Top Realtors in White Lake Michigan

Top Realtors in White Lake Michigan

If you are looking for an experienced, communicative, full time, knowledgeable, problem solving, great negotiating realtor… you have come to the right place. Russ Ravary has all of these great and important qualities. He goes above and beyond to help make your next move easier!

Lets begin with Experience: Russ has been a realtor for more then 15 years and before that was in the mortgage business. Russ has gone through many different situations with many different buyers and sellers. Having said so,  this has taught him many lessons in the real estate field. Being prepared for future experiences knowing that every client is different and wants different things, is a quality a realtor cannot go without. If Russ’ experience has taught him anything, it’s that you need to listen and communicate with your clients. Russ is always ready to answer your calls and questions. When selling your home, you’re going to want to know how much activity your house is getting, and feedback agents are giving… Russ is constantly keeping his sellers up to date and making sure they have what they need in order to make the best decisions in order to sell in a timely manner. His buyers are also “in the loop”. Using great tools and resources, he keeps his buyers up to date on what the market is looking like. He can set up an automatic email search for each individual buyer to provide listings (fitting to the specific wants and needs of the buyer) as they come up on the market. This is how we get home sold and purchased.

Along with all Russ’ experience he has gained an immense amount of knowledge. Knowledge of the lakes in Oakland County, of the lifestyle in different cities, and of so much more that involves buying or selling a home, also what happens after you’ve done so. Russ is considered to be Oakland County’s lake real estate EXPERT! That’s is a big deal. Being in an area where most homes are either near a lake or on the water, it’s important for a realtor to understand the pros and cons of waterfront properties. Russ has accumulated so much information on lakes in the Oakland county area. Providing his clients with facts on the lakes and also what to expect from living on a lake. Russ lives on an all-sports lake in Oakland county and he knows what kind of work goes into buying or selling lakefront homes. Go check out one of his Michigan Lake Websites and see how much information you can gain from working with Russ Ravary.

Russ Ravary; Helping make your next move easier!

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Get an added bonus when you buy your next home?  Russ not only will help you find a home that fits your needs at a great price, he also gives you a great closing gift of a new kayak, or grill, or snowblower, or lawnmower.  (up to $500 in value)

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