Why an open house may not work when selling your Plymouth home

Selling your Plymouth home you should use ever sales tool possible but what about open houses.  Very very seldom does a open house attract a qualified buyer that will buy your home.  I myself believe open houses are more likely to be successful in a starter home price range.

A $400,000 priced Plymouth home probably isn’t a candidate for open house success.  You are more likely to get qualified buyers that will buy your home if it is under priced under $200,000.  That is the price range that I believe you will have success with open houses.

A $300,000 plus home open house will usually only get lookers.

  • People who have nothing to do for the weekend.
  • People who are looking for decorating ideas
  • People that want to see how the other half live.
  • people that are out for a weekend drive and the house happens to be on the route

So my advice to potential Plymouth home sellers don’t waste your time if your house is priced over $300,000.  The only person that benefits is the real estate getting some new clients.  These are just my thoughts.  If you have any questions about selling your Plymouth home give me a call or email me with any questions.

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