Wow what a trip

My family recently went on a trip to Egypt.  For us it was a trip of a lifetime.  My wife is a four time cancer survivor and had another round of cancer in November and December.  I am a work a holic and her latest round of cancer woke me up.  I realized I needed to slow down and really start living life with her.  I don’t know if I have five years, fifteen years, or thirty years left with my lovely wife Marianne.  With Cancer you never know.

I turned 50 a year ago, so I’m finally realizing that I am entering the later part of life.  My cousin just died last month of cancer.  He worked two jobs and only had been retired a few years when cancer took him.  All of this has shaken me in the last few months.  So we have to take time to enjoy what we have.  Marianne and I have to take more time to enjoy our son.  So we splurged on the trip even with Michigan’s shaky economy.  There is never a good time to enjoy yourself.  As we all know there is always something pressing to do.

But I urge all of my readers to take the time to enjoy your family and friends.  Take the time to plan a getaway.  Even if it is a day it is a day of memories.  A day away from work, a day away from responsibilities.   It was worth it to me.  Next month we are just going to drive to Chicago to just to spend the day with Ryan our son.  Nothing fancy, just to see the sites.  So enjoy your time on this earth.   ( I lost my wife to cancer 5 months after I wrote this article)

Just my thoughts

Russ Ravary

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