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Michigan doctor loans

Whether you are a doctor with years of experience, or just here in Michigan for your residency you may be currently looking to buy a home in the Metro Detroit area.  If you are a doctor looking to purchase a

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Appraisals – Wixom real estate tips

Many clients whether they are Wixom home sellers or home buyers are unsure of the time frame of when an appraisal will be done.  Since the mortgage meltdown banks are in control of the appraisals.  The loan officers do not

What does closing in escrow mean? – Metro Detroit real estate

 So there is a hiccup at closing and you need to know what “closing in escrow mean?  The main reason forclosing in escrow is the buyer’s mortgage company has not sent the money yet. Many times the documents come to the title company

What is PMI? – Metro Detroit real estate

  So really what is PMI?  The way I explain PMI is that it is an insurance policy you have to pay for because you do not have 20% down.  It is a simple fact that home buyers with less

Livonia Millage rate for homesteaded Livonia residents

  Here is the Millage rate for residents of Livonia who claim the home as their principal residence. Livonia’s property tax rate is the lowest tax rate among cities in Wayne County .   City of Livonia MILLAGE RATES FOR CITY RESIDENTS LIVONIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS SCHOOL DISTRICT HOMESTEAD Taxing

Walking away from your Metro Detroit home – beware

  I am going to share with you one of the pitfalls of walking away from your Metro Detroit home.  Some people are making a plan to walk away from their Metro Detroit home and let it go into foreclosure.  They can afford the mortgage,

HUD issues – Livonia real estate September 2012

  Right now HUD and the State of Michigan are arguing about money owed on homestead taxes.  The State of Michigan says HUD owes them money on the HUD foreclosures.  Of course HUD says no.  But what happened is that the State of Michigan is now slapping tax

Title insurance fees – Milford real estate & home buyers tips

 So you don’t understand what all these fees the title company is charging you?  And you really want to know what they are? 1)   Title closing costs – this is the cost the title company charges you to close the loan.  I would call it their “fee” or

Confused about what your house payment might be? – White Lake home buyer tips

If you are confused about what your new house payment might be ….. Don’t…..  First place to call is your mortgage person.  Give them all the information about the White Lake home you are buying.  Your lender will be able to give you a more

What is a clear to close – Novi sellers tips

  When selling your Novi home I will tell you after the home inspections that we are waiting for a clear to close.  You may not know what a clear to close is.  After a home inspection we are basically waiting for the buyers mortgage to