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If you are thinking of listing your piece of South Lyon real estate you may be thinking of re-doing your kitchen.  So what does a new kitchen do for the value of a South Lyon home.  If your home is worth more than $150,000 it should have granite counter tops in it.  At least that is what you should do in 2014.  Who knows what will happen in 2017 or later.  Granite counter tops may be out.

Many times you can tell when a home was built or remodeled by the kitchen.  Oak cabinets tell you the home was mostly redone in the 1970’s or 1980′.  In 1990’s many homes went to white kitchens.  Formica used to be the only counter top material.  In the late 1980’s corian came into play along with SSV.  Then along came granite.  Now you see cement, and other stone materials being used.

A kitchen sells a home.  It doesn’t matter whether it is South Lyon real estate or any other Oakland County home or Wayne County home a good kitchen.  Ladies look at the kitchen first many times.  That is probably the most important room in the house.  A kitchen can make or break a house.  So this is my South Lyon home selling tips

1.)  If your home does not have counter tops and the cabinets are in good shape.  Add granite counter tops

2.)  If you want a new kitchen…. get it.  Just do not go over board.  An extremely expensive kitchen will never bring the money you put into it.  So make it nice, but not outrageous.

3.) Make your kitchen an open layout…That is what is in 2014

4.)  Ask the cabinet stores what is hot right now.  What colors are in.  Try not to be too unusual.  I have a friend that had a blue cabinet kitchen.  That home will always be very hard to sell until it is redone.

So take these home selling tops to heart……a good kitchen matters when selling your piece of South Lyon real estate.

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