How to sell your home – Keego Harbor 7 home selling tips

The prospective buyer notices and see’s everything. When selling your Keego Harbor home It is especially important to make sure that what they do see is what they like. These how to sell your home, Keego Harbor 7 home selling tips are suggestions that I have given you to make that first impression the last impression.  If you have to sell in the winter then these 10 Winter home selling tips – West Bloomfield lake home selling tips may help you.

Working doorknobs

Working doorknobs

 1) Your doorbell(s) should be functional and work properly.

2) Check the locks of your home, entry, back entry, and garage. They’re the first thing a buyer sees and will use, and can give an impression of a home that’s needing maintenance if not working as designed.

3)  Check all of the drywall in your home and repair chips and dents and then repaint the area if you can match the color.

4)  Clean spider webs from nooks and crannies and dust ceiling fans and vents.

5) Your lawn is the first thing that prospective buyers see. Fertilize if needed, and always keep your lawn trimmed and edge. During winter, keep snow and ice removed from sidewalks and steps.

6) Your front door welcomes the prospect – So always make sure that it is clean and even painted if needed. A seasonal door decoration adds a warm, inviting touch.

7) Decorating helps assure top dollar – and a quick sale. Faded walls, worn and scratched woodwork reduce appeal. Scratched and dry-looking woodwork, paneling and kitchen cabinets can easily be touched up with any commercial scratch covering product.

If selling your Keego Harbor home is in your future plan, give me a call on my cell and I will be happy to be the real estate agent you can count on and get results.  If buying is on your mind, I can be of assistance to you also.  How to sell your Metro Detroit real estate for more money.  Log on to any of my websites for more information about selling your home.

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