You aren’t going to negotiate?

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So you have had your Northville home or your Livonia home for sale for 5 months.  Now you finally got an finally got an offer.  But it is a low ball offer.  You can’t believe somebody would even put in an offer that low.  You are insulted.  Why your home was worth twice as much that offer 3 years ago.  You don’t want

But before you do anything rash think about everything.  Have your Michigan Realtor pull all the latest solds for your subdivision and for the area within a square mile.  The sold homes sold have been within the last six months.  No later.  That is all that matters….what homes have sold for in the last 6 months that are like yours and are close in location.

Now how does the sold prices compare to the offer?

The best advice I can give to any Metro Detroit home seller is to start negotiating no matter how low the offer is.  You may not get another offer for another 5 or 6 months.  With the uncertain Metro Detroit real estate market homes prices may fall in the next six months.  Which means you might even get a lower offer in 5 months.

The key is too get the negotiations going.  To try to get the home buyer to get to your price.  Negotiate as high as you can.  Then make a decision at that point whether you can live with the price.   Remember it is all about price.  Wayne County home buyers want a deal.  It doesn’t matter if your house is the most beautiful home in the neighborhood.

So start negotiating because right now some home prices are still going down.

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My thought of the day:

They say to when you buy Michigan made products it puts more money back into the local economy.  So I have a great thought let’s buy Michigan made products that we love to eat.  Let’s start with potato chips

Downey Potato chips are made in Waterford MI

Better Made chips are made in Detroit

and Frito Lay doesn’t make chips here but they buy 250 million pounds of potatoes from Michigan farmers.

These companies employee Michigan people from growing, to producing, to shipping their products.  Money that gets put right back into the Michigan economy.


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