Day of National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness

While todays holiday is spread throughout the month and even months after, as I was reading more about this holiday, I realized that the people in this article have a point. Today is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and while we have breast cancer awareness month and most everyone decorates in pink to show their part in the awareness month for breast cancer, I’ve found we lack in another area. Metastatic breast cancer, is the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body, typically the bones, liver, lungs and brain. This is what people dealing with National metastatic breast cancer have to worry about. They may have overcome breast cancer, but even years later they can develop this form of the disease. The people in this article talk much about how we are aware of the pink ribbon breast cancer and don’t necessarily need to keep raising even more awareness, but rather treatment and tolerable treatments at that. How would you feel knowing you have cancer, probably terrified already, but also come to find that the treatments make you feel even worse before possibly making you feel better? This is not to discredit the support or community efforts and amazing outcomes because that is a huge part of finding a cure. I feel they just would also like to raise awareness for the aftermath of breast cancer survivors, a part that people don’t really know too much about.  Coming together and raising awareness is of course something that needs to continue, but also looking further into the matter. Finding how to help make treatments more accepting for the body, and obviously to find a cure. While we keep the efforts alive we can try to help make things a little better for those enduring the disease and rough treatments. So what I’ve taken away from this is like most things in life there is never one sole focus that needs attention and as this is a cause from breast cancer. We know we can make a difference as we already have in the breast research. So do your part, do some of your own research find out how those enduring this feel and what they think needs to happen, whether they are currently going through treatments, planning on it for the future, survivors, family of those who have passed, and more. We can always do more to help others and while we’ve done an amazing job so far it’s time to do a little more.

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