Will the old Northville Psychiatric Hospital become part of Livonia

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Northville Township residents are fighting hard to keep the old Northville Psychiatric hospital property part of Northville Township.  They are setting up rallys, set up a website Stopannexation.com  They were even planning to protest at Livonia’s spree.  I give it to anybody that gives up their time, money, and energy to support a cause that they believe in.

From what I have been told is the basis of the disagreement between the developer and Northville Township is: that Northville Township will not agree to the higher density of buildings on the property.  Of course the more offices, homes, or shops will make the developer more money.  I would assume that it would bring more money in tax base to Northville Township.  Please correct me if I am wrong in what I heard or think.

Then the developer was smart enough to “put live in security on the property”  That “live in security” then became residents of the property.  The “live in security” then voted to be annexed after there was no resolution with the township.

Of course no city or Mayor would be crazy enough  to turn down free land that would increase tax base, residents, and land.  I don’t blame any of the participants in this drama.

  • Northville township is trying to maintain their master plan

  • the developer is trying to maximize their dollars and profit

  • the residents are trying to keep Northville whole

  • Livonia is trying to increase the size of the city at no cost

There is currently a bill in the Michigan Senate that would amend Townships rules of annexation.  But it has not made it to a floor vote.  According to MichiganTownships.org  the annexation vote in August seems inevitable.

Tell me what you think of all of this?  Who do you think is right or wrong in this situation.  Leave me a comment

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