Why you need a home inspector when you buy a Metro Detroit Home

It doesn’t matter if the Northville home is new construction or it is a Plymouth home built in the early 1900’s.  You need a professional home inspection before completing the buying process.

I went through this house today.  Here are the two pictures of what I saw.   To a normal person that may not seem extraordinary.  But as a Michigan Realtor I know better.  A home inspector would definitely know something is up.  There is a water stain on the basement floor.  A basement window is open and a fan is running.  Why is the question?  Water problems?  Mildew smell?  Mold issues?

How about this one can you tell what is wrong?

In this next picture you can tell the steps need to be replaced but there is more that the inspector picked up on.

All of the aluminum siding was put on without flashing.  There is no caulking on the edges.  So the water is running down the side of the windows and doors behind the siding.  The whole house needs to be resided!  That is a big expense many Metro Detroit Home buyers would not have seen.

Michigan home inspectors do this daily.  They catch things I even don’t see and most people don’t even think about looking for.  So my advice to you is don’t scrimp on paying for an home inspection if you are buying Metro Detroit Real estate.  The $300 or $400 could end up saving you thousands of dollars or you buying a Metro Detroit money pit.

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My quote of the day:

“Time will bring to light whatever is hidden;
it will cover up and conceal
what is now shining in splendour.”


Get an inspector! And Save yourself money!  Russ Ravary

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