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 I thought I would write today about rating Russ Ravary the realtor.  I honestly do not know what all my clients think of me, but I hope they all realize that I have tried hard for them.

I think I will share with you the story of a short sale I a couple of years ago.  The buyer clients were in a land contract that was not legally valid and had many issues.  So they came to me wanting to buy a short sale.  With every short sale I ask the client do they have patience.  I go over the scenario of how long it takes, how I will have no answer three months from now when it will end.  I tell them when the short sale people say it is close it takes another month to 45 days.  You have to have patience upon patience to get through a short sale.  I have never heard anybody say they would do another short sale.

Well against my advice my clients ended their land contract months early and moved in with parents.  They could have lived in their home for a few more months.  But they bailed and moved in with her parents.  Well the husband was unemployed, they had two big dogs and after a couple of months it was getting ugly at the in-laws.

Of course whose fault was it that the short sale wasn’t going quicker?  Mine of course!  Each week the husband would call up and wonder why it wasn’t going faster and couldn’t I speed it up.  Unfortunately on the buyers side of a Metro Detroit short sale there is nothing you can do to speed up the sellers bank.  It is between the seller and their bank.  We on the buying side only get reports of what is happening.

Of course we got several reports of “we are close” so hang in there.  Well we finally got the pre-approval letter and the buyer’s bank went to work on their loan.  Of course by now the buyer and the parents are at each others throats.  The buyer’s wife is busy at work so they are not getting the loan officer the documents too quickly.  The buyers are getting upset with the bank because they are asking for too much information.

So the week before closing the buyer was at their wits end.  Parents are ready to throw them out, buyer’s husband is screaming profanities at the loan officer and me on phone calls.  So needless to say it was ugly at the end.  Later the wife told me the husband was manic depressive and he was off his meds.  So the buyer’s husband blamed me the day before closing that is was all my fault that he had to live with his in-laws and that the short sale took so long.  He told me where to go.

Well last week I got a call from the wife of the buyer.  She had divorced the husband and was still living in the house.  She just called to thank me.  She said she never could call and thank me with the husband around.  It was a very tough deal and one I will remember for years to come. (Just because of the absurdity of the husband blaming me for his predicament with his living situation)  He didn’t rate Russ Ravary the realtor good at the time, but the call from the wife made it all good.

Hmmmm…. I’m wondering who is trying to get him to take his meds now?

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Here is some information about Metro Detroit short sales  In 2017 there are very few short sales anymore.  Very few people are upside down in their homes and banks are less likely to approve a short sale unless there are valid reasons to do so.

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Metro Detroit Roadside Attractions. Uniroyal Tire was made out of a ferris wheel.  It has graced the side of I-94 since a was a young child 50 years ago.  I wonder how many more years will it be there.

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