What is Milford MI like-Moving to Milford MI

If you have a Milford relocation or an Oakland County move in your future you may be wondering what Milford is like. Milford & Milford Township are usually referred to as one and the same even though they are really two seperate communities. So I am also going to refer to them as one community.

Milford is a community in Western Oakland County. To get to downtown Detroit it would probably take about an hour. So if you want to go to lots of sporting events, and go downtown alot I would say you probably want to live closer. However if you don’t mind the drive time then Milford would be a good place to call home. Milford is just north of I-96 and about a ten minute drive to US-23. It is also about 20 minutes to I-275. So you do have relatively easy access to Metro Detroit’s freeway system.

Downtown Milford

So what is Milford Michigan really like? One of the best things about Milford is that it has a very, very lively (active) downtown. People come from all over the area to visit the downtown area. It is full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutique type stores. It’s not a big downtown. Only about three or four blocks long. You will see people strolling through the downtown at all times of the day and every day. It’s that kind of active downtown. Some of the restaurants have outdoor seating in the summer which makes the town even more fun.

The city and the DDA keeps the downtown active. They usually have a shopping night for the ladies. They also have a great festival called Milford memories during August. They also have music in the park and the bands are usually very good. Sometimes you have to put your chairs and blankets down early in the day to save your spot. Downtown Milford is a great place to come and enjoy whether you live in the community or not.

How safe is Milford MI? Milford is a very safe community. You won’t find crack houses or meth houses, nor will you find gangs roaming the street. You are very unlikely to get car jacked or mugged in the city. Sure there is crime but no more than any other “safe city” in the US. There is no criminal element in the area that runs the city or a street. I would say you are only going to have “random” crime from people that most likely live in the city. You have to remember that Milford is not close to any low income or high crime area. You are 30 minutes from any city that is questionable and has higher crime rates.

Let’s talk about what I mean by “random crime”. Random crime is domestic disputes, vandalism, or an occasional home break in. (Again no home invasions here in Milford MI) Yes I am sure there are past murders in the city but they are most likely from domestic issues and from people that they know or live nearby. Milford is about as safe as city as you can get.

The next thing many people who are moving to Milford is how good are the schools? The kids that live in Milford would go to Huron Valley Schools or a private school (if you so chose). I would say that Milford schools are good. They have good teachers and when your kids graduate they will have a good education under their belt. They are not just passing kids to get them out of one grade. Kids that graduate from Huron Valley Schools are more like to go onto college than not. So if you buy a home in Milford MI you are insuring that your children will get a good education.

Lastly let’s talk about your relocation to Milford and what can you expect in a home or condo in Milford MI. Because of Milford’s downtown and because of the lots homes sit on….Milford is a highly desirable community. People like to live close to downtown Milford so they can walk downtown. If you are looking a home on a larger lot or a home on an acre or more Milford homes may be a choice for you. You are not going to find homes with large lots or acreage right close to downtown but all over Milford Township you will find larger lots. Some people who want out buildings, animals, or a pole barn look to buy in Milford.

So would I recommend moving to Milford? Absolutely if schools and safety is important to you. It is a great community to live and raise your family. If you have a Milford relocation or moving to the metro Detroit area give me a call at 248-310-6239. I can help you find the home that fits your family. I am a low pressure type of realtor. I don’t care how long it takes to find you a home or how many homes we look at. It’s all about getting you what you want in a home. So give me a call today to get started at 248.310.6239 or email me at yesmyrealtor@gmail.com

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