How to show your home

Preparing your home to sell is so important. This segment of Russ Ravary’s home selling tips is all about showing your home. It is so important for you to have your home “show ready.” If you do not have your home ready to show then you will lose some of the buyers and you do not want to do that. Sometimes the simplest things change turn off a buyer. The more you do the better your house will show. If your home shows well you are more likely to get an offer and get your home sold.

This is the time we have been working for.  You probably have read many articles on how to sell your South eastern Michigan home. You may have spent long hours of getting your home ready to sell.  Our goal is to stage your home and get it into the best showing condition can be.  The first and most important home showing tip is:

  1. You and your family must be out of the house when potential home buyers come to see your house.  There is nothing you can tell or show potential buyers that will overcome the negative of you being there.  I can tell you horror stories of home sellers flicking light switches on and off showing a simple thing like dimmer switches.  BUYERS HATE WHEN SELLERS ARE HOME.  Buyers like to look and talk about your house when you are not there.  Go to the neighbors, walk around the block. If you are there, the buyer will not talk freely and the agent will not know their true thoughts. Usually a seller says things that a buyer does not want to hear.  I remember an old lady telling us that the hideous metallic gold wallpaper on the wall had been there for years and would stay on forever. If by chance you do run into the buyer, do not volunteer information about the home. Many times what you consider an advantage to you is a disadvantage to the buyer.  

Here are some other Oakland County home showing tips

– Sprinkle a few drops of vanilla extract on a warm stove burner, or on a lamp bulb before turning it on, or a few drops of vanilla in a small pan of water and put in a warm oven.  Buy a vanilla, cinnamon, or chocolate chip scented candle and light them before a showing. 

– Do not over do on the scents.  Refrain from the use of potpourri, many people are allergic to the odors.  Do not use more than one scent.  Do not use multiple scent dispensers. Refrain from the odd scented sprays

– All lights on, drapes wide open

– The temperature should be comfortable.  Use the air conditioning or heat as necessary .  A hot house during the summer or a freezing house in the winter will rush the prospective buyer out of your house.  A metro Detroit home buyer should be able to walk around your house without a coat on without shivering or sweating.

– Take your animals with you.  An annoying barking dog or a loose cat may turn off people with allergies or that do not like pets.  I have had people walk out of houses and never see them because of loose pets or loud animals.  People get scared of some dogs and cats.

 Again, during the showing and/or especially during the weekends, your home should be as clean and neat as possible.

We have marketed your home well, you have prepared your home to sell, and now you have your home show ready.  So now we will get offers if you listened and priced your home well.  Give me a call on my cell phone (248)310-6239 if you have any questions about the home selling process.

I have helped so many Metro Detroit home sellers get top dollar for their home. The selllers that take the time to get their home show ready usually get the best prices possible. So give me a call at (248)310-6239 to learn what you should or should not do to get your home ready. Yes, there are many things that you should not waste your time and money on. Knowing what buyers want to see will help you sell.

Remember we offer great low commission rates. Why give any listing agent too much money when you can get the same great service for much less.. You can also email me at

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