Two Lakes in White Lake Michigan

White Lake MI is a great area to start and raise your family. This is an area with plenty of lakes to choose from and all holding their own special qualities to fall in love with. Whether you want a busy fun lake, or a quiet private lake, White Lake has them all.  Just ask Oakland county’s lake real estate expert yourself! Russ Ravary, He has helped so many people in the area or from out of state find their dream lakefront home. He helps find what people are looking for with ease. Give him a call and you will truly see the difference of buying or selling your lakefront home.

Bogie Lake is an electric motor only, private lake. This is a lake where you will find more peace and quiet than other lakes in the area! Bogie Lake is located in White Lake Michigan. Most of the lakefront homes are level with the lake, but there are 4 or 5 that sit above the lake and have a slope or stairs down to the lake.  The roads around the lake are both paved and dirt. Again Bogie Lake real estate varies greatly. There are the old 1940’s 1000 sq foot ranches and there are 1990’s 2500 -3500 square foot colonials on the lake. And they can be right next to each other without hurting the value of the neighbors lake property. There is something here for everyone. If you want a personalized list of home currently available on this lake or one just like it, Call Russ Ravary (248)310-6239 and we’ll get you set up right away!


Cooley Lake is another great White Lake Twp lake to live on. it is a private all sport lake with a wide variety of lakefront homes. There are lakefront ranch homes range in size from 800 square feet to over 2500 square feet. On the North side of the lake there are some wide and deep waterfront lots set back off the road. The road is paved on that side. I don’t know about the south side of the lake roads.Some homes have been added on to, and remodeled. So even though they are a 1940’s home they may be beautiful inside. Many homes on the lake were built in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s. Kids that live on the lake will be going to the Walled Lake school district. Also Cooley Lake does have a sand bar that the lake residents gather and talk at on those nice warm sunny days.  The lake bottom is both muck and sand depending on where you are at on the lake. This is a great option for you and your family if  you are considering moving to White Lake Twp. Call Russ Ravary to get more information on the lake and others that surround it!



Russ Ravary is Oakland county’s lake real estate expert and can answer all your questions you have about lakes and living the lake life in general! He, himself, is a white lake lakefront home owner and can tell you all the ups and downs (but mostly ups!) of living the lake life. Russ has had a waterfront property in White lake for a number of years now and not just on one lake, he knows how to help someone find the perfect lake fitting to their dream lifestyle, because he himself has already done that! He knows what you need to do and ask yourself to find said home. Take his advice and you could be living the lake life sooner than you thought!

Russ Ravary:

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Russ is full time realtor with 14 years of experience of finding good deals for his clients.  An added bonus is that he buys a new kayak, or lawnmower, or grill, or snowblower, or lawnmower when you buy and close on a home with him.  I want a free kayak when I buy my next home

Here are the four least expensive homes in White Lake Mi.

Here are all the Oakland County Lakes T – Z Check them out and see if any of them suit your needs in a lakefront property.   You can now search by zeroing in on a certain lake or certain subdivision.  Use this valuable tool for your next home search Oakland County lake Map home search  

Livonia gardens and the Metro Detroit economy, both are blooming now.  We have come a long way since the mortgage meltdown.  We hope the economic recovery continues for many years.  We can use it.  Ready to search for your dream home?  Check out the lakes in SE Michigan Livingston County Lakefront home update

Whether you are selling a regular home or a lake home here are some tips on How to Sell your Metro Detroit home quicker

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