2 best cities in Detroit Suburbs

What are the best two cities in Oakland County? If you are asking that question I need to know more about your situation. Do you have a move to Oakland County due to a job transfer? Or maybe you are just looking to move closer to family and friends? There are so many very good towns in the Detroit suburbs. I am just going to randomly chose two of the best cities in Oakland County. I am going to do it somewhat on geographics. This will narrow your search for the best cities in the county to chose from. 

You will find that many of communities around metro Detroit are just like the communities from the area you are living in now.  So what are you looking for in a town?  Are you looking for an active downtown area?  Are you looking for a safe community?  Do you have children and want a good school system?  If you move often with your work you will probably want to find a home that will go up in value so you do not lose money on when you move a few years from now.

Birmingham MI

 There may be many different criteria that you have.  It’s my goal as a Metro Detroit realtor to tell you about all the communities in Metro Detroit and in Oakland County that fit your wants and needs.  You may not want to buy a home in any county but Oakland County.  Then that’s where we will focus our search.  Let’s talk about the best cities in Oakland County.  Like I said above there are many of them.  We have communities that have active downtowns like the city of Rochester, the city of Milford, and the city of Royal Oak just to name a few of the towns that have great downtowns.   

Parks in Birmingham MIAnother factor may be for you is a safe community.  A community that you do not have to worry every time your spouse or kids go out.  The majority of Oakland County communites are very safe.  The city in Oakland County that has higher crime statistics is the City of Pontiac.  The other cities that will have higher crime statistics will be communities that are just outside of Detroit.  Cities like Ferndale, Lathrup Village, Southfield,  and Oak Park sometimes have higher crime from the spillover from the City of Detroit.  Sometimes the further you go away from Detroit the lower the crime is.

Here is another factor home buyers always ask about….the school systems and how good are the schools.  There are many, many really good schools systems in Oakland County.  Troy Schools, Novi Schools, Birmingham Schools, Bloomfield Schools are usually ranked very high in Michigan student tests.  Those four schools are just the tip of the iceberg.  West Bloomfield schools, Walled Lake Schools, Rochester Schools and so many other Oakland County school systems will provide your child with a great education to succeed in life and prepare for college.

Welcome to Birmingham MI

Two top safe cities in Oakland County

Let’s go over the two communities in Oakland County that we will look at. They are just two of the good cities that you can chose from in the county.  I honestly don’t know which town to start with as there are so many good cities in Oakland County. The first city that I think is one of the best cities in Oakland County is Franklin MI. I would say Franklin Michigan is more about the homes and the lots. There is just a very, very small city center with just a few stores. The most notable business and structure is the Franklin Cider Mill.

If you have never been to the Franklin Cider Mill you probably do not even know the Village of Franklin even exists.  Franklin is just north of Southfield MI in the south central Oakland County. It is just south of Bloomfield Township.  It is a tiny community that is known for the cider mill.  The cider mill is unique in Metro Detroit that it is more or less in a urban area and actually in Bloomfield Township just across the street from Franklin’s boundaries.  People flock to the cider mill in the fall for the donuts and the cider.  What is nice that even with the fall visitors traffic is still minimal.  The village has a population of approximately 3,150 and is known as “The town that time forgot.”  Franklin MI is approximately 2.7 square miles and is bounded by Telegraph Road on the east and Inkster Road on the west.   The village was named after Benjamin Franklin.  If you are considering relocating to Franklin and do not know the area…..Telegraph Road is a main thoroughfare in Metro Detroit.  It runs all the way from Toledo to suburbs another 10 miles north of Franklin.   Telegraph Road connects you to I-696 expressway. 

What would I say about Franklin homes and real estate?  BIG LOTS…..SPRAWLING HOMES.  So many of the homes in Franklin Michigan is on lots of ½ acre or more.  So many of them have lots with even more than an acre.  Much of the area is gently rolling hills with trees that are fifty to a hundred years old.  So it makes a beautiful setting for any home.

Birmingham is another great city to live in. Let’s talk about Birmingham. Birmingham is one of the best cities in Oakland County because……..It’s not a huge city. It has a old hometown feel like Franklin does. You can walk or ride a bike to the downtown area. That is one of the reasons I like Birmingham MI because it has a great downtown area that many people come to from around Metro Detroit.  It draws people to it’s stores, restaurants, and bars.  Of course people come to the many businesses in the downtown area too.  It has an old theatre and events like the Woodward Dream Cruise draws thousands of people to the city.

Homes for sale Birmingham MI

Birmingham, Michigan lies along the Woodward Avenue Corridor, in Oakland county, is 5 miles SW of Troy and 17 miles NW of downtown Detroit.The city is considered part of the Detroit metropolitan area.  From Woodard you can drive right downtown.

The unemployment rate in Birmingham is 3.5% (U.S. avg. is 6.0%).

Birmingham MI schools

Birmingham students consistently score and rank near the top of Michigan scholastic scores.  They are very good schools.  Schools where they will be very well prepared for college and life after high school.  Birmingham public schools spend $16,887 per student. The average school expenditure in the U.S. is $12,383. There are about 14.8 students per teacher in Birmingham.  According to Niche Birmingham Schools rank 8th out of 55 6 schools as one of the best school districts in Michigan.  It ranks 10th in the safest school districts in Michigan out of 578 schools.  It ranks 13th as one of the best places to teach in Michigan out of 552 school districts.  Not only are Birmingham Schools are great, there are many good private schools in the area too.  Detroit Country Day, Cranbrook, Brother Rice, and Marian High School. 

