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Most of the time when I have Michigan relocation buyers schools systems are high on their priority if they have children.  Smart Michigan transferees check out the local schools systems before they start or they cross check what schools their children will go to when they look at specific homes.  How are the schools for 123 Main street in Canton, or 32934 Bobrich in Livonia?  That is what they check out.

Excellent teachers make West Bloomfield schools so good

When choosing a new Metro Detroit home, there are usually several items on the transferees list of wants and priorities, but when children are involved, school systems often top that list.  People are often going to chose the best value in a home.  School systems and schools become part of the value.  If they can find the same home at near the same price for a good school they are going to opt for that home if all other factors are similar.  Are they willing to pay more and sacrifice other desires to make sure they are in the best school district for their children?  I do not believe that, at least in most cases.   Some metro Detroit relocation buyers just can’t afford to pay more, they are limited by their budget.  So looking in a less prestigious city with good schools is an alternative.  I don’t believe schools are absolutely the top priority.  What I mean by that is: Will they give up what they want in a home to get what the best school system?  Usually the house and what it has in it is the most important criteria for the home buyer so long as it is in a good school district.   The best school district will not over ride the best home. (Usually)

Private schools may be a feasible alternative for some, but that is not the case for many.   The added costs of private schools is sometimes out of reach for their budget.  Even if buyers don’t have children (or plan to have them), they may want to buy in where the schools have the best state scores and graduation rates because the return on their home investment should be better.  If they are going to pay $5000 or $10,000 for a private school for their child they could buy a home that has a mortgage payment of $400 or $800 more a month.  They could buy a bigger house instead of paying public school fees.

Be sure to check which middle school the house is in

Consider the student-to-teacher ratios, the graduation rate, the ratio of kids going to college, and standardized test scores when looking at school systems.  Check out the rankings on line.  Consider all these facts together.  I don’t believe the age of the schools, or their physical condition have any correlation on whether a school is good or not.  Remember a good school district might protect you from the real estate market’s ups and downs.  Though it may cost more to buy near a good school, it will be good for resale value.

Here are some of the online sources you can use

  • Greatschools.org
  • Education.com
  • Schooldigger.com
  • Projectappleseed.org
  • Neighborhoodscout.comThe sites above are free or all you have to do is google “compare schools” or “best schools” or “top schools” or “top ranked schools” to find more information.  There are lots of other ways to find information beyond websites, too. For example,  Check out Michigan’s meap scores.  Also the Department of Education has a great 52-page booklet called “Choosing a School for Your Child” that can be downloaded from either the U.S Department of Education  or ordered from the Government Printing Office.

Here is one fact I heard from a girl I once dated.  In our area Waterford schools are not highly rated.  But she made the argument that one of the kids down the street went to an top ranked college and her son went to a good college.  So it’s important to remember that a poorly ranked school district does not automatically mean that the overall quality of local education in an area is poor.  It boils down to parental involvement and what you push your child to do.  Yes environment does have a factor in school.  If your children go to a school where everybody basically goes on to college then your child is programmed in that college is part of the program.  Whereas if it is a sub par school then the attitude of many of the kids is going to work, not going to college.  Sometimes it is about the environment and that is why good schools are important when you have kids and are buying a home.

When you buy a home in Metro Detroit good school system homes usually have higher prices and bigger demand.  If you are moving to Michigan Give me a call I know our local communities and will be glad to point out the good and bad of the homes.  My cell is (248) 310-6239.  I will help make your Michigan relocation easier.  Plus you get a great home buyer bonus too!

This is one of metro Detroit’s best bonus for home buyers


Plymouth homes for sale


Are you Getting ready to sell your Novi Condominium? It’s a great time to sell with such low inventory.  There are still home buyers out there looking for homes even in December.  I am a very positive person so here is my article on May today be one of the best days of the week.  Sometimes life over whelms us so I hope this is a pick me up for you.  Explanation of what sellers concessions mean? Canton homes for sale Michigan.  Both Canton and Livonia are good safe cities if you are looking to relocate to Michigan.  Both communities have solid  school systems where the teachers work hard to help the students excel.  Then if you add in the city services like full time police and firemen you have a place you can call home.  Here is more information about Livonia MI demographics – Livonia homes for sale.  Real estate has it’s ups and downs.  Well it’s been a bad day in the Southfield real estate market.  It’s probably no different than your business.  Some days it is rough out there.  But we work hard to solve the issues and get the home to the closing table.















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