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Metro Detroit real estate update

I wanted to show people that real estate in Metro Detroit is going strong.  The majority of homes sold in many cities are selling at or above list price.  Many of them 1-2% above list.  If you are thinking of

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Homes for sale in West Bloomfield – real estate update

Whether you are buying or selling a home in West Bloomfield it really pays to know what is happening right now.  It will help you make a smart decision on your next real estate move.  That is what I want

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West Bloomfield MI waterfront homes with basements

Many home owners have lots of “stuff”.  So many belongings that they need a home with basement.   They cannot buy a home without storage.  Many lake homes just do not have a lot of storage areas, and closets.  Some buyers want West

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West Bloomfield MI Short Sale Homes

Are you looking for a bargain priced home that be ripe for picking?  Entering into a short sale purchase can be trying for many home buyers.  You need to understand that the process will take a long time.  There will

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West Bloomfield MI recently reduced homes for sale

Is there a West Bloomfield MI home for you?  There are many reasons why a home has a price reduction.  Sometimes the seller started way too high with their price.  Sometimes the real estate market changed.  The seller may want

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How to stage a home – West Bloomfield real estate tips

Here is my latest in my West Bloomfield real estate tips on how to stage a home.  Whatever type of real estate market you are in it pays to prepare your home for sale.  Most sellers do not realize how

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Foreclosed homes in West Bloomfield Michigan

Here is the latest list of foreclosed homes in West Bloomfield Michigan.  These are just five of the current 15 foreclosures in West Bloomfield.  Usually there are not many foreclosures in the township.  West Bloomfield is located in central Oakland

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How not to sell your home – West Bloomfield real estate tips

Sometimes the simplest things de-rail a sale of a home.  So I thought I would do a short video of what you should or shouldn’t be doing when getting your home ready to sell.  Sometimes little things that you live

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West Bloomfield real estate update

If you are thinking of selling or buying a piece of West Bloomfield real estate you will want to know what is going on in the market right now.  The West Bloomfield real estate market has slowed down a little

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Leasing your home – West Bloomfield real estate

Are you thinking about leasing your West Bloomfield home?  In this West Bloomfield real estate talk I am going to explain why getting a credit report is important when leasing out your West Bloomfield home.  I was a mortgage loan

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