So if you are looking for a safe community Birmingham is it.  That is why I say Birmingham is one of the best cities in Oakland County to move too. 

When you have an Oakland County relocation it pays to know which are the best communities in Oakland County Michigan.  Let me tell you that there are many great communities in the county.  If you are relocating to Michigan you probably have a list of what you want in a home and probably know what you want in a community. We will provide you the information to make a sound decision about the community along with the home.

Give me a call if you need a good negotiating real estate agents to help you get a good price on your next home.  I work hard to make my clients dreams come through.  Call me at 248-310-6239 

Best Birmingham real estate agents

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Real Estate agents that specialize in lake homes Oakland County MI

If you have any of these questions below you may need a realtor that specializes in Lakes and lake homes in Oakland County or in Southeastern Michigan. What Oakland County lake is best for you? Do you have the time to drive around a hundred lakes? There are probably over 500 lakes in metro Detroit. Do you have the time to read all those webpages on the different lakes? Buying a lake home in Oakland County, or Livingston County, or Washtenaw County, or Genessee County can be real confusing. Which lake is best for you and your family? There are so many factors to consider when buying a lakefront home. These are just a few of the factors that you have to think about.

  • Size of the lake
  • Closeness to your work or places you want to be near
  • Rural or close to a city, or downtown area
  • All sports lake or non all sports lake
  • Public lake or private lake
  • Sandy bottom lake
  • Subdivision lake or a lake with all types, sizes, and ages of homes

These are just a few of the factors that you need to think about when buying a home. Many times the types of lakefront homes vary from one side of the lake to the other. Even the lake bottoms vary from place to place on a lake. The lake may be sandy bottom on the east side and mucky on the south side. It varies widely from lake to lake.

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers

A good lake real estate agent that specializes in Oakland County Lakes will know many of these things. I have three lake websites that I have researched over 250 Southeastern Michigan Lakes. I have driven around these lakes, taken pictures, and talked to lake residents to learn about the lakes. I have 12 years of indepth lake experience.

Over the years I have helped so many lake home buyers find a home, and helped hundreds sell their lake home. I understand lake living because I live on a lake. I live currently on White Lake in White Lake Township and have lived on Tull Lake in White Lake too.

Russ Ravary your lakes area realtor

It takes a realtor that specializes in lake homes and knows the lakes in Oakland County, and all around Southeastern Michigan. It’s my job to say “what about this home or this lake?” I can easily point out the different lakes that your family will love.

If you do not like lake homes that are close together then I have the knowledge and expertise to tell you not to look at house on Pontiac Lake on certain streets because they have 25- 40′ lots on some streets. You may want a home on an electric motor lake but need it to be in a certain city. You may only want lakes that the homes are not on well and septic. There are probably many “must haves” or “want to have” on your list of lake home criteria.

I will make your lake home search so much easier because of my knowledge. No running around to a lake home on Oxbow Lake that sits on a hillside if you have bad knees. Or going to see a home on road that has limited parking if you are a person that is looking to invite lots of people over to your lake home.

Lake home views on Walled Lake MI

Having a good Oakland County lake specialist in your corner will help you from making mistakes like buying on a canal that is not deep enough for your ski boat or that has a culvert or bridge that you have to go under. You may not be able to get your boat under the bridge. There is a canal on White Lake that you sometimes cannot get a pontoon under. You don’t want to buy a home there if you want a new pontoon boat to cruise around the lake on.

I know so much about the local lakes that will save you from making a bad mistake when buying a lake home. I have helped people move off a lake and helped them find a new lake home because they bought a lake home with a realtor that did not know the lake. The lake was not right for their family. Why get yourself in that position. Go with a top metro Detroit real estate agent that knows the lakes better than 95% of real estate agents. Call me to get a lake specialist that will make your life and lake home search easier. Call or text me at 248310-6239

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Biggest all sports lakes in Commerce MI

Have you been wondering what are the big all sports lakes in Commerce Township. I have put together the largest all sports lakes in Commerce from largest to smallest. I have included links to more indepth information. 2 of the lakes…. Union Lake and Middle Straits Lake lie in both West Bloomfield and Commerce. Just a small portion of Union Lake and Middle Straits Lake are in Commerce Township.

According to a website they say there is about 28 lakes for a total of 1704 acres. 2.3 square miles, or 7.61% of Commerce Township Michigan, is water. Lake home buyers like Commerce Lakes because they are not as far from the freeways.  There are quite a few big all sports lakes in Commerce.  Most of the lakes in Commerce are private though Long Lake, Union Lake, and Middle Straits Lake are public.  Union Lake and Middle Straits are mainly in West Bloomfield though small corners of the lake are in Commerce Twp. The Huron River runs mostly north–south through the township.  

You can click on any of the Commerce Township lakes for indepth lake information such as private or public, all sports, depth, size, school system, photos.  Of course there is info on what to expect on lot sizes, types of homes and recent sold prices of the lake real estate. 

