What is the size of Cass Lake in West Bloomfield?

Let’s pack up the boat and get out on the lake!

Knowing which Oakland County lakes are the biggest is one of the major concerns to many lake home buyers.  It because some people do not a small lake because they get bored on a small lake.  They do not want to be able to see the whole lake in 20 minutes.  Other people are big water skiers, or wake boarders.  They like towing people behind their boat.  They want room and space between them and other boats.  They may want to rip around on their speed boat or jet ski.  The bigger the better for some lake home buyers.  This article is to explain how Cass Lake compares to other inland lakes in Michigan and to other local Lakes.

How big is Cass Lake in Keego Harbor?”  Cass Lake is Oakland County’s largest lake at 1280 acres.  It does connect to one other lake that adds a few acres to your fun.  Here is a short video on the lake that tell you a little bit about the lake, the homes,  and gives you a lot of visual information too.    Every once in a while I will hear somebody say it is too busy of a lake, but I don’t believe it is any busier per acre than any other public lake on holidays or weekends during the summer.  All the local big all sports lakes in Metro Detroit are busy on the weekend and on the holidays.  It is a common theme.

Sail, jet ski, or paddle board are all great options today!

Even though Cass Lake is one of metro Detroit’s largest lakes it is small compared to the bigger inland lakes up north.  Cass Lake does not even fall into the top 20 of the largest lakes in Michigan.  What makes Cass Lake great for many metro Detroit lake home buyers is that it is not too far from Orchard Lake Rd, or from Telegraph Rd.  Both of those main thorough fares makes it much easier to get back and forth to work.  Commute time to and from work eliminates some lakes in Oakland County.  If you do not know many of the roads in the lakes area are just two lane roads that wind around the lakes.  It makes the commute tough sometimes when your are further north or west of Telegraph or I-96.



Just when you thought Cass Lake was big enough you get a little bonus too.  Did you know that Dow Lake in Orchard Lake is a little lake that connects to Cass Lake?  Dow Lake is a no wake lake that only has a few homes on it.  Some of them are big luxury custom built estate style homes .  So you can live on a quiet little lake with a nice lake view yet have the access to a huge all sports lake.

Information about Cass Lake in Orchard Lake Mi

  • Cass Lake size                                 1280 acres
  • All sports lake                                      Yes
  • Wake restrictions                                Yes in some areas
  • Deepest spot                                         123 ft deep
  • Average Depth                                     26 feet
  • Let’s go pickup some friends

    Approx size                                          .3 mile wide X 1 mile long

  • Public access                                       Yes through Dodge Park
  • No# of parking spots                         over 80 at public access
  • Public Beach                                        unknown ( if you know email me)
  • Marina on lake                                    Yes
  • Shoreline                                              Approx. 25 miles
  • Named                                                  After early Michigan Governor Lewis Cass
  • Water Source                                      Orchard Lake drains into Cass Lake
  • Cities the lake lies in                          Waterford, West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake
  • School district for the lake                Waterford, West Bloomfield
  • Streets around the lake are               paved , private
  • City water                                             well, community, municipal
  • City sewer                                             sewer sanitary, sewer at street
  • Canals on Lake                                    yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                  yes
  • Water-ski course                                n/a
  • Condominiums                                  yes

Cass Lake Waterford MI

When looking for a lake condo Oakland County Cass Lake has two condo complexes that I know of.  Port Cove Condos and The Reserves.  Port Cove condominiums are across the street from the lake and some of them do not face the lake.  Cass Lake waterfront condos range from 700 square feet to just a little over 2000 square foot.  So if you do not want the trouble of doing yard work or maintaining the outside of your home then a waterfront condo may be the way to go.  More time on the lake and less time working!

Let’s go fishing on the public pier on Cass Lake in Marshbank Park

There is a State Park on the lake that has a big parking lot for boats and trailers.  The public can put their boat in the lake anytime they want.  There are also canals and canal front homes that add to the number of boats on the lake.   I myself would buy on the lake because I really believe that it is no busier than other lakes. If you did not know there are a couple of shallow areas that people congregate at.  There is a sandbar on the Keego Harbor side of the lake.

Feel free to call or text me if you are looking to buy or sell a lake home on Cass Lake or anywhere in SE text or call me on my cell at (248)310-6239.

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Are you thinking of Moving to Southeastern Michigan?  South east Michigan is a great place to live.  There is so much to do.  We have music venues, theatres, sports stadiums, universities, and lots of recreation areas.  We have all the conveniences you need right here in Metro Detroit.  Check out the best All- Sports Lakes in White Lake Township.  They will include Pontiac Lake, Oxbow Lake, and White Lake.  All three of them are very nice lakes.  All of them are big enough to do any water sports activities that you want to do.  If you do not want to move that far west then maybe a Pine Lake home in West Bloomfield would be a better choice for you.  Feel free to reach out and call me with any questions.

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