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This is one of many of my home selling tips.  I will tell you this……the better your home looks the more likely it will sell quicker and for more money.  The goal of preparing your metro Detroit home for sale is to have more buyers like and be interested in your home whether it is a Plymouth home for sale or a Royal Oak condo for sale.  The same principles apply.

Here is another way to drive away buyers when selling your home

So why will fixing up your house make it sell quicker and for more money?  Today’s metro Detroit home buyers want fixed up and move in ready homes.  Home buyers love updated homes.  Sometimes homes that are updated will sell for more than the highest market price in the neighborhood.  They definitely sell quicker.  What you have to remember is that home buyers see issues there are several things going on in their mind.

  1.  First of all they think that you have not taken care of your house.  Little items that could have been taken care sometime will scare off buyers.  Why you ask???   The reason home buyers get scared off is because if you have not taken care of the small items they also believe that you have not taken care of the house as a whole.  They think that you have not taken care of the house and that there may be other items they cannot see that have not been taken care of…. I have heard that sentiment from too many buyers.  Once they feel that your chance of selling the home just went down the tubes.   That is why a house should be clean, and uncluttered.  Make the house look good.
  2. The second reason for decluttering and fixing up your home is because of the costs.  The buyer looks a shaky stair railing and sees a repair.  Their idea of cost is going to be much higher than what you think.  Buyers usually err on the high side of costs.  What you can get repaired for $1500 may have the buyer thinking $3000.  If you had the item fixed prior to showing then you will not have the buyer inflating costs.  Remember this is all going through the buyer’s head as they go through your home.  You have no chance to talk to them about what they think, let alone change their mind about it.  They are adding up the costs of updates, repairs, and what they want to do to the house as they walk through.  Buyers eliminate homes all the time because of their perceived problems and repair cost.

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So what is de-cluttering and why does it matter so much to you when you get ready to sell your home. The explantion of de-cluttering is to remove clutter from a room, an area.  Decluttering is first removing what doesn’t serve the goals of your space, and second making sure the things you love are visible, and the things you use are accessible.

Make your home beautiful

Here are hints about decluttering.

  • Excess stuff in a room needs to go.  Do you really need 2 couches and 3 chairs in a living room?  Would removing the coffee table or one of the end tables make more room in the family room?  Do you have extra tables or chairs in a room?  The goal is to make the room appear spacious and roomy.  You want your home to look like a model home.  If you have a lot of furniture in a room it is most likely cluttered.  If you have to squeeze into a space in that room then it most likely is cluttered.
  • Clear off flat surfaces.  Whether it is a table top, counter top, top of a refrigerator, or dresser top you want it de-cluttered.  My rule on this is: “NO MORE THAN 1-3 ITEMS ON ANY FLAT SURFACE.
  • Pack excessive stuff in boxes for your move.  Think of it as pre-packing.  You are moving right?   Then packing some of it will help you de-clutter and also get you started on packing.
  • You can throw it out, or donate it, or store it.  Have a garage sale, or get a dumpster.  Donate it to a charity and take the write off.  You can also store extra stuff in the garage or basement if necessary.  Most home buyers do not care if the garage is full of boxes and stuff.  They realize that you are serious about moving.
  • Give each room a purpose.  A bedroom should only have beds, dressers, and maybe a rocking chair.  Other than that….de-clutter.  You don’t need two night stands….eliminate one.  Of course you can set up an extra bedroom as an office, craft room.  Same way with a living room.  You don’t need a desk in a living room.  Eliminate unnecessary furniture whereever possible.

Not the best picture, but what can you remove in this room to de-clutter it.

Here are some tips to help you declutter

  • When did you last use it….is it just a dust collector
  • Forget About what it cost you when bought it
  • Check if the Item Works
  • Think of the Last Time You Needed It
  • Track Which Items You Actually Use
  • Ask Yourself if You Love It and can’t live without it
  • Keep Like-Things Together

If you are thinking of selling give me a call, text, or email.  I have helped hundreds of home sellers get top dollar.  I will be able to tell you what not to waste your time on, and what not to waste your money on.  I want to make your move as easy as possible while getting the most money for your home.  My cell is (248) 310-6239 and email is

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