How safe is Highland MI

Highland Township is a very safe community. I would call it a semi rural community on the outskirts of metro Detroit suburbs. It is a mixture of spacious subdivisions, lake homes, and farms. There are many horse farms in the community. I think over the years you will see some of the horse farms being sold off to make way for new subdivisions and new homes. In 2003, in an effort to retain its rural character, as well as preserve its extensive equestrian heritage, Highland Township city council declared itself an “equestrian community” and began active support and encouragement of the equestrian presence and related development in the township. In 2006, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Highland Equestrian Conservancy, Highland Township received official recognition by the state government as Michigan’s first designated equestrian community

How safe is Highland? According to one website Highland is in the 91st percentile for safety, meaning 9% of cities are safer and 91% of cities across the country are more dangerous. That is very good, it is hard to beat that. There are no bad cities close to Highland which helps with spill over crime from the “bad” city. What I mean by “bad city” is cities with very high crime rates, poor schools, and low income residents(high unemployment).

The township is a mix of rural farms, suburban homes, and twenty five lakes with waterfront homes. A large portion of Highland’s tax revenue comes from these higher priced homes on the lakes. They are striving to get sewers to these homes around the lakes. They want to preserve their tax base. Highland is not a big congested community. It does not have a high density of homes. With fewer homes and being far from high crime cities your chance of being a victim of violent crime in Highland is 1 in 1914 and property crime is 1 in 255.

Living in Highland Charter Township offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. There are not a lot of apartments or condominiums in the community. In Highland Charter Township there are a lot of parks. You are not going to find needles or a lot of garbage laying around in these parks. You can walk the trails without fear.

  • Highland State Rec Area- 5,900 acres (State Park)
  • Highland Oaks- 264 acres (County Park)
  • Hickory Ridge Pines Park- 90 acres
  • Downey Lake Park- 36 acres
  • Duck Lake Pines Park- 40 acres

Highland is a community where there are no gangs roaming the streets. There are no crack houses nor meth labs. It just is not that type of community. It is a safe community to live in. Highland Township is 33.85 square miles with a population of 19,202. There are about 7,125 households. The average household income is $68,227. 96.9% of the residents are white. Residents of Highland Charter Township tend to lean conservative. 27% of the residents have Bachelors, Graduate, or professional degrees. I would say Highland is a mix of blue collar, and white collar workers.

According to Niche Highland ranks as follows 106 of 336 suburbs with the best public schools in Michigan. It ranks 124 of 337 best suburbs to raise a family in Michigan. The public schools in Highland Charter Township are highly rated.

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Here are some of the distances to various points around metro Detroit.

  • 33 miles to Southfield
  • 47 miles to Detroit
  • 42 miles to Metro Airport
  • 12 miles to Oakland International Airport
  • 29 miles to Flint Airport

This should give you a little idea of what Highland MI is like and how safe Highland is. It is a good safe city to live in. Whether you are buying a home on a lake in Highland or a home off the lake you will like it here. Highland Township is a nice place to live. Whether you have a family, or are single, or retired you will like the community and all it has to offer. If you are thinking of moving to Highland Township give me a call or text to 248-310-6239.

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