How safe is Milford Michigan?

If Milford Michigan is one of the communities you are thinking about moving to, you are probably wondering How safe is Milford Michigan.  Many Michigan relocation buyers do not know a lot about Detroit and it’s surrounding communities.  Years ago Milford was what I call a border community.  It was semi rural with homes on larger lots.  Buyers that wanted homes with “space” yet not too far out looked toward Milford.  Many of Milford subdivisions and homes sit on 1/2 acre or more lots.

Welcome to Michigan

Milford does not sit too far from I-96 which makes commuting to Farmington Hills, Southfield, and Novi relatively easy.  To get to downtown Detroit is going to take a good hour.  Milford is also home to General Motor’s proving ground.  The auto complex has grown over the years so living in Milford makes for a short drive to work.  Add in Milford’s quaint downtown and abundance of Victorian homes, Milford is high on many home buyers list.

Is the crime low in Milford MI?  One of the quotes from another website is the overall crime rate for the city of Milford and Milford Township is 82% lower than the national average.  You have to remember that the majority of our nation’s crime occurs in poor, and highly urbanized areas.  Major cities like Chicago, downtown areas like LA, and Philadelphia are always going to have much higher crime rates than Milford Michigan.  Like so many other metro Detroit area communities Milford has better demographics than say the City of Inkster, or the City of Detroit.

This is an example of one of Milford’s beautiful homes

Milford is a quaint little town.  96.1% of the residents are high school graduates, and 47.7% are college graduates.  The poverty rate in the community (people living below poverty level is 5.7%.  The median income per family in Milford is $74,779 where as the median income in the US is only $57,6520.  That basically tells you that Milford is not a uneducated or poor town.  People have jobs and go to work.  Unlike some poor urban areas you are not going to be a target of opportunity.

One of the historical markers in Milford MI

The crime rate in Milford Mi is very low.

  • There are no gangs running the street
  • No drug houses operating in the city
  • No drive by shootings
  • Muggings and carjackings are not something you will be afraid of when living in Milford
  • Rape and robberies because you are walking the street late at night are basically non existent

The community of Milford MI is safer than 94% of the cities in the United States.  In Milford you have what I call random crime.  By no means is Milford crime free.  The types of crime you have in the community is going to be an occasional home break in or car theft.  You are more likely to have some kid vandalize your car than having your car stolen out of your driveway.  There are no criminal gangs that operate in the city.  What I mean by random crime is that if there is a murder, or physical assault it more likely to be from a family dispute or from a friend than from a criminal.  As they say “stuff like this just doesn’t happen here”.  Violent crime and a murder is rare.  It may be years between murders in the community.

Welcome to Milford

If you have never been to Milford, it has about a 4 block long downtown area that is full of boutique stores, restaurants, coffee houses, and bars.  You are not going to encounter out of control young adults leaving the bars.  There won’t be fighting, or property destruction.  Milford’s small but effective police force usually has a presence that keeps things under control.  Milford is not the place to drive drunk as you will be getting a DUI and spending the night in jail.

Milford Charter Township Crime Rates

Milford Crime rates according to the FBI for 2016

Milford Population



























Main street downtown Milford

Violent Crime Statistics (Calculated annually per 100,000 residents)  What I don’t know is how they figured out this information below.  It is based on an average of 100,000 people but Milford and Milford Townships population together only have about 23,000 people.
12                        National Average 282.7
0                         National Average  6.1
12                       National Average 40.7
0                         National Average 135.5
Property Crime Statistics (Calculated annually per 100,000 residents)
47.8                 National Average 500.1
412.5               National average 2,042.8
Motor Vehicle Theft
12                     National average 284

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So if you are worried about crime in Milford, Don’t worry!  If you are moving to the area Milford Michigan is a great place to call home and to raise a family.  Whether you are a single woman, or a retiree the crime rate in Milford is very, very low.  You will be able to walk around anytime day or night and not have a worry.  Of course like any city you have to be aware of your surroundings.

If you are thinking of buying a home in Milford and need a good real estate agent to help you give me a call.  I have helped so many buyers that have relocated to Michigan.  I most likely will be able to get the answers to the questions you have.  Call or text me at (248)310-6239 to get started.

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