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Milford Foreclosures as of 5-23-13

Milford is a classic example of what a small town should look like. The village serves as a commercial center for its population and exudes vitality and charm. Shops, restaurants and recreational facilities regularly bring visitors from surrounding communities. The banks

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Milford Foreclosures as of 3-26-13

Why aren’t I winning any of the bids I have put in on Milford Foreclosures? You have bidding on Milford foreclosures but you haven’t gotten any of them.  There are supposed to be deals out there.  Banks are wanting to dump

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Milford Foreclosures as of 2-12-13

Are you looking for a Milford Foreclosure? Here is a picture of downtown Milford where, if you are lucky, can find a great deal on a Milford foreclosure.  At this time, there are only  6 Milford foreclosed homes on the market  with

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