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I want to go over top tips for a smooth closing.  Selling your piece of Michigan real estate can be stressful and confusing sometimes.  To me it is all old hat and common things to do, but to many Metro Detroit home sellers some of the things that happen during the home selling process may be strange to you.  My goal is to help you understand why we have to do these things and make your life less stressful.  Many times buyers and sellers get upset at what they have to do because they do not realize it is a standard part of the real estate process.

So I want to go over the top tips for a smooth closing.  Number one.  Taking something that you are not supposed to will cause problems at the closing.  Sometimes sellers forget what is on the purchase agreement.  I have had a seller take the washer and dryer when they were supposed to leave it.  My buyers ended up getting a $1000 to replace them.  I knew somebody that was going through a divorce.  The wife was mad and took the refrigerator even though she knew it was part of the purchase agreement.  She wanted to get back at the husband.  The closing was delayed while the husband and wife argued about it.  Finally the husband gave in and paid for a new refrigerator for the buyers.  That was not a smooth closing.  So reread the purchase agreement and leave what you are supposed to.

Another Michigan real estate tip is to leave everything attached to the house or ground.  You cannot take curtain rods, or tv wall mounts, or shelves attached to the wall.  If you have a shed in the back yard or a big wood playset that is in the ground you cannot take it.  If you want a smooth closing then you must leave anything attached to the house or ground.  Believe or not I once had a seller try to take the light fixtures.

The second top tip for a smooth closing is to have the house broom clean.  You cannot leave your junk in the house.  The home must be relatively clean as if you took a broom through the whole house.  Hence the term broom clean.  You cannot sweep through old paint cans, or old stacks of lumber.  You cannot leave stuff in the attic, basement or garage.  All your junk has to be out.  Clean, empty.  If you want a smooth real estate closing have your home broom clean.   I have had closings delayed until the home was cleaned out.  I have had sellers have to escrow $2000 until the home was cleaned out that day.

Clutter in the home

Clutter in the home

The third Michigan real estate tip for a smooth closing is do the repairs you are supposed to.  If you have agreed to put in a GFCI in the kitchen then do it.  If you have had agreed to fix the stairs through a licensed contractor.  Then you better have the work done prior to closing.  The buyers are going to think you are taking advantage of them.  It will be a delayed closing until the work gets done or you the seller forks over money to the buyer.

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The fourth tip and top tip for a smooth closing is to keep the house in the same condition it was in when you sold it to the buyer.  When the buyer signed the purchase agreement that is the way the house must look.  A recent example was a large tree fell down at a home my buyers were purchasing.  The sellers were responsible to have it taken care of.  If you damage a home when moving out then you must fix the walls and repaint.  If your break the stair railing then it must be fixed.  If you have a water leak then it must be fixed.  The ceiling tiles have to be replaced.  Do it or the buyer is going to want to get enough money to hire a contractor to do it. I hope these top tips for a smooth closing help you have a smooth real estate closing on your Michigan home.  If you need more home selling tips click here or maybe these 6 easy Northville MI home selling tips or The Big D De-personalizing your home -Michigan home selling tips  When you get ready to sell your Michigan home give me a call on my cell (248) 31-6239.  We have helped so many sellers get top dollar for their home.

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