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Michigan property taxes

If you are moving to the Metro Detroit area, it does not matter if it is a Brighton home in Livingston County, or Bloomfield Hills in Oakland County or a Lake house on Cass Lake in Keego Harbor MI Michigan property taxes work

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Michigan tax exemption for Veteran’s

Veteran’s have done so much for us.  They joined the military or were drafted at one time.  They put up with a lot from drill instructors and having to take orders for years.  They many times spend months away from

Michigan Veteran’s property tax exemption

Did you know?  In 2013 Governor Snyder and the Michigan legislators passed a law that is going to really help disabled veterans quite a bit in the years to come.  If you are a 100% disabled honorably discharged veteran you

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Northville Millage rates – Northville real estate

Here are the latest Northville millage rates.  When you buy Northville real estate the home resets to the State Equalized Value (SEV).  If you times the SEV  by the millage rate you will be able to get an idea of what your new taxes will

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When are Northville Winter and summer tax bills sent out?

  A client had asked me when are Northville winter and summer tax bills sent out and if there was any grace period. 2012 Summer Tax Bills – Will be sent out by July 1, 2012 and payment is due in our office by 4:30 PM

Northville Millage rates

  Here is Northville Millage rates for the summer of 2012 2012 Northville MI Summer Millage Rates The following are the summer millage rates for Northville Township within the following school districts: District Non-Homestead Homestead Northville Schools 28.5593 19.5593 Plymouth/Canton Schools 39.0093 21.0093 2011 Northville MI Winter

How Michigan Property taxes work – Local tax review boards – part 10

How Michigan Property taxes work – Local tax review boards – part 10   Michigan’s property tax system is confusing so here is a brief series on how Michigan property taxes work and about local tax review boards. So the first step in fighting

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How Michigan property taxes work – reducing your Michigan property taxes part 9

So now that you know how Michigan property taxes work, now how do you go about reducing your Michigan property taxes? So you think you are overpaying on your Michigan taxes?  But what number are you looking at on your tax statement?  Are

How Michigan property taxes work series – homestead exemption – part 8

The State of Michigan and Metro Detroit has a complex property tax system.  But to explain it….. Basically your Metro Detroit home is either homesteaded or non homesteaded.    Homestead basically means that you live in the Metro Detroit home as your principal residence.  Our Michigan

How Michigan property taxes work – Taxable value – part 7

So many people are confused on how Michigan property taxes work, the second key is to understand the definition of taxable value. Taxable value is the most important number on your Metro Detroit property tax statement.  This is the number that determines what you