  • Union Lake (mostly in West Bloomfield MI) Union Lake is a lake in Commerce & West Bloomfied, Michigan, with many large, newer waterfront homes. Of course it has all sizes of homes even down to 1000 square feet.  Union Lake is definitely considered to be one of Southeast Michigan’s nicest lake communities, though it is not private.  It has a sandbar on the lake where people gather to talk and have fun. Still, with 465 acres and spacious waterfront properties, privacy and convenience can still be found on Union Lake.  The lake has a maximum depth of 110 feet and its large size makes it great for all sports activities.  Union Lake itself has a lot to offer, and so do these high-end waterfront properties, in West Bloomfield, Michigan.
Aerial view of Union Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan

 It is a public all sports lake with a public access on Union Lake Rd.  Union Lake still has some of the old lake cottages around, but it is slowing becoming a very high end lake.  You will find homes ranging from $600,000 to over a million dollars on the lake (2013)  However you will still see small ranches and split level homes on there too.It is a good size lake that is great for all the water sports you want.  It must be a very good fishing lake because I always see a lot of ice fishermen in the winter and quite a few small fishing boats being put in early in the morning.

  • Commerce Lake  The lake is an impressive 236 acres with a convenient maximum depth of 67 feet.  Though another source has the lake at 292 acres in size.  It is an all-sports lake that is private, with only those living on its waterfront homes having access.  Commerce Lake epitomizes waterfront property living in Michigan.

Commerce Lake is actually two lakes North Commerce Lake and South Commerce Lake.  You will find many sizes and styles of waterfront homes on Commerce Lake.  There are still the small 800 square foot cottages,  but you will also find larger newer homes.  The old smaller homes have been torn down and rebuilt or been added onto.  They have remodeled the homes, updated the kitchens or baths from the old 1920’s to the 1950’s homes.

Waterfront properties on Commerce Lake are not spaced widely apart.  If you are looking for a waterfront home with space many Commerce Lake homes will not fit the bill.  Homes on the lake range from 600 square feet to over 5500 square feet. So whatever you are looking for you probably can find it on the lake. 

  • Lower Straits Lake The lake is 236 acres with a maximum depth of 22 feet.  There is one public access ramp on Lower Straits Lake, for Michigan Boaters, but most of the lake is private to its waterfront residents.  All-sports vehicles are allowed on this lake, making it a fun place to visit or live. Lower Straits Lake is a great option for waterfront living in Commerce Township, Michigan. There are quite a few large estate style homes on the lake that sell for a million dollars plus. Many of these Lower Straits Lakes luxury lake homes are brick homes with the amenities that buyers want. They have big open layout kitchens, spacious master bedrooms with walk in closets, and great rooms. Though there are smaller homes on the north side of the lake.
  • Lake Sherwood

  This lake is 258 acres, which also includes several canals, and has a maximum depth of 20 feet.  For such a large lake, one of the benefits of living in a waterfront home on Lake Sherwood is that it is still private.  Waterfront residents on this Commerce Township, Michigan lake can enjoy the benefits of having a larger lake, including the fact that it is all-sports, while also maintaining their privacy.  The association at Lake Sherwood helps keep all these features in-check, assuring a great place to live lakefront in Michigan.  Here is some information about the shoreline and the acreage.

  •  Main Lake: 2.4 miles – 147.3 acres
  • Canals: North Side across Commerce Road – 18.1 acres
  • South Side of Commerce Road (East of Main Lake)- 94.6 acres
  • The total shoreline for the lake including the canals is 9.2 miles

Waterfront homes on Lake Sherwood are what I would subdivision homes.  There are no shacks on the lake.  It was a planned community/subdivision many years ago.  Most of the homes are brick ranches, colonials, tri-levels, and quad-level homes.  Over the years some vacant lots and smaller homes were torn down and bigger new homes were built.  Lake Sherwood Commerce MI has a few canals with quite a few homes on them too.

You will not find bungalows or old 1920’s ranch cottages on the lake.  There are paved roads great for walking with your kids, riding bikes, or walking the dog.  There are several subdivision beaches/parks on the lake for use by all of the residents.  If you are looking for lake homes that are not jammed together then Lake Sherwood may be the place for you!  Downtown Milford is just a short ride away.

  • Middle Straits Lake (mostly in West Bloomfield) At 172 acres and with a maximum depth of 51 feet, Middle Straits Lake is an all-sports lake.  However, there are rules to keep things more calm and quiet on Sundays and holidays for these Michigan waterfront residents.  Middle Straits Lake is semi-private, meaning there is a ramp and small parking lot for visitors, but the beach areas are private to the waterfront homeowners only.  With a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, including a park and picnic area, Middle Straits Lake is a great place for waterfront living in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Middle Straits Lake is close to the M-5 connector that gets you to I-275 and I-696 expressways.  There are very few lakes that have easy access and have great schools too.  Those two reasons make Middle Straits Lake a highly desirable lake for many lakefront home buyers.  Middle Straits Lake does have a small public access ramp in a city park. The children on the lake go either to Walled Lake Schools or  West Bloomfield Schools.

