What to look out for when buying a home with a poured basement wall

What to look out for when buying a home with a poured basement wall










Here is a list of potential problems you might find in Metro Detroit homes with poured basement walls.

Some of the older communities such as Allen Park, Dearborn Heights, Grosse Pointe, Redford, and Farmington Hills some of the homes have cement block basements.  I don’t like cement block basements myself because they cost more to fix.  They are harder to fix because you sometimes have to dig up the outside of the house.  If you had two homes that you loved and one had a cement block basement and a poured wall basement.   I would advise you to buy the the house with the poured wall basement.

Poured wall basements have two problems that sometimes occur over the years.

Rod holes.  When the poured walls are built the forms are held together with rods in the forms.  After the cement is cured they pull the rods out.  Then they put a cork in the rod hole and some waterproof latex.  Over the years rod holes start to leak.  To repair them they put in new corks and new waterproofing.  The waterproofing materials have improved over the years.  I know some contractors that charge between $25 – $50 to fix a rod hole.

Cracks.  Most poured wall basements have cracks.  This is because many builders are too cheap to provide bracing of the walls when they back fill the basement.  Some cracks do not leak.  But if they do leak then it can be fixed too. Metro Detroit basement contractors charge from $350 – $700 to repair a crack depending on how extensive the repair is.  The contractor usually chips out the crack and then fills it with waterproof latex.

I like poured walls because the repairs can usually be done from the inside at a lower price than cement basement walls.

If you need a poured basement wall repair give Tommy at Valu Walls a call.  He’s reasonable and does a good job.  (734) 427-5122

Now remember this is just my opinion on what type of basement walls are better.  I am not advocating not buying a Metro Detroit home with a cement block basement.  I just recommend that you have a qualified Metro Detroit home inspector the basement walls.

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