Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night!

Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night! 

Get ready to hoot and howl! tonight is national howl t the moon night! and i know for all you werewolves out there this is your favorite holiday!


As Aldo Leopold wrote, “only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of a wolf.”

Across the world it is “known” that wolves howl at the moon….. or do they? Wolves are paired with the myth that they are actually howl at the moon itself, when in reality, they are nocturnal which is why we hear or see them in action more at night. Wolves communicate with one another and try to figure out whats going on around them by howling. They howl to scare enemies or confuse them, to gather their packs, to speak with one close wolf….. much like best friends or significant others. howling is like a wolf’s telephone system. and because they are nocturnal  howling in the presence of the moon is common. This doesn’t have a correlation as far as we know though. wolves simply howl because they want to and or need to, this doesn’t mean we cant imagine that there isn’t a greater reason for wolves howling, and howling at the moon. It is a long time myth which has turned into a symbolic image. so whatever you choose to believe HOWL…..HOW…..HOW… HOWWLLLLLLLL…… at the moon tonight!

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