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As a real estate agent I believe that the better the buyer is informed the better the home buying decision they will make. It’s all about knowing the pros and cons of different items on the house. As your realtor I want to protect you as much as possible. If there is an issue that stands out and it is a major negative it is my duty to let you know about it. I don’t want you to buy a Metro Detroit home if it is a potential money pit or if it has major repairs unless you know what you are getting into. When I say major repairs I mean visible mold, bad roofs, main basement issues. I don’t mean dirt roads, or big trees, living on a busy road. or living next to a power line. Those items don’t cost you money and is not a health or safety issue.

A home inspector will usually pick up on those inspection issues but if you are deciding between two homes or would never buy the house because of the issues then my comments while viewing the house may save you the cost of a home inspection or the cost of losing the other house. You may not have money so a major repair may be out of your budget and kill the home deal because you do not want the house with that big of a problem. As a home buyer you may not be as in tune to potential home issues as I am. After all I have seen thousands and thousands of homes in my career.

Today we are going to talk about issues that are not deal killers because of cost or because it makes the house unsafe, or unsound. We are going to talk about an issue that is a personal preference. Dirt roads, or big trees, living on a busy road. or living next to a power line are all items that are personal preferences. Thousands of homes are on dirt roads, thousands of homes are on a busy road. Lots of homes have big trees and some back up to power lines. It’s all personal preference whether you chose to buy a home that has one or more of these factors.

Today in the latest installment of Russ Ravary’s home buyer tips we are going to talk about dirt roads. Buying a home on a dirt road is all a personal preference. I will start will a few pro’s of living on a dirt road. When you live on a dirt road many drivers slow down. They don’t want to dirty their car, or hit a bump going to fast. The other pro of living on a dirt road is that it gives the neighborhood a rural feeling.

Lets talk about the cons of living and buying a home on a dirt road.

1.) Dust. A dirt road will be dusty. When a car goes down the road in the summer it stirs up dust. If you are a windows open type of person then you are going to have dust in the house. A lot more dust. The exterior of the house will be dusty and it will be hard to keep your windows sparkling clean.

2.) The road will be bumpy. Usually after a rain pot holes will appear on the dirt road. So if you have low slung car like a Corvette you may bottom out.

3.) Keeping your car clean especially it is an expensive car is next to impossible on a dirt road. You car will be dusty in summer and after a rain is will be covered in mud even if you go slow. Everytime it is a little wet your car is not going to be clean. After a rain you are going to bring some of that mud onto your driveway and into your garage. I have known a dirt road home owner that had to shovel the mud out of his garage after a rain. His cars brought so much mud in after a rain. Home owners that have expensive cars or love to have a clean car may not buy on the dirt road. It’s all a personal perference on a dirt road.

It’s not a bad thing to live on a dirt road but as a buyer you should know the pros and cons of a different things such as busy roads, dirt roads, living near a commercial building, or living near electrical towers. Why it is a factor is because some home buyers will pass on the house. So you have less buyers when you go to sell the house. Less buyers, less demand, lower home prices. That’s all I want you to realize. That the home with some of these issues will be a little harder to sell and that you are not going to get the same sales price of a similar home without that factor.

I myself live in a house that is next to a campground and a road goes along the side of my house. It does not bother me at all and I love my house. You may be the same way. It is all about what you like. If you love the house go for it. I hope this installment of Russ Ravary’s home buyer tips on dirt roads. An informed home buyer will be a little smarter and make better buyer decisions.

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