What is a clear to close – Novi sellers tips


When selling your Novi home I will tell you after the home inspections that we are waiting for a clear to close.  You may not know what a clear to close is.  After a home inspection we are basically waiting for the buyers mortgage to be finished.  They will be ordering an appraisal, having an underwriter look at all the buyers financials.  Most times the underwriter will ask for more information.  This all takes time.

Finally when everything is okayed and clear by the underwriter, they will issue a clear to close.  When the loan is clear to close then we can schedule the closing.  Then you will be calling to get a final water reading on your Novi home.  You will be calling to get the utilities turned off and transferred into the buyers name.

The clear to close is the mortgage companies okay to issue closing documents so we can close.  I hope this explains the closing process and makes your life a little less stressful now that you understand what aclear to close is.



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