Crime statistics Commerce Twp MI

If you are looking for a reliable source of crime statistics of Commerce MI then the webpages of FBI crime statistics.  Click here to go to Commerce Twp’s page on the FBI site.  You can also search many other local cities in Wayne and Oakland County.  Commerce Township crime statistics should be important to you.  Google “how safe is Commerce MI”  to find more information about crime in our community.  You will be pleasantly surprised that Commerce Michigan is very safe.

So how safe is Commerce Michigan?  Commerce Township is in south central Oakland County.  There are 16 lakes in the township.   It is about 35 miles from Downtown Detroit.  Depending on where you live in Commerce it is either a 40 to 60 minute ride to downtown Detroit.   It’s not a short or easy ride to the City of Detroit.  Much of our crime in Metro Detroit comes from the poor areas.  It is no different than many other urban areas in the USA.   Unfortunately much of the nation’s crime and violent crime comes from low income areas that have higher unemployment.  Why I am mentioning this is that much of our crime comes from our poor areas also including the City of Detroit.

You will learn that the cities of Detroit, Pontiac, Highland Park, Ecorse, River Rouge, and Inkster will have higher crime rates, and poorer schools.  Home values are lower in these areas.  You will be able to differentiate what are good cities to live in by talking to a local insurance agent.  Insurance rates are higher in cities with higher crime rates.  You can also check the local school rankings.  Better areas usually have better schools.  What you will also learn is that cities that border these higher crime areas have higher crime rates because some of the residents of these high crime cities branch out to close cities.  What I mean by this is they will jump on the highway to a nearby city, commit a crime close to the expressway.  Then they jump back on the expressway or main road to go back to their high crime city.

You won’t see this very often in Commerce MI

This doesn’t happen in Commerce mainly because the community is a long drive from the City of Detroit.  It’s not easy to commit a crime of opportunity and then drive 35 miles home.  Many of the criminals are looking for easy targets close to home and in areas they know.  They are not going to drive an hour and waste the gas when they can commit the same crime within 15 minutes of home.  So Commerce Twp is going to be much safer than the border towns of Detroit, or Detroit itself.

Commerce Charter Township is a suburb of Detroit with a population of 42,258 (2010).  It is still a growing community with many new subdivisions being built.  They are also building a city centre near the junction of M-5 and Pontiac Trail.  Commerce was ranked the 20th safest city (2019) in Michigan according to Safewise dot com.

There is very, very little violent gun crime in Commerce Township

Crime Statistics Commerce MI

Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000)0.55
Property Crime Rate (per 1,000)7.35
In 2018 they had 10 assualts, 1 rape, 4 armed robberies, and no murders.  Low numbers compared many other cities.  I would call most of the crime in Commerce random crime, or crime related to family disputes.  Of course I don’t mean the rape or armed robbery.  Yes you will find random crime like vandalism, and fights.  However you aren’t going find gangs roaming the street.  You are going to find yourself a target of car jacking, armed robbery in Commerce.  The Oakland County sheriff patrols the community as Commerce Township does not have it’s own community police force. 

Commerce Township is safer than the majority of cities, towns, and villages in America (84%) and also has a lower crime rate than 87% of the communities in Michigan according to FBI statistics.

The bottom line of whether Is Commerce Michigan safe? Is yes, very safe.  A nice quiet town to live whether you are young or old, or whether you are living there by yourself or raising a family.  Commerce MI is a town that has good schools, low crime and a family atmosphere.  You will love calling it home!  If you are looking to move to Commerce or anywhere in Metro Detroit text me or call me.  I care about my clients safety and help you find the answers to your questions about our local area.

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