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Lake homes for sale on all sports lakes in West Bloomfield

Lake living is a wonderful way of life.  So many of my past clients tell me “why didn’t we do it 10 years earlier”  If you have been checking out all sports lakes in metro Detroit and would like to

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Foreclosed homes in West Bloomfield Michigan

Here is the latest list of foreclosed homes in West Bloomfield Michigan.  These are just five of the current 15 foreclosures in West Bloomfield.  Usually there are not many foreclosures in the township.  West Bloomfield is located in central Oakland

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West Bloomfield Foreclosures

248)Are you relocating?  Foreclosures have started to dry up here in Metro Detroit.  Many West Bloomfield homes are now appreciating in value so more homeowners are trying to hang on.  The ones that cannot first try to sell their home

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