Whew made it another year!

I just read another post about blogging and they labeled one of them “SPINACH POSTS”    It came to mind that I am one year clean!  Yep I have made it one year without the dreaded kidney stones.  For two years in a row I have gotten kidney stones.  Last year I had to have them surgically removed.  That was painful.  I never want to go through that ever again.


But last year they explained what I needed to do.  How to change my diet.  Now that was tough.  It seemed I had to give up everything I loved.  I was just really starting to love chocolate.  For years I didn’t eat a lot of chocolate but I was eating chocolate every week the last couple of years.  I used to love it when we didn’t get a lot of trick or treaters.  I got the leftover candy bars.  But they have taken all of that away from me.And I love strawberries.  Strawberry shakes, strawberry shortcake, strawberry margaritas.  Give me strawberries any way and I will eat them.  But they build kidney stones.  No more strawberry margaritas.


And my wife is Italian.  I was finally starting to enjoy eating handmade meat and spinach raviolis.  They take hours to make them and we scarfed them up on New Years Day.  We eat dozens of those handmade ravs on New Years Day.  But spinach is off the charts on what not to eat when you have kidney stones.  Another favorite food taken away from me.

They say you can eat everything in moderation and if you drink lots of water.  But after the second time of having kidney stones I am being extremely cautious.  I was in extreme pain for 36 hours until they surgically removed those kidney stones last year.

But I am one year clean and happy as can be.  So my advice to you is to enjoy the food and drink while you can until the doctor says you can’t have that anymore.

Enjoy life while you can.

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