Commerce Twp house hunting tips

Commerce Twp house hunting tips

One of the best house hunting tips I can give you comes from some of my relocation buyers.  Relocation buyers that have moved many times are pros at buying houses.  They have the art of buying a house down to a science.  One of the keys is to keep records while house hunting.

If you go out to look at 6 Commerce Twp homes keep a record of your favorites and why you love them.  Good relocation buyers have their wants prioritized.  If they want a kitchen to be big they have it written down in a list.

Relocation buyers sometimes have a spread sheet.  They write the home down and then check off what is important to them.  So what is important to you?

Open Layout, fenced back yard, large walk in closet, close to schools, off a main road with a finished basement?  Put Checks next to the items when the house has those items.  Sometimes the husband and wife have different priorities.  Sometimes homes run together.  You can’t remember one home from another at the end of the day.  By keeping track of which home has the most items of what you want will help you chose a house that best fits you.  I hope this helps you find the Commerce Twp home of your dreams.

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