Biggest all sports lakes in Commerce MI

Have you been wondering what are the big all sports lakes in Commerce Township. I have put together the largest all sports lakes in Commerce from largest to smallest. I have included links to more indepth information. 2 of the lakes…. Union Lake and Middle Straits Lake lie in both West Bloomfield and Commerce. Just a small portion of Union Lake and Middle Straits Lake are in Commerce Township.

According to a website they say there is about 28 lakes for a total of 1704 acres. 2.3 square miles, or 7.61% of Commerce Township Michigan, is water. Lake home buyers like Commerce Lakes because they are not as far from the freeways.  There are quite a few big all sports lakes in Commerce.  Most of the lakes in Commerce are private though Long Lake, Union Lake, and Middle Straits Lake are public.  Union Lake and Middle Straits are mainly in West Bloomfield though small corners of the lake are in Commerce Twp. The Huron River runs mostly north–south through the township.  

You can click on any of the Commerce Township lakes for indepth lake information such as private or public, all sports, depth, size, school system, photos.  Of course there is info on what to expect on lot sizes, types of homes and recent sold prices of the lake real estate. 

  • Union Lake (mostly in West Bloomfield MI) Union Lake is a lake in Commerce & West Bloomfied, Michigan, with many large, newer waterfront homes. Of course it has all sizes of homes even down to 1000 square feet.  Union Lake is definitely considered to be one of Southeast Michigan’s nicest lake communities, though it is not private.  It has a sandbar on the lake where people gather to talk and have fun. Still, with 465 acres and spacious waterfront properties, privacy and convenience can still be found on Union Lake.  The lake has a maximum depth of 110 feet and its large size makes it great for all sports activities.  Union Lake itself has a lot to offer, and so do these high-end waterfront properties, in West Bloomfield, Michigan.
Aerial view of Union Lake in West Bloomfield Michigan

 It is a public all sports lake with a public access on Union Lake Rd.  Union Lake still has some of the old lake cottages around, but it is slowing becoming a very high end lake.  You will find homes ranging from $600,000 to over a million dollars on the lake (2013)  However you will still see small ranches and split level homes on there too.It is a good size lake that is great for all the water sports you want.  It must be a very good fishing lake because I always see a lot of ice fishermen in the winter and quite a few small fishing boats being put in early in the morning.

  • Commerce Lake  The lake is an impressive 236 acres with a convenient maximum depth of 67 feet.  Though another source has the lake at 292 acres in size.  It is an all-sports lake that is private, with only those living on its waterfront homes having access.  Commerce Lake epitomizes waterfront property living in Michigan.

Commerce Lake is actually two lakes North Commerce Lake and South Commerce Lake.  You will find many sizes and styles of waterfront homes on Commerce Lake.  There are still the small 800 square foot cottages,  but you will also find larger newer homes.  The old smaller homes have been torn down and rebuilt or been added onto.  They have remodeled the homes, updated the kitchens or baths from the old 1920’s to the 1950’s homes.

Waterfront properties on Commerce Lake are not spaced widely apart.  If you are looking for a waterfront home with space many Commerce Lake homes will not fit the bill.  Homes on the lake range from 600 square feet to over 5500 square feet. So whatever you are looking for you probably can find it on the lake. 

  • Lower Straits Lake The lake is 236 acres with a maximum depth of 22 feet.  There is one public access ramp on Lower Straits Lake, for Michigan Boaters, but most of the lake is private to its waterfront residents.  All-sports vehicles are allowed on this lake, making it a fun place to visit or live. Lower Straits Lake is a great option for waterfront living in Commerce Township, Michigan. There are quite a few large estate style homes on the lake that sell for a million dollars plus. Many of these Lower Straits Lakes luxury lake homes are brick homes with the amenities that buyers want. They have big open layout kitchens, spacious master bedrooms with walk in closets, and great rooms. Though there are smaller homes on the north side of the lake.
  • Lake Sherwood

  This lake is 258 acres, which also includes several canals, and has a maximum depth of 20 feet.  For such a large lake, one of the benefits of living in a waterfront home on Lake Sherwood is that it is still private.  Waterfront residents on this Commerce Township, Michigan lake can enjoy the benefits of having a larger lake, including the fact that it is all-sports, while also maintaining their privacy.  The association at Lake Sherwood helps keep all these features in-check, assuring a great place to live lakefront in Michigan.  Here is some information about the shoreline and the acreage.

  •  Main Lake: 2.4 miles – 147.3 acres
  • Canals: North Side across Commerce Road – 18.1 acres
  • South Side of Commerce Road (East of Main Lake)- 94.6 acres
  • The total shoreline for the lake including the canals is 9.2 miles

Waterfront homes on Lake Sherwood are what I would subdivision homes.  There are no shacks on the lake.  It was a planned community/subdivision many years ago.  Most of the homes are brick ranches, colonials, tri-levels, and quad-level homes.  Over the years some vacant lots and smaller homes were torn down and bigger new homes were built.  Lake Sherwood Commerce MI has a few canals with quite a few homes on them too.

