Where are you going to live in Detroit’s suburb – Michigan relocation tips

If you are going to be relocating to Michigan how do you know where you are going to live?  As a real estate agent we can’t steer people to one area because of race, religion, family status.  Over the years there has been housing discrimination against different religions, different races, different ethnic groups.  So it is illegal to discriminate or steer people away from certain communities.  So I stick with the rule of good schools, low crime will help you find a home that will appreciate in years to come.  Cities like Commerce real estate Michigan are just one of the many great communities.

Commerce Township Michigan

Commerce Township Michigan

Detroit and it’s suburbs were once racially divided.  I believe because of the sub-prime mortgage market it allowed Metro Detroit to become more ethnically and racially diverse.  The ease of getting a mortgage helped us become a better city.  It’s natural the immigrants move into the poor areas because that is where the low cost housing is.  It’s natural that people want to be with people that are similar to them.  New York has little Italy, San Francisco has China town.  Most major cities have ethnic areas.

Metro Detroit has those areas but what is a little different is that even amongst our “individual ethnic areas” many other religious, cultures, and races live.  Metro Detroit has become a melting pot.  Metro Detroit ethnic areas are like other big city ethnic areas.  We have great ethnic stores, bakeries, restaurants that are unique to the area.  They aren’t chain restaurants.  They are unique and great places to visit different cultures right in our city.   Places to worship according to their culture and sometime in their language.

Livonia Public Schools

Livonia Public Schools

If you live here in the Metro Detroit area you know that

  • Ford Motor Company employees live on the West side of town
  • Hamtramck is where our “Polish community live”
  • Birmingham, Grosse Pointe, Northville, Grosse Ile, Plymouth, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Rochester are our wealthier towns
  • Our “Greek town” no longer has Greeks living together because it has become a commercial area.
  • Dearborn MI has one of the highest concentrations of Arabic descent citizens in the US.
  • Royal Oak, Rochester, Milford, Howell, Plymouth, Northville have old time central down towns
  • Chrysler employees live north of Detroit
  • Southwest Detroit is home to our Mexican population
  • Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Lansing are our college towns
  • Ann Arbor and Novi have a good sized Asian population
  • Oakland County is our lake real estate area
  • Canton has a high population of Indian and Pakistani citizens

But if you look deeper into the cities none of them are over 50% of the ethnic groups I described.   Italians, Greeks, Irish, Eastern European, Russian, and Germans all live in these cities.  We have all come from some other country.  Some of the cities only have a 10, 20, or 30% concentration of the ethnic group I described.  Like Novi it is a beautiful diverse city with great schools the Asian population may only be 10%.  Many of the foreign car company house their employees in Novi.  Mazda used to house their oversea employees down river.  But I wanted to give a glimpse of the metro Detroit area where you can find great authentic places to eat, and find people that you relate to and feel comfortable with.  Need some more guidance before you contact me?  Here are a few links on Michigan relocation:  Cities with Downtowns in Wayne County - relocation tips or Metro Detroit relocation guide – how to judge highway drive time

Metro Detroit is a great place to live.  If you are going to relocate to Michigan there are lots of great places to live.  I have live in a few different states but there is no place I would rather be than here.  You may not thing that way right now, but……………….Russ Ravary your Metro Detroit real estate agent.


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