Where to search for the latest up to date Metro Detroit home listings

Lately some of my clients have been sending me metro Detroit listings but unfortunately many of the listings are sold or are pending.  So I started asking what sites they were looking on.  I started hearing some of the same names.

The clients were getting frustrated that the metro Detroit homes they were wanting to see were gone!!!!

The two websites that are best to search metro Detroit listings on are www.Realtor.com andwww.MoveinMichigan.com  These two sites are the best sites to search because they are directly affiliated with our local Metro Detroit MLS.  The local Metro Detroit MLS is basically affiliated with the local real estate assocations so all our listings show up on the MLS and then filter down to www.Realtor.com and www.MoveinMichigan.com

All the other real estate websites like Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo, and some “Joe Smoe” real estate agent sites get the information later than  www.Realtor.com and www.MoveinMichigan.com  Sometimes some of those sites have listings still showing up long after they have accepted offers on the homes.  I have even called on some metro Detroit listings for some clients to find out the house already closed.   That means they have been showing up on the site for over 2 weeks after an offer has been accepted.

Of course my websites www.RussRavary.com or www.Michiganlakesrealestate.com also have up to date listings too.  So don’t get frustrated stick to the websites above and there will be more listings that are still on the market.


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