  • Long Lake Long Lake in Commerce Township MI is only about 10 minutes from M-5 which is the gateway to all the expressways.  You are about 20 minutes to 12 Oaks Mall in Novi.   The children on the lake go to Walled Lake schools.  It is not a huge lake but it is big enough to ski, tube, and jet-ski on comfortably.  The lake was much shallower but in 1961-1965 they had the whole lake dredged at the cost of $185,000.  It is a kettle lake. Long Lake is a public all sports lake that is about 156 acres in size and 14 feet deep in the deepest spot.
  • Fox Lake Fox Lake is a private lake in Commerce Township, Michigan that does allow all sports boating, but due to its size and privacy, the waterfront residents of Fox Lake are not overwhelmed with boat traffic.  It is just too small for lake home buyers that are active water sports enthusiasts. This makes it a prime place for those in Commerce Township, Michigan to enjoy all the benefits of waterfront living, while still maintaining their peace and privacy.  Fox Lake is 62 acres, giving those in these Michigan homes plenty of room to enjoy their life on the waterfront. The waterfront homes on Fox Lake in Commerce Township Michigan are both a mixture of homes, but on the south side of the lake there is a newer subdivision with big brick colonials with walk out basements and ranging from 2000 to about 3000 square feet.  On the north and east side of the lake you will find what I call the “Oakland County Lake home mix”.  You will have a few old cottages ranging from 700 square feet built between the 1920’s to the 1950’s, split level homes, and smaller colonials.  Of course you will have the remodeled and added onto homes too.
  • Carroll Lake
Long Lake Commerce Township
Carroll Lake

 Carroll Lake is a private lake that only allows access to those living in these waterfront homes, and all sports boat and use of the lake for these owners are permitted.  This Commerce Township lake is 33 acres with a maximum depth of 38 feet.  Carroll Lake is a prime spot in Michigan for both fun and relaxation for those seeking to enjoy waterfront living.

Carroll Lake in Commerce Township is located east off Carroll Lake Rd.  You can see the lake from the road.  It is not a big lake but it is a private all sports lake that allows jet skis, and ski boats.  There is no public beach or public access (no DNR access) on the lake.   Many Oakland County lakefront buyers look for private lakes so this is a plus when it comes to selling.

Clark Lake is a smaller lake in Commerce Township, Michigan that branches off the larger Carroll Lake.  These waterfront properties sit on a small lake of only about 10-15 acres.  It is an All sports lake so ski boats, and jet skis are permitted on Clark Lake, but it is a private lake.  Due to this and its small size, living waterfront on Clark Lake is still very quiet and peaceful for anyone seeking a home in Commerce Township, Michigan.

Neither Clark Lake nor Carroll Lake have public or DNR access.  So there is not a lot of boat traffic on the lake.  I have been by the lake quite a few times and very rarely see boats out on it.

I estimated the size of Clark Lake, so Clark Lake combined with Carroll Lake it is under 50 acres in size.   If you live on Clark Lake you will usually boat over to Carroll Lake to ski, tube, or wakeboard.  There is just more room over there.   Clark Lake has a good sized island in it.  In fact I would say a good part of the lake is just a canal around the island.

Waterfront homes on Clark Lake in Commerce were built mainly between the 1950’s to 1970’s.  I would call the lake homes more of a subdivision lake.  A little more uniform brick homes that are on good sized lots that range from 60′ to about 175′ of lake frontage.

This list of Commerce MI big all sports lakes should give you an idea which lake may fit you. You may not want the biggest all sports lake, but you may prefer a tiny all sports lake so you do not have a lot of boat traffic on the lake.

Whether you are buying or selling a home on a Commerce Lake or any where in Metro Detroit I can help. I am a full time 21 year experienced real estate agent that works hard for my clients. Call me at 248-310-6239. You will be glad you did.

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How safe is Highland MI

Highland Township is a very safe community. I would call it a semi rural community on the outskirts of metro Detroit suburbs. It is a mixture of spacious subdivisions, lake homes, and farms. There are many horse farms in the community. I think over the years you will see some of the horse farms being sold off to make way for new subdivisions and new homes. In 2003, in an effort to retain its rural character, as well as preserve its extensive equestrian heritage, Highland Township city council declared itself an “equestrian community” and began active support and encouragement of the equestrian presence and related development in the township. In 2006, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Highland Equestrian Conservancy, Highland Township received official recognition by the state government as Michigan’s first designated equestrian community

How safe is Highland? According to one website Highland is in the 91st percentile for safety, meaning 9% of cities are safer and 91% of cities across the country are more dangerous. That is very good, it is hard to beat that. There are no bad cities close to Highland which helps with spill over crime from the “bad” city. What I mean by “bad city” is cities with very high crime rates, poor schools, and low income residents(high unemployment).

The township is a mix of rural farms, suburban homes, and twenty five lakes with waterfront homes. A large portion of Highland’s tax revenue comes from these higher priced homes on the lakes. They are striving to get sewers to these homes around the lakes. They want to preserve their tax base. Highland is not a big congested community. It does not have a high density of homes. With fewer homes and being far from high crime cities your chance of being a victim of violent crime in Highland is 1 in 1914 and property crime is 1 in 255.

Living in Highland Charter Township offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. There are not a lot of apartments or condominiums in the community. In Highland Charter Township there are a lot of parks. You are not going to find needles or a lot of garbage laying around in these parks. You can walk the trails without fear.

  • Highland State Rec Area- 5,900 acres (State Park)
  • Highland Oaks- 264 acres (County Park)
  • Hickory Ridge Pines Park- 90 acres
  • Downey Lake Park- 36 acres
  • Duck Lake Pines Park- 40 acres

Highland is a community where there are no gangs roaming the streets. There are no crack houses nor meth labs. It just is not that type of community. It is a safe community to live in. Highland Township is 33.85 square miles with a population of 19,202. There are about 7,125 households. The average household income is $68,227. 96.9% of the residents are white. Residents of Highland Charter Township tend to lean conservative. 27% of the residents have Bachelors, Graduate, or professional degrees. I would say Highland is a mix of blue collar, and white collar workers.

According to Niche Highland ranks as follows 106 of 336 suburbs with the best public schools in Michigan. It ranks 124 of 337 best suburbs to raise a family in Michigan. The public schools in Highland Charter Township are highly rated.

