What is a Metro Detroit bi-level home

Here is a quick explanation of what a Metro Detroit bi-level homeis.  Basically it is a home that the basement is half out of the ground.  A Metro Detroit bi-level home is two stories.  The bedrooms are usually on the top or second level.

The bottom level or 1st level is finished and counts as square footage.  There is no basement in a bi-level home.   The basement is basically the first level.   The furnace, the water heater is on the first floor and takes up part of the space.  When you come in the door on a bi-level home there are steps up or down.  You don’t come straight into any floor.

Livonia bi-level homes

When you compare a bi-level home’s square footage I always say it is not actual square footage.  Let’s say a in the MLS a ranch home has 2000 square foot listed and a bi-level home that has 2000 square footage.  The ranch home actually has more square footage.  The ranch homes basement is not counted in the MLS square footage.  So when you add up the ranch homes basement to the 2000 square foot, the ranch homes total square footage will be much more than the bi-level’s square footage.  Simply because the bi-level counts the “basement” (1st level) as square footage.

So when buying a Michigan home remember a bi-level’s square footage is not “true” square footage.  A ranch, a cape cod, a tudor, a colonial that has the same square footage will actually have more living space when you count their basements.

I hope this explains what a Metro Detroit bi-level home is?

If you have more questions about split level homes or Metro Detroit bi-level homes feel free to give me a call or email me.

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