You will not find bungalows or old 1920’s ranch cottages on the lake.  There are paved roads great for walking with your kids, riding bikes, or walking the dog.  There are several subdivision beaches/parks on the lake for use by all of the residents.  If you are looking for lake homes that are not jammed together then Lake Sherwood may be the place for you!  Downtown Milford is just a short ride away.

  • Middle Straits Lake (mostly in West Bloomfield) At 172 acres and with a maximum depth of 51 feet, Middle Straits Lake is an all-sports lake.  However, there are rules to keep things more calm and quiet on Sundays and holidays for these Michigan waterfront residents.  Middle Straits Lake is semi-private, meaning there is a ramp and small parking lot for visitors, but the beach areas are private to the waterfront homeowners only.  With a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, including a park and picnic area, Middle Straits Lake is a great place for waterfront living in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Middle Straits Lake is close to the M-5 connector that gets you to I-275 and I-696 expressways.  There are very few lakes that have easy access and have great schools too.  Those two reasons make Middle Straits Lake a highly desirable lake for many lakefront home buyers.  Middle Straits Lake does have a small public access ramp in a city park. The children on the lake go either to Walled Lake Schools or  West Bloomfield Schools.

  • Long Lake Long Lake in Commerce Township MI is only about 10 minutes from M-5 which is the gateway to all the expressways.  You are about 20 minutes to 12 Oaks Mall in Novi.   The children on the lake go to Walled Lake schools.  It is not a huge lake but it is big enough to ski, tube, and jet-ski on comfortably.  The lake was much shallower but in 1961-1965 they had the whole lake dredged at the cost of $185,000.  It is a kettle lake. Long Lake is a public all sports lake that is about 156 acres in size and 14 feet deep in the deepest spot.
  • Fox Lake Fox Lake is a private lake in Commerce Township, Michigan that does allow all sports boating, but due to its size and privacy, the waterfront residents of Fox Lake are not overwhelmed with boat traffic.  It is just too small for lake home buyers that are active water sports enthusiasts. This makes it a prime place for those in Commerce Township, Michigan to enjoy all the benefits of waterfront living, while still maintaining their peace and privacy.  Fox Lake is 62 acres, giving those in these Michigan homes plenty of room to enjoy their life on the waterfront. The waterfront homes on Fox Lake in Commerce Township Michigan are both a mixture of homes, but on the south side of the lake there is a newer subdivision with big brick colonials with walk out basements and ranging from 2000 to about 3000 square feet.  On the north and east side of the lake you will find what I call the “Oakland County Lake home mix”.  You will have a few old cottages ranging from 700 square feet built between the 1920’s to the 1950’s, split level homes, and smaller colonials.  Of course you will have the remodeled and added onto homes too.
  • Carroll Lake
Long Lake Commerce Township
Carroll Lake

 Carroll Lake is a private lake that only allows access to those living in these waterfront homes, and all sports boat and use of the lake for these owners are permitted.  This Commerce Township lake is 33 acres with a maximum depth of 38 feet.  Carroll Lake is a prime spot in Michigan for both fun and relaxation for those seeking to enjoy waterfront living.

Carroll Lake in Commerce Township is located east off Carroll Lake Rd.  You can see the lake from the road.  It is not a big lake but it is a private all sports lake that allows jet skis, and ski boats.  There is no public beach or public access (no DNR access) on the lake.   Many Oakland County lakefront buyers look for private lakes so this is a plus when it comes to selling.

Clark Lake is a smaller lake in Commerce Township, Michigan that branches off the larger Carroll Lake.  These waterfront properties sit on a small lake of only about 10-15 acres.  It is an All sports lake so ski boats, and jet skis are permitted on Clark Lake, but it is a private lake.  Due to this and its small size, living waterfront on Clark Lake is still very quiet and peaceful for anyone seeking a home in Commerce Township, Michigan.

Neither Clark Lake nor Carroll Lake have public or DNR access.  So there is not a lot of boat traffic on the lake.  I have been by the lake quite a few times and very rarely see boats out on it.

I estimated the size of Clark Lake, so Clark Lake combined with Carroll Lake it is under 50 acres in size.   If you live on Clark Lake you will usually boat over to Carroll Lake to ski, tube, or wakeboard.  There is just more room over there.   Clark Lake has a good sized island in it.  In fact I would say a good part of the lake is just a canal around the island.

Waterfront homes on Clark Lake in Commerce were built mainly between the 1950’s to 1970’s.  I would call the lake homes more of a subdivision lake.  A little more uniform brick homes that are on good sized lots that range from 60′ to about 175′ of lake frontage.

This list of Commerce MI big all sports lakes should give you an idea which lake may fit you. You may not want the biggest all sports lake, but you may prefer a tiny all sports lake so you do not have a lot of boat traffic on the lake.

Whether you are buying or selling a home on a Commerce Lake or any where in Metro Detroit I can help. I am a full time 21 year experienced real estate agent that works hard for my clients. Call me at 248-310-6239. You will be glad you did.

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