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West Bloomfield MI foreclosures

There are very few bank owned properties and West Bloomfield MI foreclosures in the last few years.  Since the mortgage meltdown the number of foreclosures in the township has gone down each year to where there is very few of

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Foreclosures West Bloomfield Michigan

So you want to buy foreclosures West Bloomfield Michigan.   You are probably like most people.  The common thought is that buying a West Bloomfield foreclosure will save you money.  After all foreclosures are a good deal right? WRONG…. I have seen

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Selling Home Tips 7 – West Bloomfield Homes

Ready to sell your West Bloomfield Home? The market is good right now, so what a better time. When you do choose to sell your West Bloomfield Home here are 7 Selling Home Tips to make this whole process less stressful when the time comes. Remember West Bloomfield is an upscale

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