Where are we headed?

As a metro Detroiter I’m getting nervous.  Does anybody in Washington D.C. really realize what they are doing to Detroit and all of the suburbs?  Do they realize if on of the big three go under how many suppliers will go under?  What about all those people that worked for years and retired thinking they had pension and medical benefits?

Does Washington DC realize how many retires will have to go back to work?  Michigan already has the highest unemployment in the nation.  What will all those retirees that no longer have enough money to make ends meet do?  Some of them have been out of the work market for too many years.  Sure just let GM or Chrysler go backrupt.

I don’t think the white shirts in DC realize how much they will be turning back the stimulus machine.  Mr. Obama one step forward and two steps back is going to prolong the recession.  Mr. Obama if you don’t watch your step you will be turning out to be like many others before you.  You helped the rich bankers and turning your back on thousands of hard working white collar and factory workers.  I myself have worked in the auto factories.  There are a lot of good people there.  Many families and businesses depend on the car companies.  I hope you realize your mistake before it is too late.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting nervous here in Detroit.

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