Wixom Sellers tips – Ordering the final water bill


After you get a signed purchase agreement and the inspection has passed you are in a hold pattern until the buyers mortgage goes through.  One of two next steps you will be doing when we get a clear to close is to order the final water bill.

While you are waiting call your local water department.  Find out what the procedure is to order final water reading.  Do they do it or do you?  How long does it take to get done?  Don’t order it yet.

Once we get a clear to close and set the closing date and time then it is time to order the final water reading.  Call and get it ordered.  You can either pay it yourself and show proof of the paid final water reading or you can bring the final water bill to closing and the title company will pay it out of your proceeds.

I hope this tip about final water bills and the closing process makes your life easier.  If you are getting ready to sell your Oakland County home give me a call.  I’m organized, I’m a good negotiator, and I will help you get your home sold so you can move on to your next phase of your life.



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