Call me if you need a good Highland Township real estate agent 248-310-6239

Here are some of the distances to various points around metro Detroit.

  • 33 miles to Southfield
  • 47 miles to Detroit
  • 42 miles to Metro Airport
  • 12 miles to Oakland International Airport
  • 29 miles to Flint Airport

This should give you a little idea of what Highland MI is like and how safe Highland is. It is a good safe city to live in. Whether you are buying a home on a lake in Highland or a home off the lake you will like it here. Highland Township is a nice place to live. Whether you have a family, or are single, or retired you will like the community and all it has to offer. If you are thinking of moving to Highland Township give me a call or text to 248-310-6239.

Get more when you buy a home

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Biggest Lakes in White Lake MI

White Lake is full of beautiful Lakes. If you do not know White Lake Township is what I would call semi rural. There was no master plan for building. So you have homes that sit on a little acreage, homes in subdivisions, lake homes. What I am trying to say is that you are not going to find many cookie cutter subdivisions in White Lake. Homes are scattered all over White Lake on different size lots. Home styles and sizes vary widely too. You have a wide choice even on the lakes. From small older cottage style homes with no basements to large brick colonial homes with walk out basements.

So what are the lakes in the township like? You have four public lakes and the rest are private. The bigger lakes are mainly public except for Oxbow Lake. There are 21 named White Lake Township Lakes within the township borders. About 3.5 square miles, or 9.44% of White Lake Township is water. Today you are going to learn about the big lakes in White Lake Michigan.

The township isn’t one subdivision after another, in fact I would say it is rural residential, and lake homes are the typical residential style.  If you did a view from the air, you would notice that there are clusters of homes around the many White Lake Township lakes.

White Lake doesn’t have a central downtown area.  You could say that M-59 is White Lake’s heart.  Most of the stores, restaurants, bars/taverns, and business are along M-59.

If you are thinking of selling your home I have some of the lowest seller listing commissions around. I will save you thousands and thousands of dollars when you sell your home. Why pay top dollar to another agent when you can keep that money in your pocket. Call me today to confirm what you think your house is worth and to get a great low commission rate. 248-310-6239

Lakes in White Lake MI: 

  • Allen Lake                                                about 20 acres     private
  • Small Allen Lake
  • Bogie Lake homes                  non motorized lake     76 acres      private
  • Brendel Lake homes               all sports lake             89 acres      private
  • Cedar Island Lake homes       all sports lake            169 acres     public
  • Cooley Lake homes                all sports lake             86 acres      private
  • Cranberry Lake homes
  • Foley Lake homes                                                    16 acres       private
  • Grass Lake homes                  all sports lake            30 acres       private
  • Mead lake homes
  • Lake Neva homes                    all sports lake           47 acres       private
  • Lake Ona homes             non motorized lake          11 acres        private
  • Lake Stinson                        Just a big pond            5-7  acres     private
  • Long Lake(just partially in)    all sports lake            46 acres       public
  • Mandon Lake homes             all sports lake            26 acres        private
  • McWithy Lake                      non all sports                                  private
  • Oxbow Lake homes              all sports lake              270 acres    private
  • Pontiac Lake homes             all sports lake             612 acres     public
  • Round Lake homes               all sports lake               46 acres     private
  • Stison Lake homes
  • Sugden Lake homes             all sports lake               67 acres     private
  • Tull Lake homes         Limited all sports lake        est 100 acres   private
  • White Lake homes                all sports lake              540 acres    public 
  • Wingate Lake

The biggest lakes in White Lake are Pontiac Lake, Oxbow Lake, White Lake which has the White Lake Inn on it, Pontiac Lake which has a large state park (and Quake on the Lake power boat races in July on it) and Oxbow Lake which has Spraders on the Lake on it.

Search White lake waterfront homes for sale

Here is information on the community of White Lake. The township has five public school districts: Clarkston, Holly, Huron Valley, Walled Lake and Waterford.  So depending on where you live on the lakes will determine which school system your children will go to.  Though the majority of the kids either go to Huron Valley Schools or Waterford schools. 

White Lake Township lakefront properties, homes and real estate are varied.  There are some older cottages that were built in the 1920’s to the 1950’s as weekend getaways. Just like the White Lake Inn was a get away for metro Detroiters.  You will find many “cottages” that are now updated and are year round homes. Many of them have been added onto or torn down to be rebuilt. That goes on all the time on the lakes.

You can find just about any style of lake home that you want. What type of home style do you want?  There are A frames, log homes, colonials, cape cods, tri levels, bungalows, quad levels, ranches, contemporary, bi-level, and estate homes.

The square footage of the lakefront homes range from 800 square feet to over 10,000 square feet.  So you can find any size or type of lake home in White Lake Township.  You can find a quiet non-motorized lake or you can be on a large all-sports lake.  It’s your choice and the township has it all.  There are even a few lakes that have homes with acreage and on the lake.

White Lake Electric Motor Lakes

If you can’t afford the type of White Lake Township lake home you want then you might want to look at canal front homes or lake access homes.  There are some wide clean canals on Cedar Island Lake that open up to little bays.  Not the open expanse of water, but still have the ability to get out to the water without having to trailer your boat.  They will still give you access to the lake, but at a lower cost.  

