Month: February 2013

Bloomfield Twp Foreclosures as of 2-28-13

Some Bloomfield Township foreclosures are in bad shape.  Such bad shape that banks won’t loan on them.  You see, when you get a mortgage you have to have an appraisal.  The appraiser is going to come into the home and check it

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Waterford Foreclosures as of 2-27-2013

It´s commonly believed that foreclosure properties represent easy money that is ripe for the taking – that you can buy it, do a little work on it in your spare time, and then flip it.  This isn’t the case most of

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Lake homes Middle Straits Lake West Bloomfield Michigan

Lakefront homes Middle Straits Lakes West Bloomfield Michigan

Middle Straits Lake is what I would call a semi- private lake.  There is a public access on the lake but it is open to residents of West Bloomfield.  The lake is an all sports lake about 172 acres in

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Livingston County lakefront foreclosures

Wow there are a wide variety of Livingston County lakefront foreclosures right now.  You get yourself a Hi-land lake lakefront foreclosure that is a tiny cottage of 520 square feet for $62,500 or you can get yourself a  Hidden Lake Lakefront

Highland Foreclosures as of 2-26-2013

Metro Detroit home buyers out there recognize good real estate deals.  If a foreclosure is a good deal at list price don’t bid too low or somebody else is going to win the house.  Recognize all the concessions you are asking for.  Realize how

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Why should you buy, instead of rent? Livonia home buying tips

  Why should you buy, instead of rent?  Livonia home buying tips  A home is usually the biggest investment you make in your life.  The equity and the value of your home is one of your biggest assets later in

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Russ Ravary – Realtor ratings Oakland County Michigan

So if you are looking for an Oakland County Michigan realtor ratings how do you find out if Russ Ravary is a top Oakland County realtor or not a good realtor? There are so many Oakland County Michigan realtors out

Wolverine Lake Foreclosures as of 2-22-13

Good Afternoon! Wolverine Lake foreclosures are getting harder and harder to find. Currently there are only 2 homes with an average time on the market of only 25 days, so you have to act fast when you see something you

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White Lake Foreclosures as of 2-21-2013

Good Afternoon! Below is a list of White Lake Foreclosures as of 2-21-13.  Foreclosures in White Lake have gone down from last year, which is a good sign. Where have all the foreclosures gone?  There is a definite slowing down of foreclosures due

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Westland Foreclosures as of 2-19-2013

Sometimes Zillow and Trulia will list a home as a Westland foreclosure but they won’t give an address.  These sites use public records as a resource so they may pull up that a home has recently go into foreclosure.  In Michigan

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