Are there any chains of lakes in Oakland County?

You have plenty of lakes to boat on here

If you didn’t know there are several very nice chains of lakes in Livingston County.  The most well known chain of lakes in SE Michigan is the Portage Chain of Lakes near Hamburg and Pinckney.  That chain of lakes include Strawberry Lake, Baseline Lake, Zukey Lake, Big and Little Portage Lake along with a few others.  Does Oakland County have any chain of lakes like that chain in Livingston County?  I have to bee completely honest with you…..there are no chains of lakes in Oakland County that compare to that chain for these reasons:

  1. Size of the chain.  The sizes of the lakes on any Oakland County are smaller (in acreage) than the Portage Chain of Lakes
  2. Ability to get from one lake to another.  Many of Oakland County chain of lakes are limited by the type of boat that can get from one lake to another.  Many times pontoons cannot go from one lake to another.

There are 3 chains of lakes in Oakland County.  I will break the three different chains for you.  Of course there are probably 5 or more lakes that connect to one other lakes but these are the three biggest chain of lakes in Oakland County.

1.)  Loon Lake Chain of Lakes.

Isn’t this a beautiful home.  This home is not for sale but just an example of the beautiful homes on the lake.

This includes Schoolhouse Lake in Waterford, Loon Lake, Wormer Lake, Mohawk Lake, and Silver Lake.   Loon Lake is the biggest lake on the chain at 243 acres.  The rest of the lakes on the chain are under 100 acres.  You can do water sports on Loon Lake and School Lake easily.  The other 2 lakes

Wouldn’t you like to be on the lake on a sunny day like this

Mohawk and Wormer which are smaller.  You could tube or ski on them but they are small.  All of the lakes on this chain are in Waterford Township.   You can do all the water sports you want on Silver Lake too…..however you only can take a small boat like a kayak over to Silver Lake from the chain.

I will tell you first that this chain is that you CANNOT get to any of these lakes from one to another with a pontoon boat.   At least with a newer pontoon.  You have to go under roads to get from one lake to another.  The height of the culverts/bridges only allow for speedboats, ski boats, kayaks, row boats and fishing boats with lower sides.  (Lower in height).  The height of the boat determines whether you can get from one lake to another.  Today’s pontoon boats have higher side rails, higher steering counsels, and higher captain chairs that will not fit through these tunnels.  Plus today’s pontoon, the actual toons are bigger.  An older pontoon with small pontoons and low rails may be able to fit thru the culverts.  However if you are going to buy a house on this chain I would try it out first.  There is a public launch on Loon Lake in Waterford and you can boat all the way up to Wormer and Mohawk Lake in Oakland County.  This chain is part of the Clinton River and lies entirely in Waterford Township.

Here is a quick aerial view video of Loon Lake

2.) Upper Long Lake chain of lakes in Bloomfield

Let’s have a fun day on the pontoon with family and friends.

This chain of lake is a private chain of lakes in West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Township.  The three lakes that is part of this chain are Upper Long Lake, Lower Long Lake, and Forest Lake in Bloomfield Twp.  Forest Lake and Lower Long Lake lie entirely in Bloomfield Twp.  Upper Long Lake lies in both West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Township.  The lakefront properties on these lakes are going to be more costly than some homes on other lakes in surrounding communities.  The prestige of the communities plus the excellent school systems make these lake properties highly desirable.

Aerial view of Upper Long Lake in Oakland County MI

There is no public access or DNR access on the lakes.  So only the residents are going to be using the lake with the exception of a couple of nearby subdivisions that have deeded rights to us the lake.  What I have to explain about these three lakes and the chain is that only Upper Long Lake is an all sports lake.  Both Forest Lake and Lower Long Lake are electric motor only lakes.  You can only use hand powered, wind powered, or electric powered boats on these lakes.  No jet skis are allowed on these two lakes.  So if you live on Forest Lake in Bloomfield Twp or Lower Long Lake and want to ski on Upper Long Lake you would have to have two motors on your pontoon boat.  You would have to use the electric motor to get over to Upper Long Lake and then turn on the gas motor to ski or tube.  You could own a jet ski on either of these lakes but only could tow it over to use on Upper Long Lake in West Bloomfield.

If you live on Upper Long Lake and want to go to the other two lakes you would have to get a electric motor to go to Lower Long Lake in Bloomfield Township and Forest Lake.  I have been told that the fishing is good on these lakes.  Also if you did not know Upper Long Lake lies in both West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Township.

3.) Maceday Lotus Lake Chain of Lakes

Let’s go over to Van Norman Lake or Greens Lake today

I don’t know if you can truly call this a true Oakland County chain of lakes. I would say could really split this chain in two parts.   Maceday Lake and

Untarp the pontoon and let’s go for a ride

Lotus Lake are basically one big lake.  There is no real discernible split between the two lakes.  No long channel to get from Maceday to Lotus. On Maceday and Lotus Lakes you have full access with any type of boat to get from one lake to the other.   Maceday Lake and Lotus Lake are both all sports lakes and big.  You have plenty of room to ski, jet ski, tube, or wake board to your hearts content.  You won’t be able to get to the other lakes with a pontoon or power boat.  The only way to get from Lotus Lake in Waterford to Lester Lake is a longer low tunnel under the rail road tracks.  It is only suitable for kayaks, canoes, and narrow row boats.

This last chain of lakes in Oakland County is unique too.  The lakes that are part of this Oakland County Chain of lakes are Maceday Lake in Waterford, Lotus Lakes that lies in both Waterford and Independence Township, Greens Lake, Lester Lake, and Van Norman Lake.

On the other side of the tracks is Lester Lake in Waterford, Van Norman Lake, and Greens Lake.  You can get from one to the others fairly easy.  A chain of lakes does add to the enjoyment of the lake especially if you get bored of going round and round in a circle.  A chain of lakes gives you more coast line to see.  More homes to see, more places to fish, and a longer time on the water.

I hope this helped you understand the chain of lakes.  What I can tell you is that lake living is a wonderful way of life.  I myself live on White Lake in White Lake Township.  I love it and I think you will too.  Whether you are buying or selling on a lake I can help you.  Email me at or call or text me at (248)310-6239.  Let’s get started finding your dream home.

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