are worried about being in a semi-rural community with nothing around, DON’T WORRY.  The downtown Milford area has many great small shops, bakeriers and restaurants.  You will find grocery stores, hardware stores, and many other stores within a f5 to 15 minute drive.  There are big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, JC Penney, Marshals, and Kohl within a 10 to 20 minute drive.  You could go west on M-59 to Hartland, or east to White Lake, or go through Milford to the shopping area at I-696 and Milford Rd.  For major malls you can go to Novi 12 Oaks or the Howell outlet malls.  There is plenty of place to shop nearby.

Is West Bloomfield safe?

The township is a multi-cultural city with many different cultures that have blended together to make a great city. You can get almost any type of ethnic food and there are so many different types of place to worship. 

West Bloomfield is what I would call a “safe” community. The media plays up “Detroit crimes and Detroit’s problems” but that is totally different from West Bloomfield. You can safely walk the streets of West Bloomfield at night. You don’t have to worry about getting shot, or having your car stolen. Sure there is random crime but you can safely go the store, or go out to eat at any time of the day or night. For more detailed info on West Bloomfield crime statistics google “West Bloomfield crime statistics”

West Bloomfield Township is sometimes referred to as the “lake township of Oakland County being heavily dotted with small pond sized lakes and medium-sized lakes. the township has a total area of 31.2 square miles of which 3.9 square miles of the township (12.49%) is water. West Bloomfield has 24 lakes that cover 1858.7 acres. So there are plenty of West Bloomfield lake front homes to chose from. 

I hope this list of 4 safe cities in Oakland County helps narrow down your list of communities that you like. Knowing you are buying in a safe city will make you feel better. You will be less stessed and less nervous when you know that the cities are safe and have good schools. You want to buy in a community that you are safe.

Call or text me today. My cell is 248-310-6239 I will make your move easier and make sure you have all the information you need to make a good decision. I do not want you to make a mistake on where or which city is best for you and your family. 248-310-6239

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