What is Livonia MI like?

If you are thinking about moving to Livonia here is some information from somebody that has lived in the city. I lived at 6 Mile Rd and Farmington Rd for 23 years. Livonia in one sentence is a safe community with good schools and good city services.

If you relocate to Livonia you will be glad to know that you can walk down the street almost anytime of the day or night and not be worried about being mugged, raped, or murdered. There are no gangs running a neighborhood, or hookers standing on the street corner. You can safely walk down the street with your kids and dogs. The City of Livonia has about 152 police officers so they have plenty of officers to combat crime.

You are not going to get carjacked at a gas station, or see homeless people on the streets. You are going to see well kept homes. No vacant homes, or boarded up homes. No crack houses or Meth houses in Livonia. It’s just not that type of town. It’s not even close to a “rough” or “bad” city. Livonia is a safe city and I would recommend it to anybody that is moving from out of state to Metro Detroit.

Court House in Livonia

I would call Livonia a family town. A good place to live whether you are single, or living with a partner, or together with kids. You are going to find streets of ranch homes in the 900 to 1400 square foot range. You are also going to find lots of colonials ranging from 1500 square foot to 2500 square foot. There will be many subdivisions scattered throughout the city that have a wide range of styles. There will be ranches, colonials, and split level homes.

Yes you can say some of the subdivisions and streets look homogeneous with similar brick homes with two car garages. You will find mature trees in most of the subdivisions. Some of the streets even give you an up north feel because of all the trees. There is not going to be stuff littered around the yard or junky old cars sitting in the yard.

There are good city ordinances to keep the neighborhoods looking good and a city ordinance officer to make sure they are followed. You are getting your money’s worth because the city services you pay taxes for are good. The photos below of some of the styles of homes in Livonia.

Most of the subdivisions and homes will have paved sidewalks. All of the homes are on city water and sewer.

A split level home

What is nice is that Livonia has many parks and recreations areas for the city’s residents. You won’t be lacking places to walk, exercise, or play.  The City of Livonia has more than 1,389 acres of land, which includes three 18-hole courses, one archery range, one community recreation center and 60 park sites. There are 36 developed sites and 24 undeveloped sites. The community recreation center sits at the old Bently High School site. Here are some of the great recreation areas.

  • One skateboard park
  • Two ice arenas (three sheets of ice leased to a private operator)
  • Three fitness clusters
  • Three golf courses
  • Three outdoor swimming pools
  • Seven inline skating courts
  • 10 sand volleyball courts
  • 11 designated nature preserve areas some with trails
  • 11 picnic shelters
  • 22 neighborhood parks with play structures
  • 25 soccer fields
  • 32 tennis courts
  • 43 ball diamonds
  • Archery range
  • State-of-the-art community center

Soccer fields

Livonia has good schools with many of the students going onto college. If your children go to Livonia schools or Clarenceville schools they will have a good basis for the life after high school. You are not going to have drugs or drug dealing openly in the schools. I’m not going to say there are not kids doing drugs or drinking alcohol that go to Livonia schools. What I will say the schools are a safe place for your children.

They have many honor society students because of hard work the teachers do. The school system is not strapped for cash. So there are many sports and school programs that your child can participate in. Many parents are involved with the schools which helps with overall success of the schools and students. They have had national blue ribbon school awards.

The only thing I think Livonia is missing is a centralized downtown. There are several shopping malls or large strip malls where almost everything you need is available. Livonia has many big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Menards, Target (to name a few) to shop at. There is even a small mall in Livonia called Laurel Park Place. There are also several big malls within a 20 minute drive.

Whatever you need you will find Livonia is like your own current town

The best part of Livonia is that it is centrally located in Metro Detroit. Whether you are working in Southfield, Ann Arbor, Novi, or downtown Detroit you can get there in about 20 minutes. There a two major expressways that go through the City of Livonia. From I-275 and I-696 you can get just about anywhere in the metro area.

The city has all you need……… pharmacies, gas stations, doctors, banks, bars, and restaurants. You usually don’t have to leave the city to get what you need. Bottom line is that Livonia is probably like the city you are moving from. So if you have a job transfer to Detroit check out Livonia. You will be glad you did. Give me a call as I am a SE Michigan relocation specialist. I work with all the major relocations companies so give me a call or text today at 248-310-6239

Russ Ravary

“helping make your next move easier”

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