 Remember we offer the best home buyer bonus around.  Give me a call at 248-310-6239 to get started finding your dream lake home!!!  Let’s find a lake home for you so you can start enjoying lake living soon.  Why not get a $500 home buyer bonus just for buying the home you were going to buy anyway. If you have so much money you don’t need $500 then don’t call me. If you would like $500 call or text me today. 248-310-6239.

Southeastern Michigan home buyer bonus

Russ Ravary

Metro Detroit Realtor that specializes in lake homes

cell (248)310-6239


Lake Homes for sale in Milford MI

Homes for sale on Lakes in Walled Lake Michigan

Best real estate agents in Commerce Michigan

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Russ Ravary top home buyer tips

I have been a Metro Detroit real estate agent for over 20 years now. I am an individual real estate agent that has no team simply because I do not feel it is right for you to call me because of something you saw about me on the internet and then to push you off on a less experienced real estate agent. You call me you get me and all my knowledge and negotiating skills.

Here is my basic philosophy of life and real estate. I believe in treating people like I would want to be treated. What that means to you is that I am not going to pressure you to buy a home. At some point we will find the best home for you and your family. A home that fits your wants and needs. Of course sometimes you may have to compromise. Sometimes first time home buyers have unrealistic dreams. It’s my job to help you understand what is out there in your price range. To help you find one of the best homes in your price range. A home that you like and want.

Another part of my philosophy is sometimes you do not understand or know all about Metro Detroit real estate, the home buying process, and how some items affect a homes price and ability to sell it in later years. That is part of my job….to explain things you may not know about. I believe a informed, knowledgeable buyer is a smarter buyer and will make better decisions.

Lastly it is my job to explain about different items on the house and around the house. My job is to try to protect you the best I can. Whether it is a home for sale in Farmington Hills or a lake home in Waterford MI. What I mean by that is that if I see something that is a major issue I will point it out to you. I never want to be a Debbie downer and I do not want to ever disuade you from buying a house you like and love. After all it is your choice to buy a home no matter if I think it is good or not. BUT at the same time one of my jobs is to try to protect you when I see a home issue that will cost you lots of money or makes the house structurally unsound or unsafe.

Hire the best!

Here are some videos I have done on different things you should know about. The first one is about water issues in a basement and the mold that comes with it. Cleaning up mold is not a major issue, but the costs of fixing the water problem may be significant. If you have to put in an interior drainage system it may cost you anywhere from $8000 up to $25,000. However if it is only a crack in the wall or a leaking rod hole you may pay less than a $1000.

So the bottom line is just because there is water issues in the basement does not mean you should buy the home, but before you spend all that money on a home inspection it may be wise to have me reach out to the other agent and see if the seller would pay to fix the problem. If the seller says no then you have decide whether you want to move forward if you can afford to fix it yourself. If you cannot afford it then you should pass on the home.

This second video is just the basics on buying a home in Metro Detroit or anywhere. Simple tips to help you buy a home.

Lastly I will touch on busy roads. What it means to buy on a busy road. Sometimes home buyers dislike homes that face, or back, or are on the side of a busy road. The number one issue is the noise of a busy road. The second issue is usually the fear of their children or a pet running out into the busy road and getting hit by a car. Lastly the problem of pulling out onto a busy road and parking for guests.

There are thousands of homes on busy roads and they are all inhabited. People buy homes on busy roads. One of the benefits of buying a home on a busy road is that you get more home for the money. Homes on busy roads sell for a discount. So you may be able to get the home of your dreams that you could not afford off a busy road.

I hope you enjoyed these three short Metro Detroit home buying videos. Call me to help you on your next move. I will make it easier and less stressful for you. I will watch out for you. Call today at 248-310-6239

Do you want less stress?
Get more when you buy a home

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Home Buyer Tips – Mold Smell

When you are looking at homes in Metro Detroit whether it is a condo in Northville or lake home in White Lake you may encounter a home that smells of mold. You may not notice it at first because the seller may be trying to camoflage it by opening the windows, putting charcoal bags in the house, or they may be using air freshners to overcome the smell. There are many different trick to suppress the smell. We just have to be a little smarter than the devious seller.

Moldy basement wall

You may walk into the house and it may smell funny. Or as you get closer to the problem the smell make become stronger. Many times when you open the basement door is when you may really smell it. Most people will be able to smell mold. Once you smell the mold then you want find the source of the water and the mold to see if the problem is one you should walk away from or one that you can have fixed and remediated. If you really love the house it pays to be a detective and find out why the house smells of mold.

Mold can be remediated. The cost of mold remediation is not outrageous and in many cases the sellers will pay for it when you ask for it in an inspection addendum. The issue may be that you have somebody that suffers from asthma or has allergies. Then a moldy house may not be your best pick.

The second issue of mold is that mold is caused by water. When you have a Metro Detroit house that smells of mold you need to become a detective to find the water source and the source of moisture for mold. That is where is may become a major issue. If the basement is finished you may not be able to find the source of the water because it may be hidden behind the walls. But there is other ways you may be able to find the sources of water. Look for water stain molding. Look for mold on the drywall. Look for bubbling paint. Look for areas in the basement that you can see the actual walls of the basement. Not the drywalled walls or paneled walls. The actual block walls or the actual cement poured walls.

Block wall with cracks and water intrusion

If the source of the water is in multiple areas then it could become a costly fix. If water is coming into the basement from behind finished walls then you are going to have to take those finished walls down. You may have to plug rods holes or fix a crack in a poured wall. You may have to put into a interior drainage system and sump pump. On a block wall you have to make sure the wall is not bowed and needs structural support. That is a very costly fix. Normally I would say to walk away from a home that has structural basement issues. You would have to really, really have to have the house. You would have to be absolutely in love with the house to still want to buy it.

