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3 Best lakes for sunset views in Oakland County MI!

Here are 3 Best lakes for sunset views in Oakland County MI! Sunset on White Lake, November 3 2016 Orchard Lake and White Lake, and Duck Lake. These lakes have many great qualities, one in particular the sunset views! Orchard lake

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4 Best Lakes in Oakland County Michigan

4 Best Lakes in Oakland County Michigan. 4 Best Lakes in Oakland County Michigan. These lakes are truly great for families, the large surface area on all three will make you feel comfortable even on busy holiday weekends. These lakes

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Waterford Twp. Michigan All-Sports Lakes

Waterford Twp. Michigan All-Sports Lakes    Waterford Township in Oakland County Michigan has 34 lakes and many different lakefront homes.  There are many parks that have access to the lakes, including the Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area, Dodge Brothers State Park and Waterford Oaks

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All-Sports Lakes In White Lake Twp. Michigan

All-Sports Lakes In White Lake Twp. Michigan White Lake Twp Michigan, is a great place to raise a family. Especially if your family loves water sports! White Lake is full of all-sports lakes. Whether you’re looking for: private or public, large

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Some of the Best All- Sports Lakes in Highland Twp Michigan

 What are the top all sports lakes in Highland MI Leonard Lake has a unique history. The lake was formerly known and Curtis Lake; It was renamed in honor of Harvey Leonard’s family who settled in highland in 1835. Their descendants

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Slalom water ski courses on Oakland County lakes in Michigan

Slalom water ski courses on Oakland County lakes in Michigan Everybody has different dream of living on a lake.  Some lake home buyers want a Slalom water ski courses on a Oakland County lake in Michigan.  You may want your children

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3 Big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield Michigan

hat are 3 big all sports lakes in West Bloomfield?  When I say a big lake I usually am saying it is over 200 acres in size.  If you are looking for a big all sports lake in W Bloomfield you

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Waterford’s best all sports lakes – Williams & Watkins Lakes

  I’m not going to say any lake is the best all sports lake in Waterford as that is only going to get me in trouble with other lake residents.  So here are 2 very nice private all sports lakes

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Cooley Lake Home Buying!

Cooley Lake Is the perfect lake for you! And I am going to tell you why…. To start This lake is a smaller private lake. Cooley Lake is however an all sports lake, great for all you skiers or wakeboarders

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Duck Lake Highland Michigan

My name is Russ Ravary. I am a lake specialist realtor for Metro Detroit, and I love the lakes in this area! Living close to Duck lake myself, and having spent time on it, I know how great of a

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