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Pontiac Lake White Lake Michigan

Pontiac Lake lies mostly in White Lake Township though the eastern edge of the lake lies in Waterford Township. Pontiac Lake is a public all sports lake with a public state park and beach and a DNR boat launch. There is also several marinas on the lake. So the lake can be quite busy at night, on the weekends, and especially on holidays. Pontiac Lake State Park has a very large beautiful beach that many people use. It is a fairly active state park with hiking and bike trails.

A beautiful day on the lake!

The size of Pontiac Lake is 612 acres and is a relatively shallow lake. According to a marina owner that I talked to he thought the average depth was about 8 feet deep. Pontiac Lake is 34 feet deep in the deepest spot. You have to be careful and know the lake before you go speeding around. It has some shallow areas where there are stumps that will tear up your prop.

The is no state approved water ski course on the lake. What is nice about the lake is there is so many bays, coves, and island on Pontiac Lake. There are several canals on the lake. There are 17 islands on the lake. At one of the islands they have a volleyball net set up that everybody loves. It’s a shallow area that many people gather at. There are no lake regulations per say other than the normal state laws. There are several no wake zones in some areas and canals on the lake.

What is nice about the lake is there are a few peninsulas and 17 islands to cruise around.  And with the lake having over 25%  of the shoreline undeveloped and natural it makes you feel up north.  In fact drive Gale Rd north of the lake and you will feel like you are up north. (That is until the tornado of 2021 which tore up many of the trees along the road.

Pontiac Lake Homes Oakland County MI

The biggest characteristic of the lake is that there still are many small homes that once were cottages on the lake. There are still many waterfront homes under 900 square feet. They will continue to be on the lake for years because so many of the lots are very small. There are no homes that sit on lots over an acre in size. To build to todays building codes many times you would have to buy two homes to tear them down. Some Oakland County lake home buyers do not like the lake because there are so many little homes. Add in that many homes on the lake have stuff stored outside around the house.

What I am trying to say is that some Pontiac Lake homes look a little “junky” because of the boats, snow mobiles, jet skis, and trailers stored on the properties. The is no one lake association or home owners assocition that will change this. I have had a few buyers turn down the lake in general because of the appearance of the homes. So if you are looking for a lake that has bigger homes or luxury lake estate then Pontiac Lake will not be for you.

The streets around the lake are paved. Homes are mainly on wells though some are on municipal wells shared by many homes. Years ago sewers were put in on the lake however a few homes still have septic systems. The children on the lake go to Waterford Schools or Huron Valley Schools. It depends on where you live on the lake.

In 2009 Pontiac Lake waterfront homes for sale prices ranged from a $100,000 to $400,000.  In the 365 days before July 18, 2009 Pontiac Lake properties sold from a 700 square foot ranch $60,000 up to a 2393 colonial for $330,000.  If you are looking for an upscale private lake with large homes then Pontiac Lake isn’t the lake for you.  Pontiac Lake has some small apartments that rent for as cheap as $300 a month right on the lake.  There are condos across from the lake too.  And there is even a small mobile home park on the lake.  So there are not going to be any 5000 square foot Pontiac lakefront homes for you to chose from.

The existing homes were built starting in about 1938 and newer ones have been built in the last 10 years. Many of them have been added on to, or remodeled..  There are small ranches from about 600 square ft to colonials as big as 2400 square feet.  There are also bungalows and Cape Cod homes on the lake.

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Location of Pontiac Lake White Lake Twp

Pontiac Lake is located North of M-59, East of Teggerdine, West of N. Williams Rd, and South of Gale and White Lake Rd.  Pontiac Lake is located in White Lake Township and a little bit in Waterford Township MI 

There are several canals on the lake. The lake’s water source are springs and the Huron River flows through the lake. It is close to the headwaters of the river so it is not that wide at this point.

You may want to fish, or maybe swim with the grandkids.  Or you may want to tube or wakeboard.  You will not be going around and around in a small circle on Pontiac Lake. We do not want you on a small lake if you love tubing and wakeboard with family and friends.  You need the space to do that.  So I hope the information below on lake homes on Pontiac Lake in White Lake Township gives you a glimpse of what to look for in a lake.  

Pontiac Lake State Park

Lots of public access through the Pontiac State Recreation area or the marinas listed below.  There are 84 public parking spots at the recreation area alone.  So Pontiac Lake is an easy lake to get on being so close to M-59. Pontiac Lake Recreation surrounds 1/2  the lake covering over 3745 acres. There is a nice beach with concession stand, playground, changing facilities, picnic area and shelters, hiking trails, public boat launch with plenty of parking.  It is a great place to enjoy Pontiac Lake if you don’t own any lakefront property.  DNR permit passes required.

Pontiac Lake Fishing

Fishing is good on Pontiac Lake and there are usually quite a few ice shanties in the winter.  Fish species are:

  • Northern Pike
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Crappie some as large as 14″
  • Perch
  • Walleye 16-18″
  • Catfish Channel, Bull Head, Flat some as big as 10 pounds
  • Rock Bass

Pontiac Lake Waterfront homes

Many buyers will just pass on a lake home if the beat up, run down house next door has tons of junk outside.  One of the frequent questions I hear over and over is….How much does the crummy house next door drag my house’s value down or this lake home’s value down?  It is very common on Metro Detroit lakes that a big beautiful home is right next door to a crummy or ugly house.  You can have a $500,000 lake home next to a fixer upper or a tear down home. 

Michigan buyers bonusIt is not unusual.  So how much does the crummy house next door bring the value down?  Of course some lake home buyers will not buy the nice home next door to the crummy house.  So you may eliminate some lake home buyers because of that house.

However some lake buyers do not care about the rundown house next door.  They are just happy getting the home of their dreams.  During the time that they live there the home may be sold, or renovated.  You never know.  There is such a limited amount of lake homes out there.  Some buyers are constantly looking for the good bones house that they can remodel and make their own.  Sometimes if the lake lot is big enough the home may be added on to or completely torn down and re-built.  So it is up to you the buyer whether you can handle living next door to a crummy house.

There are several Marinas on the Lake which have boats to rent and picnic areas to enjoy the lake.  So you can launch your boat at these marinas and feel safe about getting your boat fixed if you are in trouble.

There are several stores and even a Chinese Restaurant that are on M-59 & the lake within walking distance.  Unfortunately the Chinese Restaurant has no outdoor seating on the lake.

Pontiac Lake’s Quake on the Lake 

Pontiac Lake Oakland County MI Years ago Pontiac Lake hosted Quake on the lake.  I do not know if it will ever return. They were hydroplane races that run for two days.  Its a great day for the kids and you can even get up close to the races by boat.

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