You want to try to determine the source of the mold before you started spending money on home inspections and appraisals. Why waste money on a home you may decide not to buy. The costs and the amount of work may be way too much for you. This is why I do these articles and videos so you understand the whole issue and how you can solve it. I never want my buyers to think I am pushing them to buy a home. Nor do I want you to buy a money pit, or a home that you really do not have the knowledge, time, or money to fix.

It does not matter if it is a condo in South Lyon or if you are buying a home in Canton.

Leaking rod holes in poured basement walls
Black Mold

I want you to get a home you love that fits your family’s needs and wants. I want you to buy a home you can afford and a home that does not have issues that you cannot handle. That’s my job to protect you as much as possible. Call me to day at 248-310-6239 to hire a good home buyers agent.

Plus you get a great home buyers bonus so why leave that money behind. Call Russ today to get what you deserve.

Get more when you buy a home

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Home Buyer tips – Homes with Big Trees

Everybody loves the look of mature trees in a neighborhood. That is usually the biggest complaint about new subdivisions is they look so bare. Home buyers complain about no trees or small trees. Let’s flip to the opposite scenario. Subdivisions and homes with big trees.

As a home buyer there is no way for you to think about all the pros and cons of factors that on the exterior. Businesses, busy roads, big trees, electrical lines, railroad tracks all may be a good, bad, or neutral item for you. It may not bother you at all. You may be able to block the view of electrical lines or a busy road. You may like to be close to the business because you go there all the time. Let’s talk about big trees on the homes lot.

It is nice to have big trees. They say it helps cool the house in the summer by blocking the sun. The beauty of big trees and the habitat they provide for birds, squirrels and all the other small wildlife is good for the neighborhood. Trees are good for the environment. The beautiful fall colors are another beautiful benefit of trees. These are some of the pros of having big trees on your property.

I want to open your eyes to the cons of buying a home with big trees. When a big tree is close to the foundation it can cause basement issues so you do want to avoid this issue. Or if love the home and can afford to take the tree down after you buy it…..there is no reason not to buy the home. Cutting the tree down will solve future foundation problems. However you must be able to afford the cost of cutting the tree down. Depending on how big the tree is and how accessible it is determines the cost. I have seen trees cost over $4000 if they are huge and they have to bring in a crane to life the pieces out of the back yard. Easy access and smaller trees reduce the cost. It’s not something you have to worry about until the tree dies or is damaged by a storm. The tree may never die while you live there. The tree may never be damaged as long as you live in the house. So it is not a big worry. It is only something that you may have to deal with in the future.

The only other item that you may want to consider is the big trees have lots of leaves in the fall. Not a big issue. If you like being outside raking leaves may be no big issue for you. Or you can pay to have somebody come and get them. The bottom line is big trees should not affect your home buying decision. If you like or love the house put in an offer.

Below I have listed quite a few more home buying articles. The more knowledgeable you are about buying a house the easier the process will be. You will not get upset about things you do not understand. You will just say….oh I know about that it’s not a show stopper. I want you to buy the best home possible and not regret it in the years to come.

Here are some lake home buying tips

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Commerce Twp Home Buyers Tips

If you would like a real estate agent that looks out for you and negotiates well give me a call. I have helped hundreds of home buyers over the years. You get me and do not get turned over to another realtor. Call me today at 248-310-6239

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Home sellers tips – What does Broom Clean mean?

Here is the latest installment of Russ Ravary’s home selling tips on the explanation of what broom clean means. Once you sign a purchase contract and get through the home inspection it should be smooth sailing. As a realtor one of my duties is to help you get your home to closing and get it closed. Sometimes real estate transactions can become contentious due to the sale price negotiations and home inspection negotiations. You the seller may be disgruntled and unhappy with the buyer. You may not want to do anything more than you have to. However you do want to get the home deal closed and move on with your life.

The buyer usually always does a walk thru prior to closing. It is in the purchase agreement that the buyer has the right to a walk through the house prior to closing. Also in the purchase agreement it states that the seller must keep the home in the same condition it was in when the buyer signed the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement also states that the home must be in broom condition when the seller turns it over.

What does broom clean mean? Does it mean that your home has to be in excellent shape? Does your home have to be sparkling clean? Broom clean is a real-estate term used to describe the condition in which a seller must leave a home. Although the term is open to interpretation, broom-clean homes are at a minimum free of any excess stuff, like personal items and debris, and have been swept or vacuumed. While “broom clean” has no exact legal definition (and certainly does not mean you must use an actual broom), the term does come with certain expectations

Save thousands and thousands of dollars when selling your home.  I have some of the lowest home selling commissions.  Why pay full commission to a real estate agent and give away your hard earned money.  Are you willing  to over pay for selling your home?  Give me a text or call today 248-310-6239 to see how much your home is worth and how much you can keep in your pocket. 

Buyers do expect, however, that you’ll take all your stuff with you. Contractual obligations aside, it might be tempting to leave things you no longer want or need, such as pieces of scrape wood in the garage, old paint cans in the baement, junk in the yard. YOU CANNOT LEAVE ANY OF THIS. If you think the buyers might want this stuff, go ahead and ask, but when in doubt, take it out. This is something that the buyer will look for during the final walk-through, so you don’t want to derail your sale.

