Waterford home selling tips -waiving tax pro-rations

You have received an offer on your Waterford home and your realtor says the contract says they want you to waive tax pro-rations.  Ask your realtor what is the dollar amount  that you will be giving up when you waive tax pro-rations.  When selling a home it is all about negotiations.  My goal as your realtor is to get you top dollar without losing the sale.  One of the biggest issues when selling a home is getting emotionally involved.  What I mean by that is that you get excited because of what the buyer is offering you.  When a buyer and seller get upset with the opposite party because of assumptions home negotiations can get ugly.  I have seen emotions kill a deal.  Remember the buyer is just trying to get the best deal just like you are.   When people are moving to Waterford they are not evil people.  They are not mean people.  They are not trying to take advantage of you.  They just want the best possible price and deal, just like you want the most money possible.  Some how we need to meet in the middle.  That’s your goal isn’t it?  To get your home sold for the best price possible and not letting the buyer walk away.  So it is my job to try to keep you calm.

It does not matter if you have a lake house for sale on Scott Lake or a lake cottage for sale on Elizabeth Lake in Waterford it is all about negotiating.  The Waterford home buyer most likely is short money for the closing costs and that is why he is asking for help with the costs.  That is why he is asking you to waive the tax pro-rations on your Waterford home.  So the way you have to look at it is what is your net?  Take the list price minus the waived tax pro-rations = your net.  Let’s say they gave you a $120,000 offer and asked you to waive tax pro-rations.  The tax pro-rations are $1500.  So the net number you are getting is $118,500.

Waterford Michigan

Waterford Michigan

So when you are selling your Waterford home don’t worry about the words “tax pro-rations” just worry about your net.  What is your bottom line is the key because you do not want to eliminate the tax pro-rations.  The buyer needs them.  So you may want to counter back with a high offer price.

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