What is Plymouth Michigan like – moving to Plymouth MI

You will love Kellogg Park

First of all let me explain that the term “Plymouth Michigan” is actually used by Metro Detroiters to describe two different and separate communities.   The City of Plymouth and Plymouth Township are both referred to as Plymouth.  Let me tell me the major differences.  The City of Plymouth is the community center that is full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, and boutiques.  The City of Plymouth is 2.2 square miles in size and has about 9100 residents.  The downtown historic city center is about 3 or 4 long and a couple of blocks wide.  Kellogg Park sits at the center of town.  People from not only the community, but from other nearby communities come to downtown Plymouth for the festivals, the restaurants and stores.   Here are some of the festivals that draw thousands of people each year to Plymouth are:

  • Green Festival
  • Art in the Park
  • Fall Festival
  • Ice Festival

One of the amazing ice sculpture at the Plymouth Ice Festival

The festivals help bring business to the downtown stores and shops.  Keeping the downtown area lively.  You will find people strolling downtown most times of the day and in the evening.  The first settlers to the area came in 1825.  Plymouth Township surrounds the city of Plymouth.  The township is about 16 miles in size and has about 27,000 residents.  Both communities have different governing bodies.

So much to do in Downtown Plymouth

Plymouth Schools

The children of both communities go to Plymouth – Canton schools.  I would say that Plymouth – Canton schools are better than State average schools.  Good teachers, and administrators are striving to make the schools better each year.  You can check out the rankings on many different websites.  The schools prepare the kids for college well.  It is the type of school system where the teachers are in control of the classroom unlike many inner city schools.  You have a very high graduation rate, good state testing scores in the Plymouth – Canton school system.  You don’t have gangs, or knife, or gun violence in Plymouth’s schools.  It is a community where you can relax and feel that your kids are safe when they are at school.  I am sure like most schools that there is some bullying going on, or an occasional fight but over all the school system is a very good school system that your children will get a good education.

Real estate in Plymouth

This home is not for sale, but an example of the beautiful homes in Plymouth Township

Let’s talk about homes in Plymouth and Plymouth Township.  The homes near downtown Plymouth are highly desirable.  Buyers like the fact that they can walk downtown.  Many of the homes are older homes in the City of Plymouth.  You are not going to find new subdivisions or many homes that were built after 2000.  Some of the homes date back to the 1800’s in the downtown area.   You will find the majority of the homes were built from the 1900’s to 1960’s.  Plymouth homes in the downtown area are going to fetch a higher price per square foot than most of the homes in Plymouth Township.   One of the biggest differences between homes in the City of Plymouth and homes in Plymouth Township is the township’s property taxes are lower than the City of Plymouth’s property taxes.

Plymouth Township homes are going to be a mixed bag.  You will find many different subdivisions with different styles of homes and lots.  The majority of Plymouth Township has been built up.  You will find subdivisions of homes built in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980’s with brick colonials, ranches, and split level homes that have basements, attached garages, and brick exteriors.  I would say the majority of homes in the township fit that description of brick colonials, ranches, and split level homes that have basements, attached garages, and brick exteriors.  Sure there are some bungalows, and some estate homes in Plymouth Township.  You will find some homes have big lots ranging up to an acre in size.   So if you are looking to buy a home in Plymouth you will see that you have a wide choice of sizes, and styles of homes.

Crime in Plymouth

Plymouth Michigan is a safe community.  You are going to find gangs roaming the streets, or monthly muggings or carjackings.  It is a community with a low violent crime rate.  Plymouth is a place you can feel comfortable letting your kids play outside.  You don’t have to worry about walking around anytime of the day or evening.  You do not have a big criminal element.  I would call it random crime.  Occasional vandalism, or theft.  You will find that much of the violent crime actually is a family dispute.

Nearby Urgent cares

Plymouth is centrally located in Western Wayne County.  You are about a 30 minute ride to downtown Detroit or the airport.  20 minutes to Ann Arbor and about 35 minutes to Dearborn or Southfield.  There are many big shopping areas and malls within a 20 minute ride of Plymouth.  All the basic necessities such as doctors, dentists, banks, grocery stores are right in the community.  St. Marys Hospital is about 10 minutes away and Providence Hospital is less than 20 minutes away.  You also have urgent care offices nearby.   You don’t have to drive far to find what you need.

If you are looking for a community that is safe, has good schools you will find that Plymouth is a great place to call home.  If you are moving to Plymouth or the Southeastern Michigan area give me a call or text at (248) 310-6239.  I know the local communities well and I work with all the relocation companies of the major employers in the area.  Plus you get a great home buying bonus too.

Bottom line is…..Plymouth is a place that I would recommend you to look at if the home prices and features fit your budget.  If you have questions feel free to email me at yesmyrealtor@gmail.com

One of the many great restaurants in the area

Plymouth homes for sale

Where ever you want to buy in SE Michigan Plymouth is one of good communities in Wayne County.  Here is a quick home buyers tip.  Can you buy – home buying tips for Plymouth Michigan

Over the years I have done some research on different subs in different communities.  Here are three that I have done in Plymouth Township:

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