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If you have any of these questions below you may need a realtor that specializes in Lakes and lake homes in Oakland County or in Southeastern Michigan. What Oakland County lake is best for you? Do you have the time to drive around a hundred lakes? There are probably over 500 lakes in metro Detroit. Do you have the time to read all those webpages on the different lakes? Buying a lake home in Oakland County, or Livingston County, or Washtenaw County, or Genessee County can be real confusing. Which lake is best for you and your family? There are so many factors to consider when buying a lakefront home. These are just a few of the factors that you have to think about.

  • Size of the lake
  • Closeness to your work or places you want to be near
  • Rural or close to a city, or downtown area
  • All sports lake or non all sports lake
  • Public lake or private lake
  • Sandy bottom lake
  • Subdivision lake or a lake with all types, sizes, and ages of homes

These are just a few of the factors that you need to think about when buying a home. Many times the types of lakefront homes vary from one side of the lake to the other. Even the lake bottoms vary from place to place on a lake. The lake may be sandy bottom on the east side and mucky on the south side. It varies widely from lake to lake.

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers

A good lake real estate agent that specializes in Oakland County Lakes will know many of these things. I have three lake websites that I have researched over 250 Southeastern Michigan Lakes. I have driven around these lakes, taken pictures, and talked to lake residents to learn about the lakes. I have 12 years of indepth lake experience.

Over the years I have helped so many lake home buyers find a home, and helped hundreds sell their lake home. I understand lake living because I live on a lake. I live currently on White Lake in White Lake Township and have lived on Tull Lake in White Lake too.

Russ Ravary your lakes area realtor

It takes a realtor that specializes in lake homes and knows the lakes in Oakland County, and all around Southeastern Michigan. It’s my job to say “what about this home or this lake?” I can easily point out the different lakes that your family will love.

If you do not like lake homes that are close together then I have the knowledge and expertise to tell you not to look at house on Pontiac Lake on certain streets because they have 25- 40′ lots on some streets. You may want a home on an electric motor lake but need it to be in a certain city. You may only want lakes that the homes are not on well and septic. There are probably many “must haves” or “want to have” on your list of lake home criteria.

I will make your lake home search so much easier because of my knowledge. No running around to a lake home on Oxbow Lake that sits on a hillside if you have bad knees. Or going to see a home on road that has limited parking if you are a person that is looking to invite lots of people over to your lake home.

Lake home views on Walled Lake MI

Having a good Oakland County lake specialist in your corner will help you from making mistakes like buying on a canal that is not deep enough for your ski boat or that has a culvert or bridge that you have to go under. You may not be able to get your boat under the bridge. There is a canal on White Lake that you sometimes cannot get a pontoon under. You don’t want to buy a home there if you want a new pontoon boat to cruise around the lake on.

I know so much about the local lakes that will save you from making a bad mistake when buying a lake home. I have helped people move off a lake and helped them find a new lake home because they bought a lake home with a realtor that did not know the lake. The lake was not right for their family. Why get yourself in that position. Go with a top metro Detroit real estate agent that knows the lakes better than 95% of real estate agents. Call me to get a lake specialist that will make your life and lake home search easier. Call or text me at 248310-6239

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