Over the years I have seen too many last minute arguments over stuff left in homes and in the yard. 95% of the time the seller has to pay to have it removed, or has to remove prior to the buyer signing. I have seen buyers demand that all the junk be removed and that a deposit be held until the sellers do so. Home sellers sometimes put off moving out until the last minute before closing. Then they run out of time to remove all the junk and leave the house in broom clean condition. Sometimes home sellers do not think it is any big deal for the buyers to get rid of the stuff. Sometimes it was left there from when the seller bought the house so they do not think anything of it. There may be excess shingles, paint that matches the walls, excess wood flooring or left over tile. It is best to ask the buyers first if they want it. Do not assume that the buyers want it or will need it.

You do not want to blow up the home closing because the house is not in ‘broom clean” condition. The house does not have to be sparling clean. A quick vacuum and removal of all your junk is what needs to happen. Just because you do not want it does not mean you can leave it behind for the buyers to take care of. You cannot leave an old patio table because you no longer need it. You can’t leave the pile of junk behind the garage. It is your responsiblity to remove and get rid of all of this stuff. It does not matter if it is good stuff. The buyer may have no need for it. You cannot just leave it because it is good. Only if you ask them if they want it and they agree they want it can you leave it.

Meaning Of Broom Clean Condition For Home Sellers

At the bare minimum, broom clean means carpets are vacuumed, floors swept, counters and surfaces wiped and free of any dirt and debris.  Broom clean does not mean a deep clean.  You do not need to have it professionally cleaned. Take you possessions and junk with you. Even if you assume the buyer can use the stuff. If you do not ask the buyers if they want it you can not leave it.

I hope this explanation of broom clean helps you know what to do and you have a stress free closing. As your real estate agent I just want you to have a smooth closing and not have issues at the closing table. That’s my job to inform you what you have to do prior to closing per the contract.

Call me if you want a great real estate agent in your corner. I have helped hundreds of home sellers get the best price possible. Call 248-310-6239 to save thousands of dollars when selling your home.

Do you want less stress call Russ?

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What is Novi Mi like?

If you have never been to Novi Michigan you may be wondering what the city is like. As a local realtor let me explain what the community is like. It is a great community located in the southwestern part of Oakland County. If you are considering the city and have to drive downtown Detroit. It is between 29 and 40 minutes to drive downtown and about a 40 minute drive to the airport. Some Metro Detroit home buyers live in Novi when one person in the family works in Ann Arbor or Lansing and the other works in Troy, Auburn Hills, or on the east side. It is a good halfway point.

Novi is a great community with excellent schools. Some home buyers will pick the city just because of the schools. As you know if you buy in a community with low crime and good schools it is likely that the home values will continue to go up. Simply because people want their children in good schools. It is the same way with corporate rentals. International corporations tend to put their employees in communities with good schools and low crime. Many of the overseas auto supply corporations that send employees to America chose Novi as one of the cities that have employees rent in. If that is not a recommendation I do not know what is. They choose Novi because of it’s location, good schools, and low crime.

Novi homes and Novi Condos

Let’s talk about homes in Novi. You are not going to find a lot of bungalows in Novi. The main two home styles are going to be ranches and colonials. Of course there are tri-levels, cape cods, quad-levels, contemporary homes, and bi-levels. If you did not know Novi is a desirable community for buyers of all ages. You will find starter ranches in the east side of Novi. Some of the ranches have no basements and are on slabs. You will also find smaller colonials in the 1500 square foot range. Novi home prices even in the low end are in the high $200,000. Very close to $300,000 in 2021. Then as you head west in the city you will find bigger and bigger homes. Some are well over a million dollars. Some in the multi million dollar range. There are even a few gated subdivisions. Novi is not a community where you are going to find low priced homes.

There are many different styles of Novi condominiums. There are apartment complexes that have been converted over to condos. There are detached condos, and there are newer condominiums of all sizes. There are even brownstone looking condominiums. The prices and monthly association fees vary widely.

Save thousands and thousands of dollars when selling your home.  I have some of the lowest home selling commissions.  Why pay full commission to a real estate agent and give away your hard earned money.  Are you willing  to over pay for selling your home?  Give me a text or call today 248-310-6239 to see how much your home is worth and how much you can keep in your pocket. 

Is Novi safe

Novi is a very safe city. Novi has a great police force and fire department that works hard to protect the citizens and their property. In 2019 they had 70 police officers according to one website. In 2018 Novi Michigan was named the 18th safest city in Michigan according to safewise.

#18. Novi
Population: 59,441
Violent crimes per 1,000: 0.54
Property crimes per 1,000: 11.12
Total crime: 4.84% violent, 95.16% property

According to another website Novi is 62% safer than other US cities. With a crime rate for both violent and property crime combined of 9 per 1,000 residents, the crime rate in Novi is one of the lower rates in America among communities of all sizes. A person’s chance of becoming a victim of crime in Novi is one in 106. I know that sounds high but that includes all sorts of small crimes including vandalism and even car breakins. Yes Novi is a safe community for you and your family to buy a home or condo in.

So if you asked me if I would buy a home in Novi I would say absolutely yes without any hesitation. It is a nice community whether you have a family, or you are a retiree, or a single person.

Here are some links to other articles on Novi

If you are looking to sell or buy a home in Novi give me a call 248-310-6239. I am one of Novi’s top realtors. A 21 year experienced full time agent that is a strong negotiator. I will make your move easier.

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