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Everybody loves the look of mature trees in a neighborhood. That is usually the biggest complaint about new subdivisions is they look so bare. Home buyers complain about no trees or small trees. Let’s flip to the opposite scenario. Subdivisions and homes with big trees.

As a home buyer there is no way for you to think about all the pros and cons of factors that on the exterior. Businesses, busy roads, big trees, electrical lines, railroad tracks all may be a good, bad, or neutral item for you. It may not bother you at all. You may be able to block the view of electrical lines or a busy road. You may like to be close to the business because you go there all the time. Let’s talk about big trees on the homes lot.

It is nice to have big trees. They say it helps cool the house in the summer by blocking the sun. The beauty of big trees and the habitat they provide for birds, squirrels and all the other small wildlife is good for the neighborhood. Trees are good for the environment. The beautiful fall colors are another beautiful benefit of trees. These are some of the pros of having big trees on your property.

I want to open your eyes to the cons of buying a home with big trees. When a big tree is close to the foundation it can cause basement issues so you do want to avoid this issue. Or if love the home and can afford to take the tree down after you buy it…..there is no reason not to buy the home. Cutting the tree down will solve future foundation problems. However you must be able to afford the cost of cutting the tree down. Depending on how big the tree is and how accessible it is determines the cost. I have seen trees cost over $4000 if they are huge and they have to bring in a crane to life the pieces out of the back yard. Easy access and smaller trees reduce the cost. It’s not something you have to worry about until the tree dies or is damaged by a storm. The tree may never die while you live there. The tree may never be damaged as long as you live in the house. So it is not a big worry. It is only something that you may have to deal with in the future.

The only other item that you may want to consider is the big trees have lots of leaves in the fall. Not a big issue. If you like being outside raking leaves may be no big issue for you. Or you can pay to have somebody come and get them. The bottom line is big trees should not affect your home buying decision. If you like or love the house put in an offer.

Below I have listed quite a few more home buying articles. The more knowledgeable you are about buying a house the easier the process will be. You will not get upset about things you do not understand. You will just say….oh I know about that it’s not a show stopper. I want you to buy the best home possible and not regret it in the years to come.

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